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Pressearchiv - Pressemitteilungen Archiv, 2013

31.12.2013   The all level free PSD viewer is here!

31.12.2013   PST Viewer Available on

31.12.2013   Easy to Install and Simple to Use Free Random Name Generator at

31.12.2013   Make Use Of Typing Test Tool And Improve Your Typing Skills

31.12.2013   King James Bible software proves to be a handy reading tool

31.12.2013   Panoro Minerals Ltd. &#8211; Death of Director &#8211; Jaime Quijandr&#237;a Salm&#243;n<br />

31.12.2013   The free Flash player introduces new features

31.12.2013   Tribulus Terrestris Supplement May Prevent Unhealthy Weight Gain

31.12.2013   Identify Duplicate Images And Delete Them With The Help Of Duplicate Photo Finder

31.12.2013   100% Pure GCA Green Coffee Bean Extract Today’s Most Effective Weight Loss Supplement

31.12.2013   Inca One Initiates the Termination of its Las Huaquillas Project<br />

31.12.2013   Alexander Nubia International Inc. Completes Non-Brokered Private Placement and Announces Shares for Debt Transaction<br />

31.12.2013   Solid Resources Announces Non-Brokered Private Placement<br />

31.12.2013   Raspberry Ketone Becomes Popular Throughout the Health and Wellness Community

31.12.2013   Have All The Updated Information About Medical Conditions And Treatments With The Medical Dictionary

31.12.2013   Facebook Video Download with MP3 and MP4 Conversions

31.12.2013   Raspberry Ketone Promotes Long-Term Weight Loss Success

31.12.2013   Facebook Monitoring App for Uninterrupted Monitoring by Parents

31.12.2013   Choice Nutrition Supplements Vitamin B12 Complex Sublingual Liquid Drops Earns Consumers Approval

30.12.2013   Trash Haul & Demolition Service

30.12.2013   Download Multi Skype Launcher And Log Into Multiple Skype Accounts Simultaneously

30.12.2013   Blackheath Acquires Option for Adoria Tungsten/Tin Project<br />

30.12.2013   Convert Your Video And Audio Files Quickly Using AIFF to MP3 Converter

30.12.2013   Addicting and Funny Games Quick Sale on

30.12.2013   Fission Hits 18.52% U308 over 3.5m in 3.99% U308 over 17m at R945E Zone<br />

30.12.2013   Rolls-Royce celebrates an extraordinary year

30.12.2013   Get 2 Bottles of Tribulus Terrestris with the Price of 1 from Choice Nutrition Supplements

30.12.2013   Max Hawthorne is Exposing the Fitness Club Industry’s Dirty Laundry

30.12.2013   Indie Mac Game Bundle

30.12.2013   Sportive styling for a class W176 without amg bumpers from jms

30.12.2013   Tips for Getting Best Games DVDs

30.12.2013   CoQ10 Deficiency Becomes More Prevalent

30.12.2013   Glass Fencing is the Modern and Stylish way to boarder your Home

30.12.2013   Finish off your Window Furnishings with Pelmets

30.12.2013   Never Feel Old Again, Accelerated Aging Is A Mistake; A Mistake We Can Avoid With Education from Author Raymond Francis

30.12.2013   Green Coffee Bean Extract – One of the Most Sought-After Weight Loss Supplements Today

30.12.2013   Aurcana Corporation: Shafter Project to be Placed on Care and Maintenance<br />

30.12.2013   Gourmet Chicken Jerky Treats for Dogs Continues to Impress Dog Owners

30.12.2013   Brand Strategy Development for Corporates

30.12.2013   Discover the Best Product Reviews and Top valuable brands

29.12.2013   Ricky’s Revolution Hits The Streets in Jeannie Kerrigan's deeply moving and shocking, true story

29.12.2013   Books, Authors, and Artists Enters Three Titles In The 2014 IPPY Awards

29.12.2013   Newscron: starting on Christmas, more news for everyone

29.12.2013   Fashionable spiked leather dog collars offer a unique twist on fashion

29.12.2013   AMR to MP3 converter makes conversion quick and hassle free

29.12.2013   Find Your Ideal Contractor Umbrella Company for Your Work in the UK

29.12.2013   Ingo Burbach becomes the new Head of Exports at SpanSet GmbH & Co. KG

29.12.2013   Conversion Of PNG Files Into ICO Format Is No More A Time-Consuming Process

29.12.2013 Introduces Referral Program

29.12.2013   CA Homes Introduces Simple Way to Get Cash Offers

28.12.2013   FMA Summits: Progressive Energy, Environment & Sustainability Summit #18

28.12.2013   Free Pre-Registration of short Uk-Domains

27.12.2013   Connolly Counseling & Assessment Offers Reliable Psychology Services in Downtown LA

27.12.2013   Kensington Real Estate Luxury Homes: Paradise Awaits in Naples

27.12.2013   The best way to level up your character in FFXIV ARR is to Buy FFXIV Power Leveling

27.12.2013   How to lose weight in a week – Simple Secret Revealed

27.12.2013   IRS Tax Audit Consultant in Miami

27.12.2013   Best Timber Deck Builders and Best Decking Contractor in Canberra


27.12.2013   ODP 333 from AURES: Soon available in white

27.12.2013   Quality products for the hospitality industry

27.12.2013   International Workshop Dispersion Analysis and Materials Testing in Berlin, Germany, 23-24 January 2014

26.12.2013   Christmas Best Deals on Electronic Cigarettes and E-Liquids

26.12.2013   The MacAppStudio Giftmas Bundle

26.12.2013   Aluminium Fencing - Long Lasting and Effective Fencing Solution

25.12.2013   Acute Pain Management from Pain and Spine Specialists (PSS)

25.12.2013   Outlook PST Locator Available With Discounted Value This Christmas

24.12.2013   Santa Claus has hidden presents in the dark? Find them with the Snooperscope.

24.12.2013   Manufacturing Businesses for Sale in Australia

24.12.2013   How to find Best Building Inspection Professionals

24.12.2013   The Best Selection of Citizen Eco-Drive Watches

24.12.2013 - The Best Online Shop for Citizen Men's Watches

23.12.2013   Introducing the Snooperscope smartphone night vision device and app

23.12.2013   CloudSigma Shortlisted for the 2013-14 Cloud Awards Program

23.12.2013   European Uranium Resources Ltd. and Portex Minerals Inc. Announce definitive Agreement<br />

23.12.2013   DW Akademie supports media reforms in Libya

23.12.2013   Mexican Cuisine- The conventional healthy Mexican food.

23.12.2013   Explor Resources Inc. Sets Key Dates Regarding Rights Offering<br />

23.12.2013   Quick Home Buyers can get you up to 100% for a quick sale

23.12.2013   H2bid - E-Bidding portal for Water Utilities Contracts and Wastewater Treatment

23.12.2013   Luxurious Private Retreat Available with Pelican Bay Real Estate

23.12.2013   Dr. Reid Jilek and Mr. Donald Steinberg Appointed to Arris Holdings Inc.'s Wholly Owned U.S. Subsidiary Global Hemp Group Inc.<br />

