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Pressearchiv - Pressemitteilungen Archiv, 2008

31.12.2008   Life log and autobiography portal now with even more functions

31.12.2008   Work at Home Based Business Lies

30.12.2008 adapts its Costa Blanca rental apartments to current situation

29.12.2008   RFID Kit to meet the need of jewellery industry

27.12.2008   The Basics of Doing Online Work at Home Business

27.12.2008   Deploy RFID Access Control System with RFID Key Fob to cut cost

27.12.2008   DAILY RFID in China anounces entry into Passive RFID Market

27.12.2008   RFID Wristband for Healthcare helps in error prevention

27.12.2008   RFID Wristband for Healthcare helps in error prevention

25.12.2008   RFID Inventory Management System integrates with HF RFID Reader

25.12.2008   AutoProfiles and Phone Wallet software are now updated

24.12.2008   RFID Reader/Writer helps in RFID-base library management system

24.12.2008   Every Person Today is Fed Up Be Being Scammed, Are You???

23.12.2008   Premium packaging for premium confectionery

23.12.2008   Gold in Best Print for Amcor Flexibles!

23.12.2008   RFID Reader/Writer of 13.56MHz offers read range up to 60cm

22.12.2008   Groupware and CRM for Apple iPhone

22.12.2008   mamemo productions appointed to create and manage the awards ceremony of Masdar Initiative’s Zayed F

22.12.2008   Takeover by VBG Group: GERWAH and RINGFEDER join their assets on the market

22.12.2008   RFID Laundry tag removes garment laundry tracking problems

20.12.2008   Increase of media outcome thanks to the play instinct

20.12.2008   DAILY RFID unveils RFID On-Metal Tag for gas cylinder tracking

20.12.2008   RFID Handheld Portable reader for reading rfid tags

19.12.2008   Fischtechnik International Engineering grading machines perform successfully with catfish

19.12.2008   50 years at Neuenburg for Romaco FrymaKoruma: Expansion of the ProTec Process Technology Centre

19.12.2008   S4M expands partner network in the Asia-Pacific region

19.12.2008   Everyone Now Will Be Bitten By You In Home Based Business Industry

19.12.2008   RFID Reader Module with USB interface

19.12.2008   Handheld RFID Reader DL8033 brings a PC environment to rfid reader

18.12.2008   SHOWBOXX: The Talent & Superstar on your mobile phone

18.12.2008   Supplier of Automotive Security Systems Streamlines its Data Centre Management

18.12.2008   EPC Gen2 RFID Readers with UHF Technology

18.12.2008   915MHz UHF Reader DL6820 has 2 antenna channels

17.12.2008   Strong interest in SGS Wind Energy and Project Finance Services in Turkey

17.12.2008   Smallest HF RFID Reader with USB interface just like a USB Flash Drive

17.12.2008   DAILY UHF RFID Reader can be customized from 860MHz to 960MHz

16.12.2008   SÜSS MicroTec accelerates IT processes with SAP and it.manufacturing

16.12.2008   SAP Switzerland certifies itelligence AG as Hosting Partner

16.12.2008   All Flex’ First Attendance at European Tradeshows Crowned with Success

16.12.2008   BrandMaker / pi-consult gmbh

16.12.2008   BrandMaker / pi-consult gmbh

16.12.2008   Photo DVD Maker New Website Unveiled After Revamping

16.12.2008   The 3 Reasons Behind Every Secret Success To Get Good Luck

16.12.2008   125KHz Reader with RFID Low Frequency (LF) technology

16.12.2008   RFID Development Kit for Jewellery management helps you make an inventory

15.12.2008   Sensor technology at bmcm: Industrial sensors and strain gauges

14.12.2008   Register aero-domains with three letters

13.12.2008   PURISME and the Black Diamond

13.12.2008   Cooperatives can register one or two letter coop-domains

13.12.2008   LF/HF RFID tag reader -06 is used as a rfid reader module to slash costs

13.12.2008   Portable RFID Reader DL8033 with Bluetooth and WiFi function

12.12.2008   itelligence Joins Business Objects Solution Provider Partner Program

12.12.2008   Minicom Becomes Founding Member of the Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau

12.12.2008   Learn the Best 5 Ways To Work at Home Make Money Online Business

12.12.2008   Latest RFID Wrsitbands for hospital application was released by DAILY RFID

12.12.2008   Low cost Key Fob - 01 for access control targets SecurID Market

11.12.2008   A cirlcle will be closed by Christian Flühr on skis

11.12.2008   No More Factory Planning Frustration

11.12.2008   Amcor Flexibles wins a 2008 FlexoStar award

10.12.2008   Project APOLLON cooperates with SolarTec AG

10.12.2008   Arya-SGS secures Third Party Inspection Services contract for new Gas Refinery in Iran

10.12.2008   DVB-T available in almost all of Germany.

10.12.2008   Long Range UHF RFID Reader DL910 offers read range from 8m to 15m

10.12.2008   Efficient lighting and economical operation: transformers with the unique corridorFUNCTION

10.12.2008   Apple Macintosh Becomes Z-Wave-friendly Thanks to TrickleStar

09.12.2008   CEEOA expands into Poland

09.12.2008   JENCOLOR offers high quality spectral and color sensor systems

09.12.2008   Women Predominate in European Online Retail for the first Time

09.12.2008   RR9201T HF Long Range RFID reader offers read range up to 90cm

09.12.2008   Presenting the 5 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Starting Your Work at Home Based Business