23.12.2013   Prestigious Olde Naples, Florida Cottage Property Available

23.12.2013   Allianz Concludes IT Operations Service Agreement with IBM for Data Centers Operation Support

23.12.2013   Unfailing Math Calculations With This Math Calculator

23.12.2013   Read Your eBooks Comfortably

23.12.2013   Practice Driving Theory With The Help Of Driving Theory Practice Test

23.12.2013   Obtaining Your CD License Is No More Difficult

22.12.2013   Going global in ten days – boutique coffee club Coffee Heist swings for the fences

22.12.2013   Instagram Dawns New Digital Royalty

22.12.2013   Get Your Ex Back Method- A sure fire way to revive the lost romance with an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend

22.12.2013 fast growing one of a kind platform which helps businesses evaluate their online worth

22.12.2013   Garcinia Cambogia Can Greatly Help People With Aging

22.12.2013   Basically introduction for materials of the watch mirror and watchbands from TIMERCART

22.12.2013   New Book Released, The Three Persuasions – A Tale for Inquisitive Souls

22.12.2013   Abs in 8-The Only Fitness Program That Combines Physicality And Mindset Together

22.12.2013   The advantages of the newly bicycle which made of the carbon fibers

22.12.2013   Enthralling read: ‘Immortal Grave- Merlin’s Heir’

22.12.2013   Nike has released the new version of Nike Premier for Brazil, British and French

22.12.2013   Green Coffee Bean Extract the Supplement of Choice According to Health Experts

22.12.2013   The releasing of Nike Hypervenom could highly improve the performance of strikers

22.12.2013   Lena’s Pet Products Gourmet Chicken Jerky Treats for Dogs and Cats Now the No.1 Gluten Free Pet Treat!

22.12.2013   Green Coffee Bean Extract Acclaimed as one of the Most Effective Antioxidants Today!

22.12.2013   The basically description of the strong points for the high quality Nike Hypervenom

22.12.2013   Which factors people need to take into account in the purchasing process of the Terracotta Panel?

22.12.2013   Vitamin B12 Complex Sublingual Liquid Drops – The Best Way to Prevent Vitamin B12 Deficiency

22.12.2013   Vitamin B12 Deficiency Can Lead to Depression and Other Health Problems

22.12.2013   Garcinia Cambogia Becomes the Most Effective Weight Loss Supplement Worldwide

22.12.2013   Adding Advanced Hip & Joint Formula to Dogs Diet Boosts Their Hip and Joint Health

22.12.2013   Choice Nutrition Supplements Raspberry Ketone Ultra Continues to Impress Consumers

22.12.2013   First Home Owners Centre Shares Five Tips for First Home Loans | FHOC

22.12.2013 launches new sites for Christmas 2013

22.12.2013   Tribulus Terrestris – The Most Promising Natural Testosterone-Enhancing Supplement in the Market

21.12.2013   New Angular Cheilitis Cure Produces Incredible Results

21.12.2013   Bodygolf Fitness App Released for Apple iPhone/iPad/Mac and Android and Bodygolf Fitness Lite (Free Version) for Apple.

21.12.2013   The face shade and body figure should the main points should consider in their purchasing of the baseball caps

21.12.2013   An Australian Pet Photographer, Pupparazzi, Plans to Start Accepting Bitcoin as Payment

21.12.2013   Greater Toronto Area Monthly Real Estate Market news

21.12.2013   Prince of Denmark royal met with the players of Real Madrid in the training before football match

21.12.2013   Shim Sham Kitchen Publishes Top Ten List Of Kitchen Sinks Online

21.12.2013   Adidas has released the newly designing soccer jersey for Marseille team in French

21.12.2013   Introduction for three most popular series of the TRX suspension training system

21.12.2013   Nike has released new soccer jerseys for Brazil football team and the 2014 World Cup will be postponed

21.12.2013   Four main strong points of the fashionable body weight TRX suspension training system

21.12.2013   Well protection for your Prada bags should be the best way to save money in your wallet

21.12.2013   The feature and history of the market for famous America baseball jerseys

21.12.2013   The market for luxury bags maintenance and repairing is very orderless

21.12.2013   One America baseball team invited Jordon participate the MBL match to replay his baseball career

21.12.2013   The China NFL College Bowl has successful ended in Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center

21.12.2013   100% Pure GCA Green Coffee Bean Extract Natural Supplement, Recommended by Health Experts Worldwide

21.12.2013   Brown let his players and students take the brave NHL hockey players as their example in their daily life and training

21.12.2013   Raspberry Ketone Drops is now the Fastest Weight Loss Supplement Today!

21.12.2013   Let the football insider tell you the mainly function of the football jerseys

21.12.2013   Some interesting stories about NFL players feeling for No. 13 on their jerseys

21.12.2013   Highly Reliable and Very Affordable Orient Automatic Watches

20.12.2013   Shim Sham Fit Publishes Top Ten List Of Best Ab Machines For Home

20.12.2013   Environment friendly products in home decoration - Wood plastic composite

20.12.2013   Two Becrypt Firsts For Wick Hill Services Division

20.12.2013   Zadar Completes Purchase of 100% interest in the West Carswell Uranium Project<br />

20.12.2013   Cyber Security Luminary Gil Shwed to Keynote EFI Connect 2014 Conference

20.12.2013   NFL matched started in snow environment and fans could get warmest protection

20.12.2013   Equitas Resources Receives NI 43-101 Technical Report for Nahmint Copper-Gold Property near Port Alberni, BC<br />

20.12.2013   The quality of the terminal blocks could determine the success or failure of the major electrical project

20.12.2013   Emperor Appoints John McLeod Chairman<br />

20.12.2013   Three new teams will take part in the 2014 Hong Kong International Seven People America Football Match

20.12.2013   New research for the innovative LED light structure could help LED manufacture obviously enhance their products lighting efficiency

20.12.2013   NBA's selection for the most beautiful NBA jersey and Celtics NBA jersey rank at the top position

20.12.2013   Garcinia Cambogia Most Recommended Weight Loss Supplement for Older People

20.12.2013   The sales volume list of NBA jersey was released and James jersey ranked first

20.12.2013   Focus Graphite Signs Offtake Agreement for Lac Knife's Future<br />

20.12.2013   Green Coffee Bean Extract May Be the Best Weight Loss Supplement for Diabetic Patients

20.12.2013   Adidas cooperates with NBA to promote the "Big Logo" special jerseys for "Christmas Match"

20.12.2013   Win an Xbox One Console And Other Great Prizes

20.12.2013   Investors turn to flats in Mumbai for a steady return

20.12.2013   valuephone powers Douglas checkout couponing

20.12.2013   WINAICO continues to offer its insurance protection for PV systems in 2014

20.12.2013   HARTING IT System Integration collaborating with Advanco

20.12.2013   SanDisk Named Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovator for Third Consecutive Year

20.12.2013   How to Win the Lottery – Secret Formula Revealed

20.12.2013   BBM to come preinstalled on LG smartphones

20.12.2013   This Luxury Royal Harbor Real Estate Offering Was Designed To Impress

20.12.2013   Commercial properties in Mumbai flaunt new designs

20.12.2013   People who want to purchase high quality daily using stuffy should choose tv-eastfuture

20.12.2013   Cozy Waterfront Property In Royal Harbor Is A Shinning Star In Naples

20.12.2013   Bombay Dine Launches New Website and Online Booking Service for Authentic Nepalese Food in Battersea, London

20.12.2013   Infidelity Recovery Institute Offers Comprehensive Coaching Training & Certification Program

20.12.2013   Eschatology - The Last Things/End Times NOW-An eBook Which Gives Readers A Whole View Of The End Of This World

20.12.2013   Risky Business? Banks Urged to Increase Security Processes When Outsourcing

19.12.2013   Dallas based Tax Attorney Warns Public that IRS Continues Its Collection Practices

19.12.2013 - Discover Thousands Of Fun Videos Online Of Almost Every Genre Possible

19.12.2013   AeroBase Group, Inc. is a stocking distributor of Nut Plates

19.12.2013   Aroway Energy Inc. Continues Drilling Success at Kirkpatrick Lake<br />

19.12.2013   Siegfried renewing contract with Bilfinger Industrial Services Schweiz by seven years

19.12.2013   Brazil resumes EC225 operations, marking the return to service of all operators worldwide with the Eurocopter helicopter

19.12.2013   ACT Aurora Control Technologies provides operational update<br />

19.12.2013   New innovaphone distributor in Sweden: PowerBit supplies Swedish market with innovaphone UC-solutions

19.12.2013   Four commonly sorts of the nitrocellulose paint in people's everyday life

19.12.2013   Explor Chester Copper Property Review<br />

19.12.2013   New Dimensioning Function in Cylindrical Gear Pair Module

19.12.2013   Vitaphone Announces mHealth Partnership with Qualcomm Life

19.12.2013   The history and innovation of the holographic anti-counterfeiting technology in today's market

19.12.2013   The application of holographic sticker could help enterprise better protect their brand

19.12.2013   Electrical Grounding Hinge for Switch Gear Cabinet Doors

19.12.2013   Top Stories of the Intra.NET Reloaded 2014 conference in Berlin

19.12.2013   Some differences between the normal Neodymium Magnets and Ferrite magnets

19.12.2013   Positive Changes Give New Reasons to Visit Legendary Clarksdale, Mississippi.

19.12.2013   Viral vectors made in human expression system allow for safer and more efficient production of novel vaccines and gene therapy

19.12.2013   Declan Identifies Frac Sand Potential at Firebag River<br />

19.12.2013   ViscoTec China

19.12.2013   Inca One Announces Private Placement<br />

19.12.2013   The establishment of the online product's authenticity checking system is also very crucial for each big enterprise

19.12.2013   Innovation with Photo and Fine Art Papers: Drawer replaces Telescope Box

19.12.2013   Successful BACnet certification: Janitza Power Analyser and Power Quality Analyser

19.12.2013   Good value and straightforward: marketing research report finds that prepaid service providers are very popular - prepaid services from Peaches AG are increasingly in demand

19.12.2013   The advantages and disadvantages of the holographic products in people's everyday life

19.12.2013   ESI releases Visual-Environment 9.0, the latest version of its multi-domain simulation platform

19.12.2013   The history for the application of holographic stickers in China's daily necessities market

19.12.2013   From SolidWorks® to hyperMILL® to the machine

19.12.2013   The increasing of people's pressure in modern time has largely promoted the market of sexy lingerie

19.12.2013   RWI/ISL Container Throughput Index: Ongoing upward trend in world trade

19.12.2013   VMS Ventures: Reed Copper Project November Development Highlights<br />

19.12.2013   Capturing the right moment is crucial in precise arrhythmia diagnosis

19.12.2013   The upgrading and integrating should be the future development trend of the anti-imitation labels industry

19.12.2013   The sexy lingerie with the inventive package would be the best gift for your lover

19.12.2013   Das Digital Artist Mac Bundle

19.12.2013   Company launches the latest in entrance matting systems

19.12.2013   AIM Software and SIX Financial Information launch 9th edition of the AIM Global Reference Data Management Survey