08.12.2008   CIVIS Media Prize 2009 – Competition started!

08.12.2008   CIVIS Media Prize 2009 – Competition started!

08.12.2008   SEH Paves Way to IPv6 for Epson Printers

08.12.2008   Flyweight allows roof terrace on top of Student dormitory.

08.12.2008   Kloepfel Consulting: Clevere Einkäufer kicken

08.12.2008   Fischtechnik International Engineering to use geothermal energy for Swiss aquaculture system

08.12.2008   SGS appoints new Global Wind Energy Expert

06.12.2008   HF Handheld reader DL8033 supports multi data transfers

06.12.2008   Corporate World Will Awake Now With This News To Make 1.000.000$ With Google In 6 Months

05.12.2008   Amcor Flexibles wins a 2008 Bioplastics Award

05.12.2008   LF/HF Metal Mount RFID Tags can perform well in harsh environments

05.12.2008   Calendar Silk Road 2009

05.12.2008   RR9201T Long Range RFID Reader(DL810) --- from DAILY RFID

04.12.2008   New HDMI Player-to-Screen Distribution Solution Added to Minicom’s Award Winning Digital Signage

04.12.2008   The Gift: Sheraton Salobre

04.12.2008   Ho, Ho, Ho… this Christmas will be a very special one!

03.12.2008   New UpdateStar Premium keeps PC software up-to-date - security advice and updates for 135,000 progra

03.12.2008   ThinPrint's .print Technology Newly Integrated into VMware View

03.12.2008   Low-cost 125KHz RFID reader -02 is used as plug and play RFID teminals

03.12.2008   Low-cost 125KHz RFID reader -02 is used as plug and play RFID teminals

02.12.2008   Moxa Europe Will Cover Embedded Systems Business in Europe From 2009

02.12.2008   Construction supervision of the first “Hello Hotels” in Romania

02.12.2008   Physical teaching materials manufacturer 3B Scientific of Hamburg chooses itelligence as SAP consult

02.12.2008   DAILY RFID unveils 125KHz LF RFID reader with low price at 32USD

02.12.2008   Home Based work at home Business – Nothing is Better than this advice in these days

01.12.2008   Open Source community to meet for pioneer Open Source Data Center Conference

01.12.2008   Advent discount at combit

01.12.2008   RR9 Long Range RFID Reader(DL810) --- from DAILY RFID

01.12.2008   SDIO RFID Reader transforms PDAs into RFID portable terminals

30.11.2008   Luxury automobile construction company Platune designs superior rallye racer for RENNtech USA.

28.11.2008   Connecting Cultures 2009

28.11.2008   New option for hotels and tourist places to promote themselves in the World Wide Web

28.11.2008   Car Hire Alicante - VictoriaCars cosponsors XI. Tennis Open

28.11.2008   serVonic Receives “SAP NetWeaver” Certification

28.11.2008   Local advertising on the internet: Online journal community with a special new form of advertising

28.11.2008   13.56MHz HF Long Range RFID Reader DL810 with RRJupiter RF Module inside

28.11.2008   GERWAH S-Line couplings

28.11.2008   DAILY RFID unveils new low-cost RFID Disc Tag for harsh environments

27.11.2008   'Soulrider' guarantees a relaxed start into the winter season

27.11.2008   Mikogo Launches New Version for Free Online Meeting Software

27.11.2008   Internet is spreading everywhere Mr. Hardeep Singh told on world’s internet day.

26.11.2008   Inter Airport China 2008: Delair and DFS present A-CDM in China

26.11.2008   Handheld HF RFID Reader/Writer DL8033 supports multi data transfers

25.11.2008   Cortado and DataViz Offer New Bundle of Applications for BlackBerry Smartphone Users

25.11.2008   Formal procedures for establishing a business in Ukraine

25.11.2008   World's cheapest, globally-compliant UHF RFID reader for Write & Test

24.11.2008   A taste of India packed in Amcor FlexCan

24.11.2008   Traditional looking candy with a twist

24.11.2008   Steaming potatoes made easy

24.11.2008   Largest Congress Database for Continuing Medical Education Breaks Online Announcement Record

24.11.2008   Minicom selects Intuitto Tecnologia as its exclusive Digital Signage representative in Brazil

24.11.2008   XENDEX appoints Chief Financial Officer

24.11.2008   Real wealth building with google adsense program by adsenselover

22.11.2008   Wireless HF RFID reader DL990 supports bluetooth data transmission

21.11.2008   Intakt Internet Services presents results from a study about travel weblogs for Sustainable Tourism

21.11.2008   DAILY RFID launches Gen 2 RFID wristband for hospitals

21.11.2008   Seidel GmbH + Co. KG chooses itelligence AG as its SAP consultant

20.11.2008   Romania’s contemporary stage - a continous transition or a kind of green piglet?

20.11.2008   List & Label 14 supports Delphi Prism

20.11.2008   'The Freeride Experience' takes guests to pristine snow

20.11.2008   Sunny prospects for translation management at SMA and Plunet

20.11.2008   SGS Renewable Energy attends BWEA30 Exhibition in London

20.11.2008   About UHF RFID reader, what is the lowest price?

20.11.2008   About UHF RFID reader, what is the lowest price?

19.11.2008   OVAB Europe is launched

19.11.2008   Dust- and water proof miniature connection plugs (IP66) for single, flat and round wires

19.11.2008   RATIO reinforces cooperation with CANON USA

19.11.2008   RFID bluetooth reader DL990 features over 10m Bluetooth Transmission Distance

19.11.2008   DAILY RFID unveils 13.56MHz Bluetooth RFID reader DL990 for wireless RFID solutions


18.11.2008   Symposium Newsroom: Panel discussion with S4M

18.11.2008   New Study from Ceresana Research: Continued Growth of the PVC Market

18.11.2008   Nothing can give you this satisfaction without jobslover

17.11.2008   Katy Perry -- I Kissed A Girl -- Remake by Youtube-Allstars !

15.11.2008   RFID Laundry tags make laundry sorting a piece of cake

15.11.2008   RFID Laundry tags make laundry sorting a piece of cake

15.11.2008   RFID Laundry tags make laundry sorting a piece of cake

14.11.2008   Quality Assurance is First Priority: Oracle delays Fusion Applications until 2010

14.11.2008   DAILY RFID unveils RFID metal tag like coin & stickers for metal surfaces

14.11.2008   New: Cooking Spray, No Stick Cooking Spray, LowFat Cooking, 1sec. <1g Cooking Spray 320g.

14.11.2008   Search Reseller or Distributer for your country!LowFat Cooking Spray the HIT in the USA.

13.11.2008   DAILY RFID introduces SD Interface RFID Reader for PDA and Smartphones

12.11.2008   Telemedicine and clinical studies:

12.11.2008   DAILY RFID unveils 13.56MHz SD Interface handheld RFID Reader

12.11.2008   He is not saying I can’t do with

11.11.2008   Online tickets for Prolight + Sound 2009 now available

11.11.2008   Online tickets for international Musikmesse 2009 now available

11.11.2008   Jena Color Sensors create pleasure in the classics. MAZeT and JENOPTIK are partners in the project "

11.11.2008   ASSET joins Synopsys in-Sync Program to Advance Embedded Instrumentation Tools

11.11.2008   Training Package in Digital Transmission in December 2008

11.11.2008   X|Synergy: The Revolution for Ethernet device connections.

11.11.2008   PURISME Pipe | Enjoy Innovation.

11.11.2008   DAILY RFID introduces RFID jewellery tracking system for the Jewelry Industry

10.11.2008   With full throttle through Europe

10.11.2008   Spectacular determination of winner

10.11.2008   Beam me up, Scotty!

10.11.2008   SEH Gets Zebra Printers Ready For IPv6

10.11.2008   10 November, 2008 – Kiev – Today the updated version of information portal was launched.

10.11.2008   Handheld RFID reader DL8033 in 13.56MHz supports multi data transfers

08.11.2008   125KHz RFID Key Fob,RFID Keychain and RFID Key Tags wholesale price 0.15USD / PCS