19.12.2013   Bitmanagement introduces "BS Content Studio"

19.12.2013   Advantech-DLoG to present Industrial Fleet Management Solutions at the IT-Trans 2014 in Karlsruhe

19.12.2013   Seattle Windows and Construction: Enhance Curb Appeal with Home Siding

19.12.2013   Four newly anti-imitation technologies in today's security label and sticker market

19.12.2013   Top efficiency when grinding cast iron components

19.12.2013   DW Akademie: Staff evacuated from South Sudan

19.12.2013   Reliable Roof Repair and Restoration from North Star Construction

19.12.2013   CrossFit Muscle Farm Opens New Downtown Miami Location

19.12.2013   The improving for anti-counterfeiting technology should be the long term task for each enterprise

19.12.2013   Totem Holsters Launches A State Of the Art, Fashionable Diabetic Pump Accessory

18.12.2013   EIB Funding Of €100 Million For Research And Development By Prysmian Group In Europe

18.12.2013   Steam Master Introduces Unique Pet Stain Cleaning Process

18.12.2013   Texas Leather Furniture Made Only in USA

18.12.2013   Spine Care of San Antonio Offers Less Invasive Options

18.12.2013   Nomination and submission forms now open for 'EMEA Channel Academy: 2014 Awards'

18.12.2013   Specialized Resource Group Offers Holiday Safety Tips

18.12.2013   Schaeffler's expertise allows potential for efficiency to be tapped and emissions regulations to be fulfilled

18.12.2013   Solar power plant "Los Arenales" taken into operation

18.12.2013   Specialized Resource Group Discusses Worker's Compensation "Red Flags"

18.12.2013   Advantech Announces Plans for Intel-based Smart City and IoT Solutions

18.12.2013   Get My Mom a Job Survey: The Mistakes that Women Make on their Resumes!

18.12.2013   OPEN MIND scores points with high-performance cutting and an interface concept

18.12.2013 Offers Online shopping of Finest Quality & Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses

18.12.2013   Charles Larsen Appointed President and CEO of Arris<br />

18.12.2013   Just Sing It Rewards Singers For Musical Talent With Real-Life Incentives

18.12.2013   Ontario Playgrounds Launches New Website to Showcase Its Playground Equipment

18.12.2013   Alfano Renovations company announced their standard home remodeling guide

18.12.2013   Enhancing your beauty with Natural Products – Artful U

18.12.2013   camLine acquires former acp-IT AG's InFrame Synapse MES and Equipment Connector

18.12.2013   New FiPS project builds energy-efficient supercomputers with alternative computing resources

18.12.2013   Goldsource Mines Announces Completion of Private Placement for $256,800<br />

18.12.2013   PayMore Stores Uses Approved Privacy Protection

18.12.2013   Grosir Sex Shop: The Leading Provider of Sex Enhancement Pills and Sex Toys

18.12.2013   The Best Way to Explore Semarang

18.12.2013   Explorite The New Social Marketplace Helps Students Sell All Their Unwanted Stuff in a Less Creepy Way than Craigslist

18.12.2013   Intensive cooperation with Intel: TQ-Systems pushes the x86 range

18.12.2013   Pasinex Resources Limited announces new Mineralisation after Receipt of Magnetic Survey and Rock Sampling Results from its Golcuk Property in Turkey<br />

18.12.2013   EnWave Signs Collaboration with Pacific Live LLC<br />

18.12.2013   Explorite The Safest College Marketplace for College Students Better than Craigslist

18.12.2013   California DMV Surety Bonds As Low As 1%

18.12.2013   Review - Preview Auto Apps & Mobile Device Evolution 2013

18.12.2013   Review - Preview Pharma M2R Minds

18.12.2013   Explorite The Campus Classifieds Helps College Students Saving Money

18.12.2013   High-quality Removal Service

18.12.2013   Lies to Die For

18.12.2013   Thriller Writer Shows his Soft Side

18.12.2013   The Suspense Novel is Bourne Again

18.12.2013   valuephone powers Austrian supermarket chain MPREIS mobile marketing app

17.12.2013   NLD Discusses What Businesses Should Know About Exhibit Design

17.12.2013   Russian Billionaire Suleiman Kerimov Wanted by Interpol

17.12.2013   Santacruz Silver Announces Gavilanes Maiden Resource Estimation: 6.1 million AgEq ounces Indicated and 28.3 AgEq million ounces Inferred<br />

17.12.2013   Nada Worry's Burton Hathaway Receives Custom iDol Surfboard

17.12.2013   IDC Releases 2014 Worldwide Software Developer and ICT-Skilled Worker Estimates

17.12.2013   Market Growth Projections Indicate That 3D Printing Is Heading Toward Mainstream Adoption, IDC Says

17.12.2013   GROUNDBREAKING ART PRIZE: Sascha Weidner wins the Entrepreneur 4.0 Award

17.12.2013   Detox Clear Helps Maintain Privacy

17.12.2013   Panoro Announces Significant Increase and Upgrade for Antilla Cu/Mo Project Resource<br />

17.12.2013   Mode Moa Introduces Wholesale Women's Fashions

17.12.2013   Gartner Reveals its 2014 Predictions for Government

17.12.2013   Renowned Developers to Speak at the Open Source Data Center Conference (OSDC)

17.12.2013   10000 times first-hand testing knowhow: imbus Academy welcomes its 10000th training participant

17.12.2013   AMD Radeon R7 260 GPU Brings Graphics Performance, Efficiency and Value

17.12.2013   See the details that elude the eye

17.12.2013   Parker Personnel Celebrates 25th Anniversary

17.12.2013   New OTRS integration with baramundi

17.12.2013   KnutØrbeck-Nilssen new Maritime president in DNV GL

17.12.2013   EuroPython 2014 Conference in Berlin at the bcc Berlin Congress Center

17.12.2013   SoftislandInfotech Launches a Christmas Special Offers—Get Keys up to 50% off

17.12.2013   New infrared detector interface boosts camera full-frame rate

17.12.2013   Tricentis and Neotys Technology Partner to Accelerate Enterprise Business Innovation

17.12.2013   Best Collection of DVD & CD Available for Educational & Entertainment Purposes

17.12.2013   MKaltenbach Jewelry Featured on "Eric & Jessie Game On" Segment

17.12.2013   Gartner Says Companies Should Deploy Technologies to Address IT Accessibility

17.12.2013   Great Panther Silver Announces Results of San Ignacio Surface Drilling<br />

17.12.2013   Sales for the 3rd quarter of 2013

17.12.2013   Nomination of a second COO Dr. Christopher St.John

17.12.2013   One Of The Most Opulent Of All Port Royal Homes For Sale Now Available

17.12.2013   McRae Bail Bonds Pledges Prompt, Courteous Service

17.12.2013   Web Store Introduces Cheap Hyperdunks 2014 for Sale

17.12.2013   Miranda Gold Adopts Advance Notice Policy<br />

17.12.2013   Precise dosing with multi-port valve blocks made of fluoroplastics

17.12.2013   Advantech-DLoG with New Products and Pioneering Features for Logistics at LogiMAT 2014

17.12.2013   Get Rid Of The Vice Of Smoking With Ecigs and Hookahs 6 Flavored Hookah Pen

17.12.2013   HSM receives OFFI certification once again

17.12.2013   Mary Morrissey Discusses Why Self-Help Hurts

17.12.2013   Villa Felice Ranks High Among The Most Elegant Port Royal Real Estate

17.12.2013   How to find best DVD Wholesale Supplier

17.12.2013   Coniefox Offers Online Shopping of Latest Design Luxury A-line Wedding Dresses at Cheaper Prices

17.12.2013   Hospitality Equipment Supplies

17.12.2013   Canamex Provides Update on Share Capital Structure<br />

17.12.2013   Renewed Interest in Glasses Free 3D Presents Opportunity for Zecotek`s Patented 3D Display Technology<br />

17.12.2013   Life Coach Training Includes Spiritual Component at Life Mastery Institute

17.12.2013   TÜV Rheinland at Nuclear Power Asia 2014

17.12.2013   KineMedics Partners with ActiveCARE Physio Clinics to open Satellite Locations

17.12.2013   Avail Unique Design & Finest Quality Kitchen Appliances at Affordable Prices from China Based Catering Equipment Manufacturer

17.12.2013   TraceParts is now expanding for the Northern European Market

17.12.2013   Eurofins Medigenomix And Orion Diagnostica Oy Enter Into A License Agreement On Orion Diagnostica Oy's Proprietary SIBA® Technology

17.12.2013   Building Blocks of an Intelligent Network with Photodiode Sensors

17.12.2013   The New Year’s Mac Bundle with 9 apps for only 14,99$

17.12.2013 Issues a New Application: ‘Learn English 6000 Words’ Android App in Google Play Store

17.12.2013   Eurofins Medigenomix And Orion Diagnostica Oy Enter Into A License Agreement On Orion Diagnostica Oy?s Proprietary SIBA® Technology

17.12.2013   HARTING receives award for outstanding company safety and supply reliability

17.12.2013   HARTING takes successful action against patent infringement in China

17.12.2013   Arkadin Wins Frost & Sullivan 2013 Growth Leadership Award for Best Performance in European Conferencing Services Industry

17.12.2013   Dale Begg-Smith Breaks Skiing Records

17.12.2013   Solar3D's Pending Acquisition, SUNworks, to Benefit From New California Legislation

17.12.2013   EagleView Technologies Deploys Birst to Make Faster, Data-Driven Decisions and Increase Sales Effectiveness and Operational Efficiency

17.12.2013   Conversant Bio Releases Immunology E-Book

17.12.2013   Xirrus Equips Messe Munich Trade Fair With New High-Performance Wi-Fi

17.12.2013   Lohfeld Consulting Group and CorasWorks Announce Partnership for Enhanced Integrated Capture and Proposal Management Solution on Microsoft SharePoint

17.12.2013   DGAP-News: Evotec and Yale University to collaborate on cancer therapy

17.12.2013   DGAP-News: Fair Value REIT-AG: Fair Value REIT-AG: Sale of a commercial property in Neuss

17.12.2013   Northland Announces the Number of Warrants Exercised in December 2013

17.12.2013   DGAP-News: AURELIUS sells DFA Transport und Logistik

17.12.2013   Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd.: Australia Beetaloo Basin Agreement to Reduce Overriding Royalty to 1%

17.12.2013   New NSR Study Foresees 2013/2014 as an Inflection Point in Global Broadband Satellite Markets

17.12.2013   Southco Drives Growth in Asia Pacific With New Regional Managing Director

17.12.2013   FXPRIMUS Market Brief of the Week: Federal Reserve (Fed) Will Likely Taper This Week

17.12.2013   Companies That Embrace the "Digital Metasystem" Generate Outsize Returns for Shareholders

17.12.2013   New Sustainability Research by MIT Sloan Management Review and The Boston Consulting Group Reveals a Troubling Gap

17.12.2013   Saputo Announces a Conditional Increase in its Offer Price for all Warrnambool Shares and Extends the Offer Period

17.12.2013   Bluedrop Performance Learning Inc. and Atlantis Systems Corp. Enter into Amending Agreement to Arrangement Agreement Dated November 10, 2013

17.12.2013   Finalists Announced: Asia Pacific New Documentary Program

17.12.2013   Galane Gold Ltd. Issues Common Shares Under Share Purchase Plan

17.12.2013   Donnybrook Provides Corporate Update

17.12.2013   Silver Bull Clarifies PEA Disclosure

17.12.2013   Augusta Enters Into Securities Purchase Agreement

17.12.2013   Xtreme Drilling Increases Contracted Days by 50% on Multiple New Contracts in Both the XDR and XSR Segments

17.12.2013   Diamond Estates Wines & Spirits Inc. Announces Issuance of Shares

16.12.2013   Spotlight Innovation's Name Change, Symbol Change and Reverse Split Approved by FINRA

16.12.2013   Pamela K. M. Beall Elected Director and Appointed President of the General Partner of MPLX LP

16.12.2013   Lumina Announces Grant of Options

16.12.2013   Marathon Petroleum Corporation Announces Executive Appointments

16.12.2013   Can You Stand Still? Pageant of the Masters Casting Call 2014

16.12.2013   Renewable Energy Approval Granted to Bow Lake Wind Farm

16.12.2013   Messina Shareholders Approve Arrangement

16.12.2013   The Becker Milk Company Limited: Six Month Financial Results

16.12.2013   Minister Oliver Comments on Kinder Morgan Application to the National Energy Board

16.12.2013   SolarCure Announces Military Veterans Hiring Initiative

16.12.2013   Federal Government to Review NEB Decisions on Four LNG Export Licence Applications

16.12.2013   Canadian Energy Services & Technology Corp. Announces Cash Dividend

16.12.2013   Canoe EIT Income Fund Announces Annual Redemption Price

16.12.2013   Harvest Operations Corp. Announces 2014 Capital Budget

16.12.2013   Gemini Corporation Implements A Unit Plan

16.12.2013   Canadian Energy Pipeline Association: Regulatory Filing Completed for West Coast Pipeline Expansion Project

16.12.2013   Newalta Announces Quarterly Dividend

16.12.2013   Tawsho Mining Inc. and Rockcliff Resources Inc. Terminate Letter of Intent

16.12.2013   Euclid Analytics Named Privacy by Design Ambassador

16.12.2013   CheckPointOptions Unveils Website And Offers New Depositors A Free Report On Fundamental Analysis

16.12.2013   Edgewater Increases Non-Brokered Private Placement to $790,000

16.12.2013   Nighthawk Adopts Advance Notice By-Law

16.12.2013   Travellers Embrace Yuletide Festivities With Celebratory Hotel Deals in Brussels

16.12.2013   Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd. to Release Fourth Quarter 2013 Financial Results on Thursday, February 6, 2014