07.11.2008   Car Hire VictoriaCars cosponsors Spain’s national beauty contest

07.11.2008   Everyone is under pressure due to Global crises

07.11.2008   TridonicAtco award for suppliers in recognition of exceptional standards

07.11.2008   DAILY RFID unveils RFID Development Kit for Jewelry management

06.11.2008   Report Generator List & Label 14 is available now

06.11.2008   Model-driven Realization of Standard-based Supply Chains

06.11.2008   Calendar - Russia Golden Ring 2009

06.11.2008   UHF RFID reader DL6820 offers multi output interfaces support

06.11.2008   UHF RFID reader DL6820 offers multi output interfaces support

05.11.2008   Minicom’s DS Vision 3000 wins best AV distribution system award

05.11.2008   13.56MHz Handheld RFID reader DL8033 supports multi data transfers

04.11.2008   Opening of the SUNWORX branch „SUNORX-TEN BRINK HELLAS E.P.E“ in Greece

04.11.2008   DAILY RFID Launches 13.56MHz HF RFID Handheld reader writer DL8033

03.11.2008   S4M lecture at BMS in Jakarta

03.11.2008   Minicom selects Saben as its exclusive Digital Signage and KVM representatives in Turkey

03.11.2008   Introducing the online home based business startup show with bigplanners

03.11.2008   UHF RFID Reader offers long read range up to 15m

02.11.2008   Transferring money from Germany to the rest of the world - new Internet service portal

02.11.2008   RFID Jewelry Tag-01,the smallest RFID tag tracks jewelry for inventory

31.10.2008   AIDS … Everybody can support prevention work

31.10.2008   Canto Updates Cumulus/Quark Integration Products

31.10.2008   Fischtechnik International Engineering to exhibit recirculating aquaculture systems at EuroTier 2008

31.10.2008   Presentation of the STI Design Awards for “Display of the Future”

31.10.2008   Moxa Europe GmbH Opens Branch Office In Paris

29.10.2008   Project Engineers Welcome Factory Layout Solution at PPMA 2008

29.10.2008   Nothing is better that these strategies to increase your ranking and search engine optimization

29.10.2008   UHF RFID reader

29.10.2008   Corporate Video meets ipTV

28.10.2008   GPXS/ISEC7 Merger has been suspended

28.10.2008   Synchronica Launches SimpleMail Consumer Push Email Solution for Low-End Phones

28.10.2008   4-Day Short Course on Understanding and Programming of DSP in November 2008

27.10.2008   S4AdScore: Business intelligence for broadcasters

27.10.2008   VisualGate sells VidSoft Desktop-Videoconferencing

27.10.2008   UHF RFID reader DL6820

26.10.2008   MAZeT at "COMPAMED" in Düsseldorf (stand F19, hall 8a)

26.10.2008   MAZeT GmbH

26.10.2008   After detachment: Christian Flühr raises the bar up to 58 ski-lifts and is planning on new world rec

25.10.2008   UHF RFID reader & long range rfid reader -- By DAILY RFID

24.10.2008   Christian Flühr's 11th world record – 111 hours and 11 minutes indoor

24.10.2008   Now Scams will run away from the industry with the launch of

24.10.2008   For Drivers: Leading-Edge Running Boards with High Functionality for Automobiles at conner.24

24.10.2008   Setting the Clock to Winter Time on October 26

24.10.2008   DAILY RFID unveils Long Range UHF RFID Reader DL910

23.10.2008   GreenEnergyWorld – International Marketing Agency for Wind Energy Projects at the POLEKO 2008

23.10.2008   MOST Cooperation Presents MOST150 for Implementation in Tomorrow's Car Models

23.10.2008   MOST Cooperation Presents MOST50 Allowing Electrical Implementations

23.10.2008   BTR NETCOM’s E-DAT modul hits the 10 millionen mark.

23.10.2008   VictoriaCars to visit on World Travel Market in London

23.10.2008   Long-range UHF RFID Reader DL910, with long read range up to 15m

22.10.2008   GreenEnergyWorld – Marketing Agency for Wind Energy Projects at the POLEKO 2008 in Poznan

22.10.2008   GreenEnergyWorld – Marketing Agency for Wind Energy Projects at the POLEKO 2008 in Poz

22.10.2008   MOST Forum 2008 Reports Successful Conference and Exhibition

22.10.2008   Film production company dedusts countryfied clichés

22.10.2008   All Flex at Compamed Booth C23 in Hall 8a

22.10.2008   UHF RFID Reader DL910,the UHF Reader with a long read range priced at 880USD

22.10.2008   itelligence AG buys 51% of Czech SAPCON, a.s.

21.10.2008   Plunet BusinessManager integrates Outlook E-mail Client

21.10.2008   Outsourcing Association to be founded in Central and Eastern Europe.

21.10.2008   itelligence AG offers full CRM Package for EUR 34,500 for the first time at trade fair

21.10.2008   Kampmann optimizes its business processes with SAP industry solution it.manufacturing

21.10.2008   Gentle Scanning Of Historical and Valuable Documents

21.10.2008   Poraver presents "The ball that does it all" at the BAU.

21.10.2008   134.2KHz LF RFID Ear Tag is suited for cattle or pigs lifecycle tracking

21.10.2008   RFID Metal Tag-08, the smallest RFID tag for metal surface

20.10.2008   AudialsOne boosts synergies of Radiotracker, Tunebite, MP3videoraptor with its new Version 3

20.10.2008   RFID Wristband,UHF Gen2 Wristbands – Latest Product from DAILY RFID for healthcare

17.10.2008   Yes, I will…!

17.10.2008   Understanding U.S. Export Controls

16.10.2008   IMPACT workshop

15.10.2008   Measuring in wind and weather with the ZU-PBOX

15.10.2008   Web to Print Software for Printing Industries

15.10.2008   Everyone is falling into debt in the rising world of inflation where will you go now?

14.10.2008   Cortado Launches New Application For BlackBerry Smartphones

14.10.2008   Canto Cumulus 7.6 Offers PDF Rendering, Advanced PowerPoint Handling and More

13.10.2008   Pumacy and Imatics present process-based knowledge management solution

13.10.2008   Connectivity Trends for a Demanding Market

13.10.2008   A festival for the senses: The countdown is on for the 14th Berlin Military Music Festival 2008

10.10.2008   ResellersPanel Launches a Free PHP Script Installation Website

10.10.2008   BellCon warns: Be aware of counterfeit banknotes in the pre-Christmas months

09.10.2008   ASICS PARCOURING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2008: Urban Acrobats seize the Hanseatic City