16.12.2013   Amsterdam City-Center Hotels Unite in Helping Out the Area's Biggest Animal Shelter

16.12.2013   Conservatives Blocking CPP Improvements

16.12.2013   Titan Logix Corp. Announces Agreement to Be the Sole Distributor of Advanced Refined Fuels Gauging System for the Americas

16.12.2013   Goodman Gold Trust Announces December 2013 Distribution and Implementation of Distribution Reinvestment Plan

16.12.2013   Zargon Oil & Gas Ltd. Confirms December 2013 Cash Dividend

16.12.2013   CAPREIT Announces December 2013 Distribution

16.12.2013   Ten Peaks Coffee Company Announces Quarterly Dividend

16.12.2013   Fort McKay First Nation and Savanna Energy Services Corp. Acquire Initial Equipment in Partnership

16.12.2013   Logan Terminates Strategic Review Process

16.12.2013   Banro and Banro Group (Barbados) Limited Declare Dividends Payable on Series A Preference Shares of Banro and Preferred Shares of Banro Group (Barbados) Limited

16.12.2013   Hawaii Hotel Named Hotel of the Year by Hawaiian Airlines

16.12.2013   Kingsway Arms Retirement Residences Inc. Announces Private Placement and Early Warning of Chairman Dan Amadori

16.12.2013   Versatile Obtains Bridge Loan and Announces Rights Offering

16.12.2013   Osisko Completes Long-Term Debt Renegotiation

16.12.2013   Get Away While Getting Holiday Shopping Done at Brookhaven, NY Hotel

16.12.2013   / KILL - Euclid

16.12.2013   DigitalTown, NIAAA to Collaborate With Google on Access to Its Community Domains for Google Apps

16.12.2013   GetVoIP Study Shows: 79% of Employees DO NOT Text Their Bosses

16.12.2013   vCom Solutions Hires Mobility Veteran to Drive Growth in Wireless Management

16.12.2013   AAON Honored With 2013 Employer Award of Excellence and Manufacturer of the Year

16.12.2013   Alvopetro Announces Appointment of New Director and Grant of Stock Options

16.12.2013   Brookfield Soundvest Equity Fund Monthly Distribution Announcement

16.12.2013   GreenBytes Strengthens Board of Directors With New Appointments

16.12.2013   Secure Energy Announces January 2014 Dividend

16.12.2013   Tinka Resources Adopts Advance Notice Policy for Director Nominations

16.12.2013   Estrella's Henry Sur Project Available for Joint Venture in Southern Peru

16.12.2013   The Mexico Fund, Inc. Declares Distribution and Ratifies Continuation of Managed Distribution Plan for Fiscal 2014

16.12.2013   Pegasystems Expands Current Share Repurchase Program

16.12.2013   Guar Global Releases Initial Farm Report Detailing Crop Results and Related Activities in Rajasthan, India

16.12.2013   Bonavista Energy Corporation Confirms Dividend for January 15, 2014

16.12.2013   Lake Shore Gold Extends Maturity of Standby Line of Credit and Reduces Debt Levels

16.12.2013   Mobile Hotel Is the Ideal Place to Celebrate the New Year With MoonPie Over Mobile

16.12.2013   'Tis the Season for Savings at Prominent Hotel in Greensboro, North Carolina

16.12.2013   Brian Usher-Jones Appointed Director of Shoal Point Energy Ltd.

16.12.2013   VVC Exploration Arranging Financing

16.12.2013   Baytex Confirms Monthly Dividend for December at $0.22 Per Share

16.12.2013   Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. Announces Monthly Dividend

16.12.2013   Thunderbird Resorts Inc.: Appointment of New Director

16.12.2013   Star Minerals Group Ltd. Announces Consolidation and Proposed Private Placement of Units

16.12.2013   Juniper Networks to Acquire WANDL, Inc.

16.12.2013   Christmas books: Truthy Ruthy's Christmas Surprise.

16.12.2013   Putnam Announces Distribution Rates for Open-End Funds

16.12.2013   FNB Bancorp Declares First Quarter Dividend 2014

16.12.2013   Almaden Infill Drilling on Main Zone, Hits 17.75 Meters of 2.62 g/t Au, 91.1 g/t Ag (4.4 g/t Aueq) at Ixtaca, Mexico

16.12.2013   Sara Mathew Elected to Freddie Mac Board of Directors

16.12.2013   Cassidian Communications Completes System Acceptance at Westminster, Colo. for P25 Digital Land Mobile Radio System

16.12.2013   MobileCause Eliminates Transaction Fees to Guarantee 100 Percent of Donations Go Directly to Causes

16.12.2013   Spyglass Resources Corp. Commences Trading in the U.S. on the OTCQX Marketplace

16.12.2013   Fizber Launches New Model to Revolutionize the Way Real Estate Is Sold

16.12.2013   Win a Share of $30,000 in Best Buy Gift Cards in January and $50,000 in Vacation Packages on Valentine's Day at Four Winds Casinos

16.12.2013   Manufactured Housing Consultants Introduces Unique Financing Options

16.12.2013   EnerJex Resources Announces Adena Field Operations Update

16.12.2013   Resource Capital Corp. Announces Pricing of $307.8 Million Securitization of Self-Originated Commercial Mortgage Loans

16.12.2013   Mega Millions(R) Jackpot Increased to $586 Million; Second Largest Jackpot in Mega Millions History

16.12.2013   Saint Raymond Unleashes "Young Blood" EP; Acclaimed British Singer/Songwriter Sets Elektra Debut; Breakthrough Title Track Named by BBC's Zane Lowe as the "Hottest Record in the World"; "Young Blood" EP Arrives January 5th

16.12.2013   Finalists Announced for Cantech Letter TSX Tech Stock of the Year; Executive of the Year

16.12.2013   App Adds Photo Verification to Barcode Validation, Aiming to Improve Access Control and Security Patrols at Events, Campuses and Restricted Facilities

16.12.2013   Canada Strategic Metals Hits 26.68 g/t Au Over 2 Metres in Channelling at Sakami

16.12.2013   DGAP-News: net mobile AG: publishes 9-month figures

16.12.2013   Feronia Inc. Issues Common Shares Under Share Purchase Plan

16.12.2013   Federation of Law Societies of Canada Grants Preliminary Approval of Trinity Western University's Proposed Law Program

16.12.2013   Advanced Explorations Inc. Announces Amendment to Roche Bay Royalty Agreement

16.12.2013   Our Best New Foreign Policy Tool: Energy

16.12.2013   Consumer Advocacy Groups Step Up to Support FilmOn

16.12.2013   James W. Collins Files Early Warning Report

16.12.2013   Shiloh Industries Schedules Conference Call to Discuss 2013 Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2013 Results

16.12.2013   Cedar Oak Plantation Sells at Absolute Auction Through J. P. King Auction Company as Part of Tom Honecker Estate

16.12.2013   Ottawa SaaS Startup Unveils Holiday Offer: One Year Free Service

16.12.2013   Oil Producers Support Expanded Market Access for Canadian Oil

16.12.2013   Goodwill of Orange County Welcomes New VP of Human Services

16.12.2013   Life Coach Training Teaches Skills For Career as Mentor

16.12.2013   Ellisys Announces USB Power Delivery Analyzer / Generator

16.12.2013   Thunderbird Resorts Inc.: Appointment of New Director


16.12.2013   Holiday Gift Ideas for Guys

16.12.2013 Offers Its Take on BCS Bowl Match-Ups

16.12.2013   New dairy distribution centre opens in Brazil

16.12.2013   Pohjola's data are included in OP-Pohjola Group's EBA report

16.12.2013   OP-Pohjola to disclose capital adequacy data in EBA's uniform format

16.12.2013   Thunderbird Resorts Inc.: Appointment of New Director

16.12.2013   Cline Executes Forbearance Agreements with Trustee

16.12.2013   AAJA Announces Emerson College as JCamp 2014 Partner School

16.12.2013   CAA Magazine Shows Significant Readership Growth and Increases Book Size


16.12.2013   Baidu Enhances International Product Family With Baidu Browser 3.0

16.12.2013   New Website Gives a List of Items Parents Need to Have to Be Ready for a New Baby

16.12.2013   DGAP-News: freenet AG strengthens Digital Lifestyle activities with acquisition of Jesta Digital Group

16.12.2013   Episode 5: Windows / "What I Became - The Story of Funeral: A Musical" From Sammi Girl Productions on YouTube

16.12.2013   BMO Economics 2014 U.S. Outlook: Heading for a Breakout Year

16.12.2013   Queen's Counsel Designation

16.12.2013   Spice Up Your Space

16.12.2013   Community Infrastructure on Southern Vancouver Island and Pender Island Benefits from Federal Funding

16.12.2013   Our Best New Foreign Policy Tool: Energy

16.12.2013   Live and Earn in the UK: Confusion Vs Clarification

16.12.2013   Cabinet Magic Introduces Free In-Home Estimates

16.12.2013   Shaw Communications 1st Quarter Conference Call

16.12.2013   The New Financial App Investment Calculator is Now Available at

16.12.2013   Judicial Watch Asks Federal Court to Stop Obama Administration Delay of Obamacare Employer Mandate

16.12.2013   How this Angular Cheilitis Treatment Produces Amazing Results Fast

16.12.2013   Alternative News Media's Premier Digital Conference to Take Place in San Francisco, January 23-25, 2014

16.12.2013   Titanium Adopts Incentive Compensation Plans and Grants Restricted Share Units


16.12.2013   Gesa Credit Union Announces Don Miller as President and CEO

16.12.2013   United Reservation Services Highlights the Best Destinations to Shop this Holiday Season

16.12.2013   TransUnion Completes Acquisition of TLO

16.12.2013   Huntington Learning Center Announces Latest Winner of the Huntington College Scholarship Sweepstakes

16.12.2013   Clariant AG: Clariant intends to acquire Indian masterbatch producer

16.12.2013   ING Bank reports outcome EU-wide Transparency Exercise 2013

16.12.2013   Destination Weddings Are Effortless With Marriott International

16.12.2013   MagIndustries Corp.: Environmental and Social Impact Analyses for Loading Terminal, Compaction Plant and Linear Infrastructure Approved by Republic of Congo for the Mengo Project

16.12.2013   Gold Resource Corporation's Aguila Mill Expansion Complete

16.12.2013   Lightstream Confirms December Dividend

16.12.2013   Becker & Poliakoff Announces Move to New Ft. Lauderdale Office

16.12.2013   Heijmans strengthens smart metering market position through the acquisition of the Brinck Group

16.12.2013   Private Label Cleaning, Personal Care Product Growth in Fiscal 2Q 2014 Contributing to Double Digit Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth for Pacific Sands, Inc.