09.10.2008   Jigetiser Halloween Lovers - An insider's tip for Halloween

09.10.2008   WideTEK 25 – Award Winning Technology in a Compact, Affordable Package

09.10.2008   Calendar Kyrgyzstan 2009

09.10.2008   Editorial Deadline 31 October for the Congress Calender “Medical Congresses 2009“

08.10.2008   Set Up Your Print Servers with Just a Mouse Click

08.10.2008   Internet is spreading everywhere Mr. Hardeep Singh told on world’s internet day.

08.10.2008   Tim Sandtler: Duelling In The Park

08.10.2008   UHF RFID Reader DL910,the UHF Reader with a long read range priced at 880USD

07.10.2008   INNOVATIONSTECHNIK upgrades their testlab - tests of tv-sets now supported by robot

07.10.2008   HF RFID Metal Tag-08, the smallest RFID tag designed for on-metal tagging

06.10.2008   Gain more quality of life without sweat!

06.10.2008   Tunebite 6 is once again setting standards to help solve problems with DRM copy-protection

06.10.2008   MOST® Interconnectivity Conference Asia on November 5, 2008, in Seoul, South Korea

06.10.2008   RFID for the medical technology industry

06.10.2008   Rehacare 2008: Three new lifting solutions to be unveiled

06.10.2008   RFID Jewelry Tag - 01, the smallest RFID tag tracking jewelry for inventory

03.10.2008   The new science textbook: Roaming between Wireless Local Area Networks

02.10.2008   Minicom Launches New Line of Dual-User KVM Switches

01.10.2008   Amcor recognised among global leaders in corporate sustainability

01.10.2008   CCS Cell Culture Service GmbH and Cytocentrics AG: cooperation in the field of cell line development

30.09.2008   China 2009: German Business & Technology Forum Harbin

30.09.2008   World will loose this offer within next 8 days hardeep singh

30.09.2008   Effective and Cost-Efficient Scanning of Transparent Large Format Documents

30.09.2008   PURISME Carbon Luxuries

29.09.2008   With the New Version 5, Radiotracker Again Sets New Standards for the Free Provision of Legal Music

27.09.2008   DAILY RFID UHF RFID Reader DL910,the UHF Reader with a cost low than 850USD

26.09.2008   Pumacy presents first results from a study about knowledge management blogs

26.09.2008   ATEN Introduces Combo KVM Switch with PS/2-USB Dual Interface Support

26.09.2008   UHF RFID Reader DL910,the RFID Reader with very long read range up to 12m

25.09.2008   New Intelligent Color-TFTs

25.09.2008   Fish & Richardson joins CTSI the Clean Technology and Sustainable Industries Organization

25.09.2008   Videonations sells VidSoft Desktop-Videoconferencing

25.09.2008   Hardeep Singh told everyone needs one permanent solution for sales and traffic by seo company

25.09.2008   DL8033 RFID Handheld Reader,HF Handheld Reader lower than 900USD

24.09.2008   Sainsbury's introduces Wild Rocket salad in compostable packaging

24.09.2008   Design a package and win a job

24.09.2008   Just Chill out

24.09.2008   Tim Sandtler: Matching The Leaders For Speed


24.09.2008   SEH Gigabit Print Server for HP Output Devices

24.09.2008   13.56MHz(HF) RFID Handheld Reader/Writer DL8033 was released by DAILY RFID


23.09.2008   SAP Global Hosting Partner itelligence establishes hosting hub in Malaysia

23.09.2008   Z-Wave Announces Advanced Energy Control Framework at Metering Europe

22.09.2008   My experiences as a participant: Caroline Ribeiro-Nelson

22.09.2008   My experiences as a participant: Caroline Ribeiro-Nelson

22.09.2008   Ausbildung zum ‚Intercultural Business Trainer/ Moderator (IBT/M)’ – The demands & benefits of this

22.09.2008   My experiences as a participant: Caroline Ribeiro-Nelson

22.09.2008   ipoque CEO to Speak on Internet Piracy at Broadband World Forum in Brussels

22.09.2008   Doyen launches 4DS Wound Care Converting machine at Compamed

22.09.2008   RFID Windshield Tag - 02, a latest RFID tag for Vehicle Tracking with a low cost

20.09.2008   RFID Laundry Tag – 02, the durablest RFID tag for laundry sortation

20.09.2008   RFID Laundry Tag – 02, the durablest RFID tag for laundry sortation

19.09.2008   Perfecting Collaboration: Mikogo Launches Free Screen Sharing Skype Extra

19.09.2008   Mikogo: Supporting a Community of 50,000 Free Online Meeting Users

19.09.2008   demmel products to exhibit at the electronica 2008

19.09.2008   ASSET InterTech to exhibit at electronica 2008

19.09.2008   Making easy money is now very easy with JobsLover

19.09.2008   LF and HF RFID Ear Tag, RFID Animal Tag,RFID Pet Tag for livestock tracking

18.09.2008   demmel products to exhibit at electronica 2008

18.09.2008   ASSET brings JTAG test tools perspective to IEEE 1149.7

18.09.2008   Waste seminar in Rumania

18.09.2008   S4M and SMART AdServer at OMD: Media sales for the Internet

18.09.2008   DAILY RFID Rleased RFID clear Inlay,RFID clarity tag,RFID clear tag in LF and HF

17.09.2008   Olympic Winner Dimension-Polyant

17.09.2008   Volkswagen - Film Location Tour

17.09.2008   BMW 5er

17.09.2008   Alfa Romeo Brera

17.09.2008   Michelin Tyres

17.09.2008   Toyota Camry

17.09.2008   Citroen C5

17.09.2008   Mitsubishi Lancer Sports Sedan

17.09.2008   Audi A4 Avant

17.09.2008   Yamaha - The New V-MAX

17.09.2008   Toyota iQ

17.09.2008   Knowledge management solutions for expertise transfer on “Zukunft Personal 2008”

17.09.2008   RFID Metal Tag-08, the smallest RFID tag tracking metal objects

16.09.2008   125KHz RFID Key Fob,RFID Key Ring and RFID Key Tags wholesale price 0.15USD PCS

15.09.2008   Flexible licensing gives global access to ASSET’s MicroMaster JTAG functional test system

12.09.2008   New Partnership: Virtual Forge and akquinet provide joint offering for secure SAP Applications

12.09.2008   RFID Jewelry Tag - 01, the smallest RFID tag tracks jewelry for inventory

11.09.2008   Tourism experts are looking forward to the 'castlecamp' at Kaprun from 13th September

11.09.2008   MAZeT Invests in Mixed Signal Test System for Development Tasks

11.09.2008   Bmcm publishes updated version of their catalog for measurement systems

11.09.2008   itelligence AG and its partners present a new training DVD on the subject of Implementing SAP in SME

11.09.2008   In a few days Christian Flühr will compete again: He will do the last records of his career for hi

11.09.2008   Successful Online Advertising: On the Worldwide Largest Search Engines for Continuing Medical and De

11.09.2008   Successful Online Advertising: On the Worldwide Largest Search Engines for Continuing Medical and De

11.09.2008   RFID Metal Tag-08, the smallest RFID tag designed to work on metal objects

10.09.2008   Calendar: Russia 2009 - towns and sceneries along Trans-Siberian Railway

10.09.2008   134.2KHz RFID Ear Tags For Cattle tracking--By DAILY RFID

09.09.2008   Ahead of Time organized european knowledge exchange program for japanese delegation

09.09.2008   Dynamics Media migrated to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

09.09.2008   WideTEK Scanners – Scanning Solutions for Large Format Geo Documents

09.09.2008   Inter Airport India 2008: DFS presents its solutions in India

09.09.2008   Portal for issuing virtual loyalty cards opened

09.09.2008   KVM solutions for Broadcast

09.09.2008   S4M’s new studio production tool „ClipJOCKEY“ at IBC 2008

09.09.2008   DAILY RFID 134.2KHz RFID Ear Tag Series for animal tracking

09.09.2008   DAILY RFID 134.2KHz RFID Ear Tag Series for animal tracking

08.09.2008   For RFID access control - RFID Token,RFID Key Chain,RFID Key Tags

08.09.2008   Philipp Eng: Already smelt the champagne

06.09.2008   Be cautious about taking survey with any online survey company before reading it

05.09.2008   Major challenges at m2p Consulting GmbH

05.09.2008   Nueva York, Dubai, London, Barcelona…

04.09.2008   S4M showcases new features of EasyMedia PRO at IBC 2008

03.09.2008   On 14th September Zell am See-Kaprun is hosting an urban golf event on Schmittenhöhe

02.09.2008   DSP for FPGAs Technical Course in October in Munich

02.09.2008   ASSET in leadership position as one of the founding members of iNEMI’s boundary scan initiative

02.09.2008   Formula One news: Senna still without F1 contract

02.09.2008   MOST® Cooperation Exhibits at MOST Forum 2008

01.09.2008   Tourism of Vienna: All sights and hotels along the famous Ringstrasse from a bird’s-eye view

01.09.2008   serVonic IXI-Call CTI Version 3.0 - The new generation of Computer Telephony Integration

01.09.2008   Juniper Networks Names Adrian Carr Vice President, Enterprise Sales for EMEA

01.09.2008   RFID UHF Tags(RFID Labels) – DAILY RFID launches a new One-Off RFID tag

01.09.2008   RFID Clear Disc Tag of 125KHz(LF) and 13.56MHz(HF)

01.09.2008   RFID Windshield Tag - - DAILY RFID released a latest RFID tag for Vehicle Tracking with a low cost.

01.09.2008   Does HF RFID Reader provides a reading range up to 80cm?

30.08.2008   Picture Agency MAGROUND online

29.08.2008   ND SatCom Supplies TDF with Turnkey Uplinks

28.08.2008   Caring for the Customer: BeamYourScreen Launches New Website

27.08.2008   ASSET’s ScanWorks® Supports On-Chip Evaluation of Avago Technologies’ ASICs

27.08.2008   A cycling tour with friends: German Federal President Horst Köhler stops at Wastlwirt

27.08.2008   smart times in Zell am See-Kaprun: longest parade, biggest cake, lowest consumption

26.08.2008   Every professional can register pro-domains

26.08.2008   ipoque Introduces Industry’s Smallest Fully-Featured DPI Bandwidth Management Solution

25.08.2008   Motorsports-Magazine: Räikkönen's fire goes out

25.08.2008   RFID Wristbands for hospital solutions : RFID Patient Tracking, RFID

23.08.2008   The smallest Jewelry RFID Tag was announced by DAILY RFID

22.08.2008   CAD Schroer Announces New Partner in Japan

22.08.2008   125KHz RFID Key Fob,RFID Key Ring and RFID Key Tags wholesale price 0.15USD / PCS

21.08.2008   CAD Schroer Announces New Partner in Poland

21.08.2008   MOST Cooperation At Convergence Booth 913

21.08.2008   KMmaster® Life Science Edition provides knowledge management for biotech companies

20.08.2008   CAD Schroer Announces Release of MEDUSA4 Version 3.1

20.08.2008   CP-102E serial board uses new combined PCIe-UART chip

20.08.2008   KEMA Certification for All of Moxa´s PowerTrans IEC 61850-3 Switches

20.08.2008   Whitepaper: Redundant Serial-to-Ethernet Data Connections for Mission-critical Devices

19.08.2008   36 holes just a food step away from Sheraton Salobre

19.08.2008   MOTEK '08: GERWAH's classic appliance easily withstands even the highest torque

19.08.2008   Schwetzingen's preventative Health Program "Schwetzingen - City that Moves"

18.08.2008   Maxim seeks ASSET ScanWorks’

18.08.2008   RFID On-Metal Tag,HF RFID Tag-05 for metal surface,was announced by DAILY RFID

14.08.2008   Amcor Flexibles launches PVC free barrier blister films

14.08.2008   Personelle Veränderung im Vorstand der SolarTec AG

14.08.2008   Unlimited Golf Getaway - Play till you drop!

13.08.2008   Industry solution for pharmaceutical companies

13.08.2008   Bollywood fan article shop extends offer

13.08.2008   Unlimited Golf Getaway - Play till you drop!

13.08.2008   Love your Family!!!

12.08.2008   New Search Engine by Q-Sensei Offers Free Access to More Than 2 Million Scholarly Articles

11.08.2008   SEH Launches myUTN USB Device Servers

08.08.2008   Calendar: Mongolia 2009

08.08.2008   ETLog Health GmbH processes waste-management project in Lao

07.08.2008   Tenth anniversary of a cult car: smart times and a party

07.08.2008   Design surfaces with a special effect


06.08.2008   MAZeT Presents Multi-channel, programmable sensor-signal amplifier as a naked chip

06.08.2008   High impact-resistant ceilings in sports complexes

06.08.2008   Personal Health Record Ready for Nation-Wide Use: LifeSensor Passes Performance Benchmark safely

05.08.2008   New cooperation between White Sand car Hire Seychelles and the online rental car broker www.m-broker

04.08.2008   eSymetric to Port Run.GPS for Google Android

04.08.2008   Philipp Eng: Pastures New In Hungary

03.08.2008   Bollywoodstore takes over sponsorship

01.08.2008   Exclusive car hire Cooperation between the Hertz Mauritius and the Online rental car broker www.m-br

01.08.2008   1. com+plus PR Summer School startet in der kommenden Woche

31.07.2008   ePCII: Embedded PC Technology as Industrial PC or Data Logger

31.07.2008   What are the implications for the network when implementing RFID?


31.07.2008   Minicom Unveils New Line of Multi-User, Remote Access KVM Switches

30.07.2008   British e-commerce very different from elsewhere in Europe

29.07.2008   Tim Sandtler: Continuing to make headway

29.07.2008   Weitkamper Technology Announces New Patent Meta Search Engine

29.07.2008   Reliable melt index value determination with APC - Adaptive Parameter Configuration

29.07.2008   Dr Walser Dental again among the Top 100 Innovators


29.07.2008   British e-commerce very different from elsewhere in Europe

28.07.2008   Sitting in the Park

28.07.2008   After Stroke: New Treatment for Vision Loss

28.07.2008   fMRI Study Shows Specific Visual Training Effect on Brain Activity

24.07.2008   Do toys pose a risk for our children?

23.07.2008   Productivity Bundle for S60 v3 released: Automatic theme and profile changers.

23.07.2008   Exclusive car hire Cooperation between the Hertz Mauritius and the Online rental car broker m-broker

22.07.2008   UHF Metal Tag-01,the RFID tag designed for harsh environment

21.07.2008   Philipp Eng: Return of the World Final Winner

18.07.2008   ‘Taste the Difference’ with Sainsbury’s and Amcor PushPop

17.07.2008   75th Anniversary of the WEFRA: Integrated Communication with Tradition – and Future

16.07.2008   Emarson IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is named the Official Minicom Representative in India

16.07.2008   Chilli Moments at the Sheraton Salobre

16.07.2008   Marc Anthony & JLo at the Sheraton Salobre

16.07.2008   There is only one more weekend left in you single life

15.07.2008   Tim Sandtler: First Breath Of Podium Air

15.07.2008   Formula One news: Had enough of Barcelona

15.07.2008   Innovative Congress Search Engines for the Pharmaceutical and Dental Industry

15.07.2008   Kurt Fleckenstein at the Performance Intermedia Festival in Szczecin, PL

15.07.2008   ATEN Launches New 2/4-Port HDMI Video Splitters

14.07.2008   Hi-Tech Photo Canvas Export Across Europe

14.07.2008   Printing-1 Premium Photo Book Spreading Across 32” Wide Double Pages

14.07.2008   Dow Jones and Mountain Cleantech present awards to Europe’s most innovative cleantech companies

11.07.2008   An Alternative to Remote Access Software

11.07.2008   Quadratek Data Solutions Expand Service and Support Offerings

10.07.2008   Erotic art helps Victims of the Chinese Earthquake

10.07.2008   Formula One Team now counts on connectors by BTR NETCOM

09.07.2008   “Cluster Policy and Management - European and regional initiatives for innovation”

08.07.2008   Convenient Printing in Modern Thin Client Networks

07.07.2008   Utopia UK and Amcor PushPop stand out in the fresh produce crowd

07.07.2008   Utopia UK and Amcor PushPop stand out in the fresh produce crowd

07.07.2008   Advertising Agency awarded for special social responsibility

04.07.2008   Leading Belgian company uses Amcor packaging in new product range

03.07.2008   International co-operation made easy – the collaboration system teamspace supports global teamwork p

03.07.2008   Call for Participation: ipoque Internet Study 2008

03.07.2008   CAD Schroer Shows Turnkey Installation Providers How to Win More Business

02.07.2008   Definiens Partners with Lagen Spatial to Expand Business in Asia Pacific Region

02.07.2008   First Art contest award for Kurt Fleckenstein

01.07.2008   Michael Klein: Short And Sweet

01.07.2008   Powerful SEH Print Server Trio for Kyocera

30.06.2008   The Next MP3 Revolution - Free Music for All Thanks to Web 2.0 Recording

30.06.2008   ICANN: Hundreds of new Top Level Domains will become possible

28.06.2008   Babelyou goes to Japan, Sweden and Croatia

28.06.2008   Exhibition Minimum-Maximum - Kurt Fleckenstein in Lublin/Poland

26.06.2008   Ciklum became the 46 member of Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative.

26.06.2008   New Configuration Tool for CANopen

25.06.2008   eCommerceTV

25.06.2008   Leading Mobile Games Developer XENDEX Raises EUR 2.3 Million

25.06.2008   Leading Mobile Games Developer XENDEX Raises EUR 2.3 Million

25.06.2008   A thousand text files in one window with Depeche View

24.06.2008   Award for ExactScan – High Speed for document scanner under Mac OS X

24.06.2008   Hasso-Plattner-Institute and Weitkamper Technology Cooperate in the Field of Data Mining

24.06.2008   Pumacy Technologies AG presents knowledge transfer solution at HUMAV 2008

24.06.2008   Nero and Packard Bell Bring Users Practical Digital Media Solutions

24.06.2008   Collect CME Points – At Home and Abroad!

24.06.2008   AMS amplifier systems in 19'' format (84TE)

23.06.2008   New cooperation between AAPD and WhoSellsIt

23.06.2008   Körber PaperLink companies draw positive conclusion from drupa 2008

23.06.2008   Innovative lightweight mortar manufacturer places emphasis on expanded glass

22.06.2008   Formula One news: Hamilton will be on the attack

19.06.2008   serVonic Software ready for MS Dynamics NAV 5.0

18.06.2008   Modular urn wall from PAUL WOLFF– variable structure with concrete

18.06.2008   GEPPERT-Band GmbH

18.06.2008   Tim Sandtler: We're On Our Way

17.06.2008   Dow Jones to host 2ND annual Clean Tech Summit, 8-9 October in Frankfurt

17.06.2008   Industrial tube and pipe processing - New website

16.06.2008   DFS supplies training simulator to Morocco

14.06.2008   Aero-Domains for Virtual Aviation

12.06.2008   'Hochkultur - There is music in the air' on Schmittenhöhe

12.06.2008   S4M lecture at BCA2008 International Conference

12.06.2008   S4M at BroadcastAsia in Singapore

12.06.2008   RapidEye AG and Kongsberg Satellite Services Sign Long Term Downlink Contract

11.06.2008   Real-Time Protection for your PC Files

10.06.2008   Relaunch of the browser-based simulation Ars Regendi

10.06.2008   Ziegert Concept joins World Trade Centers Association

09.06.2008   FotoInsight Launches Photo Book Service in Spain and Italy

09.06.2008   Formula One news: Doubly Stupid For Hamilton

06.06.2008   GCB - German Convention Bureau

06.06.2008   Business Centre at Prolight + Sound 2009 for dealers, wholesalers and the industry

06.06.2008   Business Centre for the first time at Musikmesse 2009

06.06.2008   Sunvoice - The real voice response now available in English too

05.06.2008   Plunet And Clay Tablet Announce Partnership Opening Up New Integrated Workflow Scenarios

05.06.2008   Jewelry design using plastic spirals at drupa 2008

05.06.2008   New and unique idea for hotels and tourist places to attract more visitors, virtually and in reality

05.06.2008   Holidays for your ears: Zell am See-Kaprun goes podcast

04.06.2008   WideTEK 36 - BERTL´s BEST 2008

04.06.2008   Offshore Web Design and Software Development Company - MAG Studios

03.06.2008   EAT DUST - FISHLABS sets a new standard with Rally Master Pro™

03.06.2008   Tim Sandtler: The Streets Of Pau

03.06.2008   SEMPORA Market Survey: The UK pharmacy market 2008

03.06.2008   First Master Patient Index in Switzerland

02.06.2008   Michael Klein: Notching up the first points

02.06.2008   Personnel matters

01.06.2008   First luxury and life-style fair on Majorca

30.05.2008   Spanish translation company, leader in its sector, trusts in the Plunet BusinessManager!

30.05.2008   RapidEye AG - Brandenburg an der Havel, 30.05.2008

28.05.2008   GOTHAM SCREEN 2nd Annual Film Festival & Screenplay Contest Announced

28.05.2008   Rising demand for E-Invoicing - New trends and market developments at the European EXPP-Summit

26.05.2008   Trikot und EM Trikots

25.05.2008   "Move your mobile!" with Tourality - a Freeware Outdoor Multiplayer GPS Game for Mobile Phones

23.05.2008   CENTA’s Quality Management System on the Right Track

23.05.2008   Romantic Get-away in paradise

23.05.2008   Enjoy being young!

23.05.2008   Get your groove on and follow the funk to the Canary Islands

23.05.2008   I love you!

23.05.2008   International version of DeskCenter Management Suite released

22.05.2008   ResellersPanel Premieres a New File Manager for Its 5th Anniversary

21.05.2008   Strong Growth in the Polypropylene Market

21.05.2008   alaTest extends pan-European partnership with Pangora

21.05.2008   bmcm - The manufacturer of measurement technology announces positive development contrary to the tre

21.05.2008   bmcm - Manufacturer of measurement technology announces positive development contrary to the trend

20.05.2008   New products in the world of luxury bags

20.05.2008   Kithara Real-time Sockets

19.05.2008   Tim Sandtler: Catch-Up In The Rain

19.05.2008   The Office in Your Pocket, the Network in Hand - the New Version of the Cortado Corporate Server for


19.05.2008   Mario-Max Prince Schaumburg-Lippe trained by Dancing with the Stars Alice Guschelbauer

16.05.2008   Number of new HIV diagnoses in Germany has continued to rise

15.05.2008   Let your dreams come true ….


15.05.2008   China 2008: Business Mission German Global Trade Forum Berlin

14.05.2008   Convenient Hotel Search Options for Visiting Continuing Education Events:

14.05.2008   XClinical’s EDC System MARVIN Convinces One of Europe’s Premier Pharma Companies

14.05.2008   fipart at ILA 2008 in Berlin

13.05.2008   AfterCall for Series 60-3 released: convenient call list with quick access to needed actions

11.05.2008   Manfred von Richthofen: The red baron

10.05.2008   Formula One news: Barrichello says his retirement is still a long way off

09.05.2008   Superheroes from Germany: the "Union of Heroes" is online.

09.05.2008   How People are exploiting Google and make millions of dollars with the Get Google Ads Free System

09.05.2008   How People are exploiting Google and make millions of dollars with the Get Google Ads Free System

08.05.2008   SRC confirms Pago's compliance with high international security standards

06.05.2008   adrivo: Michael Schumacher goes online with new website

06.05.2008   Classen and Välinge have reached a settlement and cross license agreement regarding fold down system

05.05.2008 „Wie für Sie gemacht!“

05.05.2008   Website offers bargain accommodation for Euro ’08

05.05.2008   Central & Eastern Europe IT Outsourcing Review

05.05.2008   Michael Klein: All Grist To The Mill

04.05.2008   A1GP 2008/09 Season opener to be held in Italy

02.05.2008   Low price segment for tires surges forward.

30.04.2008   Minicom to Debut 4 New Products at Interop 2008

30.04.2008   ETLog Health GmbH provides waste-management expertise in Bangladesh

29.04.2008   Customer win: Daylight PR set to run media relations for Hegewald & Peschke GmbH

28.04.2008   Personel

25.04.2008   Software Development In An Outsourcing Application Development In India

25.04.2008   I make Kreuz und Grabsteine from Marmor-Granit Natural Stone and other decoratives

24.04.2008   16x9 Europe launches HDV online-shop

23.04.2008   RapidEye Granted ISO 9001:2000 Certification

23.04.2008   Cost Ramifications of Player Placement in Digital Signage Networks

23.04.2008   Wie schütze ich mich vor Stromunfällen?

22.04.2008   World-class photographic collection opens in May

22.04.2008   RapidEye Granted ISO 9001:2000 Certification

22.04.2008   Loss Reduction Supply Chain

22.04.2008   WORLDHOTELS Introduces Re-engineered Tool for Meeting Planners at IMEX

22.04.2008   Tennis Masters Series Monte Carlo, An Interview with Paul Henri Mathieu

22.04.2008   SEH Launches First Internal Print Server for HP Printers to Wireless LANs Supporting WPA/WPA

22.04.2008   S4M’s VPMS convinced the jury of “Innovationspreis 2008”

22.04.2008   MOST FORUM 2008 Opens Call for Speakers

21.04.2008   The Larger Photo Book: the new XL-Format from FotoInsight

21.04.2008   WORLDHOTELS Announces Support for “Malaria No More”

19.04.2008   Aero-domains for air sports

18.04.2008   WORLDHOTELS Announces Significant Growth in Middle East


17.04.2008   EU-Project CIDRE goes into the 2nd phase

17.04.2008   GIUSEPPE VERDI: “Othello”, OPERA WROCLAWSKA, JUNE 2008 - Six Openair Performances in Wroclaw, Poland

17.04.2008   Successful launch of the electronic maternity pass pilot project

17.04.2008   10 Awesome Ways To Attract More Orders

16.04.2008   DVI remote transmission to POI

16.04.2008   More than 100 European Z-Wave Products on Display

15.04.2008   alaTest™ awarded as Red Herring 100 winner!

15.04.2008   Worldwide Largest Congress Database Now Also Lists Online Education

15.04.2008 now available in English

13.04.2008   4. edition of 4 star menu under the stars

12.04.2008 vergrößert sich

11.04.2008   Ciao GmbH, Europe’s Leading Comparison Shopping Platform, Launches New Corporate Website

11.04.2008   Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative has become a strategic partner of forthcoming conference TMT.Ventures’0

11.04.2008   Data acquisition system USB-AD16f: High-speed Measurement and Control

09.04.2008   Band Pro showcases the new Sony F35 at NAB

09.04.2008   Minicom offers the most complete player-to-screen solution for the "DS Last Mile™"

09.04.2008   XClinical’s Key Executives to Present at CDISC in Copenhagen

08.04.2008   Cortado supports iPhone's new enterprise capability

08.04.2008   Cortado offers 1 GB of Free Online Storage for BlackBerry Smartphone users

08.04.2008   Professional Printing for Windows Server 2008

08.04.2008   Spanish Furniture Exhibition in Mailand 16.04.08 -21.04.08

08.04.2008   Z-Wave helps to reduce energy consumption in smart metering application

07.04.2008 - The First Worldwide Online Record Label

07.04.2008   Does WTO improve chances for grain farming in Ukraine?

04.04.2008   Poraver refines (construction) materials worldwide.

03.04.2008   Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative has become a partner of IT Outsourcing Business Forum IndoCanadianExpo

03.04.2008   4-Day Short Course on Understanding and Programming of DSP

03.04.2008   Freeware to provide over 70 channels of cost-free Music Web TV

02.04.2008   AutoTheme v.1.0 for S60 v3 released: theme changer for your mobile

01.04.2008   Your local Lost & Found is history – Numigo is the future

01.04.2008   Cortado offers 1 GB of Free Online Storage for BlackBerry Smartphone users

28.03.2008   ETLog Health GmbH processes waste-management project in Tanzania

28.03.2008   Reiseland celebrates annual business convention at Sheraton Salobre

28.03.2008   White night under the stars of Gran Canaria

28.03.2008   Build a team!

28.03.2008   A Rainbow Word at the Sheraton Salobre

28.03.2008   Traceability goes anti-counterfeit

28.03.2008   Sheraton Salobre opens the month of March with charity

27.03.2008   Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V. extends BrandMaker platform and now also uses the BrandMaker Web-to-Pr

27.03.2008   Currencies – mobile currency converter with real time exchange rates from Central European Bank

26.03.2008   ipoque PRX Traffic Manager Excels at Independent EANTC Performance Test

26.03.2008   First Loyalty Portal with virtual loyalty cards awarded with innovation prize 2008

26.03.2008   FilmConfect with new Website

25.03.2008   projectfacts granted the award for innovation 2008

25.03.2008   Collaboration System teamspace on the “route to success”

25.03.2008   Der Kanton Genf beauftragt PS'Soft mit der Verwaltung seines IT-Parks und der IT-Dienste

20.03.2008 Kostenlose Video Inserate Weltweit

20.03.2008 is looking for collaborators

20.03.2008   Major Middle East ISP Deploys ipoque's 10-Gigabit Traffic Management Solution

20.03.2008   Modern Home Control: Z-Wave-based solutions reduce heating costs and electricity consumption

20.03.2008   Innovative Factory and Installation Design at INDUSTRIE PARIS, 31 March - 4 April

19.03.2008   DSP for FPGAs Technical Course in April in Munich

19.03.2008   Free Video Classifieds World Wide

19.03.2008   Poraver reduces the module weight by three tons.


17.03.2008   Necessary Helpers

17.03.2008   Stadtwerke Karlsruhe manages media with BrandMaker

14.03.2008   FAKRO Joins the Z-Wave Alliance as its Newest Principal Member

10.03.2008   CoGuBean the new energy line conquers europe with a giant impact.

10.03.2008   Webasto presents the new generation of multi-mode air heater : Air Top Evo Marine

10.03.2008   Successful Congress Offerings on the Internet

10.03.2008   Europe meets US: International Conference Compares Key Trends in Home Control

10.03.2008   Parks Associates to address Connected Home Opportunities at U.K. Connected Home Conference

08.03.2008   MCC Global NV - Interview with the Founder, Tony Moore

08.03.2008   Global Construction

04.03.2008   A Printer Virtualization Layer for All Virtualized Solutions

04.03.2008   Green Printing with Security

04.03.2008   BT Guard v.2.0 for Series 60.3 released: secures your phone from unauthorized access

04.03.2008   Research: Practical tips on fitting kid's shoes

03.03.2008   Recycling: glass, the clear eco-friendly option

03.03.2008   Design-conscious and socially responsible – why glass appeals to today’s consumers

03.03.2008   Research concludes glass best for preserving wine

03.03.2008   O-I creates an elegant 1 liter bottle with screw cap for McGuigan

03.03.2008   New Templar bottles designed by O-I win the Syba* "Packaging of the Year 2007" Award

03.03.2008   Specially engraved bottle for Tokaji communicates premium quality and heritage

03.03.2008   Attractive and competitive: the low cost 25 cl Bordelaise bottle

03.03.2008   Packaging for exceptional products: the 25cl "Catalane"

03.03.2008   Single serve and premiumization: two new consumption trends

03.03.2008   A unique partner for the European wine market

29.02.2008   Home Control conquers Europe

29.02.2008   Technology "made in Germany"

29.02.2008   The Market for Personal Protective Equipment: UK

29.02.2008   New fashion concept: analogue meets digital

28.02.2008   Last chance for airports to register their IATA codes as aero-domains

28.02.2008   New Panoramic Photo Mug

28.02.2008   Agenda of EABS available now- Early Bird Fee until March 15

28.02.2008   Surfing for Inspiration at WORLDHOTELS’ New Website

27.02.2008   TeamViewer available now with VPN connection and remote reboot

27.02.2008   Mobile Gaming to Grow as Gamers Move from Carrier Decks to Newer Channels

26.02.2008   The market for house building: UK

26.02.2008   Expenses Manager from SymbianGuru updated with new features.

22.02.2008   United Nations Environment Programme: Let's plant One Billion more trees in 2008

21.02.2008   ipoque Launches Carrier-Grade PRX-10G Traffic Manager

20.02.2008   Environment Ministers Meet to Accelerate Transition to a Low Carbon Society

19.02.2008   January 2008: Largest Telemedicine Study of Chronic Heart Failure Worldwide Begins

19.02.2008   SOS Sahel Partnership - Office of International Cooperation

19.02.2008   Leading German Portal for Engineers Relies on XSEARCH Clustering Engine

18.02.2008   AUDIOHAMSTER.DE goes online.

18.02.2008   AUDIOHAMSTER.DE goes online.

18.02.2008   Official partners: ARD.ZDF medienakademie and S4M

18.02.2008   Minicom is Unleashing the Longest Range of Digital Signage Systems ever at the Digital Signage Expo

18.02.2008   Update of the JInstaller Family adds 64-bit support

18.02.2008   CeBIT 2008: VidSoft shows first time PC-Videoconferencing in HD-Quality

18.02.2008   Major French Bank Deploys PS’Soft Service Desk Solution

18.02.2008   ETLog Health GmbH processes waste-management project in Yemen

18.02.2008   New DVI extenders and switches

17.02.2008   Will a new President bring change to healthcare technology adoption?

16.02.2008   Cosmos Yachting GmbH startet neuen Motor Yacht Charter-Website

15.02.2008   MultiTasking von Kithara

14.02.2008   From a Congress Database to an Innovative Marketing Tool for the Healthcare Market

14.02.2008   Hexis with new cast vinyl at FESPA Digital in Geneva

13.02.2008   BOWEN CO

13.02.2008   PantherMedia photocommunity launches its English platform

13.02.2008   CeBIT Outsourcing Matchmaking 2008: International Contact and Cooperation Exchange for Outsourcers

13.02.2008   PantherMedia launches its international stock agency website

12.02.2008   VICB 2008 - All-in-one-show in Vietnam

12.02.2008   RA PLUS-w Radiator Thermostat from Danfoss Communicates via Z-Wave

11.02.2008   The new cellity Communicator software suite turns every cellphone into a smartphone

11.02.2008   Develop and integrate your own Smart Card applications

08.02.2008   Solutions for Media satisfied with 2nd VPMS User Meeting

07.02.2008   CeBIT 2008: VidSoft presents Videocommunication in Business quality starting at 5 Euro

07.02.2008   CeBIT 2008: Plastic-free customer loyalty in CardSpace™

06.02.2008   Lookeen, the new search tool for Outlook, wins its first major customer

06.02.2008   New idate survey on Enterprise mobile offering - a 33 billion market

06.02.2008   New idate survey on Enterprise mobile offering - a 33 billion market

06.02.2008   Dr. Stefan Parhofer appointed as CFO of Solar*Tec AG

06.02.2008   SEH Enlarges Print Server Portfolio With Gigabit Print Servers

06.02.2008   Worldwide largest online database for medical and dental congresses with new design

05.02.2008   Dr. Stefan Parhofer appointed as CFO of Solar*Tec AG

05.02.2008   Aero-domains: Aviation has now an alternative to traditional domain names

04.02.2008   Landrush of asia-domains starts February 20

01.02.2008   Global Energy Club - New Online Portal for the Energy Industry Launched

01.02.2008   WORLDHOTELS Welcomes Airline Partner Iberia

31.01.2008   Pago reports strongly improved figures for 2007

30.01.2008   Retail Fund Investment and the US Subprime Crisis: Market Reactions Lead to New Opportunities

30.01.2008   Last minute Bed & brakfast toskana low cost

30.01.2008   WORLDHOTELS Provides New Revenue Optimization Service for Independent Hotels

30.01.2008   „Minimum- Maximum“ in the Gallery BWA Lublin

29.01.2008   New polish way of life - Kurt Fleckenstein in the Gallery Profil in Poznan

29.01.2008   BMC Messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) - Innovative Measurement Technology

25.01.2008   ETLog Health GmbH works on waste-project in China

25.01.2008   The “different” Valentine’s Day in the Sheraton Salobre Golf Resort & Spa

25.01.2008   Looking for some luxury?

23.01.2008   Personalised Photo Gifts at Valentine's

23.01.2008   ECCE TERRAM Internet Services GmbH


23.01.2008   Minicom’s Latest IP Gateway Controls Data Center Serial Devices

23.01.2008   Cute Keys v.1.0 for S60 v3 released: Quick Access to all Actions with Keyboard Shortcuts

17.01.2008   Fanatec presents the 24 hour online race „Master of Endurance“ live on

16.01.2008   ING Investment Management to hold first Online Recruitment Event

16.01.2008   Sheraton Salobre likes good music!

16.01.2008   Carnival, I love you!

16.01.2008   Have you ever been “mooned”?

14.01.2008   Hotel horoscope: The ideal hotel for each Zodiac sign

14.01.2008   TÜV Rheinland wins contract for rolling stock approval in Ireland

14.01.2008   Third Generation Cast Vinyl from Hexis

14.01.2008 zeigt Perspektiven

13.01.2008 the leading OLED Tv News and Info website gets some new features!

09.01.2008   PAY.ON Completes Management Buy-Out

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