16.12.2013   Practice Tests Free Offers TOEFL Practice Test App

16.12.2013   Harry & David Treats Holiday Shoppers to Free Shipping

16.12.2013   EMEA Security Appliance Market Back to Strong Growth in 3Q13, says IDC

16.12.2013   ProBoards: Six Predictions for Social Media in 2014

16.12.2013   5K Camera From XIMEA Offers 20Mp@30fps Over 300 Meter Cable

16.12.2013   Canamex Provides Update on Share Capital Structure

16.12.2013   Tommy Middaugh Travel To Go Vice President Shares List of Top Warm Winter Travel Destinations

16.12.2013   Brazil Interactive Media Reports 3rd Quarter 2013 Financial Results; Transitions to New Telecom Partner

16.12.2013   Euclid Analytics Named Privacy by Design Ambassador

16.12.2013   SEI Survey: Increasing Referrals, Efficiency Top Advisor New Year's Resolutions

16.12.2013   Resource America, Inc. Increases Its Quarterly Cash Dividend

16.12.2013   Merchant Warehouse Hires Christopher Wuhrer as Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives and Product Marketing

16.12.2013   Verimatrix Relocates and Expands San Diego Headquarters to Support Significant Growth While Promoting Innovation and Collaboration

16.12.2013   H&R Block Launches New User Experience in Online Tax Prep

16.12.2013   Oklahoma State University receives Phase II Grand Challenges Explorations funding from Gates Foundation

16.12.2013   Ulthera's Gregory Waller Named a Most Outstanding CFO by Phoenix Business Journal

16.12.2013 Guide to Holiday Entertaining

16.12.2013   New Energy Husum holds 3rd Science Slam

16.12.2013   KFC Canada Cooks Up Something Fresh

16.12.2013   Mark Figliulo Launches Figliulo&Partners

16.12.2013   BenchMark Prepares Launch of Its Antifreeze and Commercial Retail Product Line

16.12.2013   Canada Underlines Support for Sustainable Natural Resource Development to Reduce Poverty in Africa

16.12.2013   Sempra U.S. Gas & Power and Consolidated Edison Development Receive POWER Magazine Renewable Top Plant Award

16.12.2013   DATAWIND Brings World's Lowest Cost Tablet Computers to the US, Helping Bridge the "Digital Divide"

16.12.2013   New Zealand accepts first Rheinmetall vehicles

16.12.2013   Wilderness Ventures Introduces 8 New Trips for Summer 2014

16.12.2013   Piccing Inc.: new photosharing community comes to Germany

16.12.2013   Crescent Point Energy Confirms December 2013 Dividend

16.12.2013   New Coyne American Institute Educational Foundation Provides Scholarships for Students at Coyne College and Brown College of Court Reporting

16.12.2013   Practice Tests Free Offers GRE Practice Test, a New Preparatory App

16.12.2013   Daybreak Oil and Gas, Inc. Announces Fourth Successful Oil Well in Kentucky

16.12.2013   Developers Break Ground on Tamaya -- a 2,400-Home, All-Encompassing Community Between the Beaches and Downtown Jacksonville

16.12.2013   Financial Advisor Joshua M. Bledsoe Joins Stifel as Senior Vice President/Investments in St. Louis, Missouri

16.12.2013   Christmas Feast & Angel Gifts at Our Place

16.12.2013   PageUp People Announces Results of 2013/2014 Mid-Year Global Customer Satisfaction Survey

16.12.2013   IID Finds Murder by Internet, NFC Exploits Emerge as Genuine Cybersecurity Threats in 2013

16.12.2013   This Holiday Season Give the Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

16.12.2013   Alliance Memory Announces Global Distribution Agreement With Digi-Key

16.12.2013   Vishay Intertechnology's Si7655DN -20 V P-Channel MOSFET Wins EDN China 2013 Innovation Award

16.12.2013   StatPro Revolution Awarded 'Best-in-Class' in Performance Measurement Technology Analysis by Independent Research Group

16.12.2013   PulteGroup Names Organic Agency of Record

16.12.2013   Battelle Chosen to Help Leading Global Bank Fortify Its Cyber Security

16.12.2013   "Say Yes!" for Chance to Win $50,000 Designer Wedding at Encanterra Country Club

16.12.2013   Free Compound Interest Calculator is Now Available at

16.12.2013   Minister Blaney Commends Canada Border Services Agency on the 50Th Arrest from "Wanted by the CBSA List"

16.12.2013   The Best Boston Pie Is Actually a Cake

16.12.2013   SecureAuth Recognized by Gartner

16.12.2013   Adknowledge Announces CPM Pricing for Email Advertising

16.12.2013   ProviNET Chooses Latisys for Compliant Cloud-Based Solution Delivery

16.12.2013   DGAP-News: Capital Stage AG: Successful market entry in France

16.12.2013   Constellation Takes the Stress Out of Choosing Wines for the Holidays with Industry-First Mobile App Features

16.12.2013   50th Individual Wanted by the CBSA Arrested

16.12.2013   OTI to Present at Sidoti Semi-Annual Microcap Conference on January 13

16.12.2013   Affinity.IS and Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment Launch "Superhero" Influencer Program

16.12.2013   ISEC7 Mobility for SAP now supports BlackBerry, iOS and Android Devices

16.12.2013   World Wide Minerals Initiates Investor-State Arbitration Against Kazakhstan

16.12.2013   Coates International, Ltd.: NJ MEP to Visit Coates Headquarters Again on Wednesday, December 18, 2013 Regarding Financing for the Company's Start Up of Production Here in New Jersey

16.12.2013   EPAL and UIC Reach Agreement for the Pallet Market

16.12.2013   ulrich medical USA(R) Honored With Best of Chesterfield Award

16.12.2013   International Star Provides Corporate Update

16.12.2013   Enbridge Gas Distribution's New Campaign Provides Natural Gas Safety Tips in Just Six Seconds

16.12.2013   Affinity Gold Corp. Signs Formal Joint Venture Agreement to Develop Currently Producing Silver & Lead Asset in Peru

16.12.2013   Caledonia Mining Corporation: Correction to the Q3 2013 Results

16.12.2013   Tax Tip: Take Advantage of the New First-Time Donor's Super Credit

16.12.2013   Health Catalyst Congratulates Larry Grandia on Winning the Utah Governor's Medal in Science and Technology

16.12.2013   Get GTA 5 Cheats from

16.12.2013   Top of the Shops: HomeServe Volunteers Occupy Charity Shops in Aid of Marie Curie

16.12.2013   Media Alert: Vu Digital's Personalized Content Engine to Headline Newswatch's Biz Report

16.12.2013   Klövern issues an additional SEK 95 million in bond loan No. 4

16.12.2013   STMicroelectronics' Award-Winning eCompass Modules Being Used in Xiaomi Mi1S Smartphones

16.12.2013   South Lake Tahoe Cheap Lodging Guide: Best Money Saving Budget Hotels and Motels This Winter Announced by

16.12.2013   E FUN Nextbook Android Tablets Are the Perfect Holiday Gift

16.12.2013   BlastGard's HighCom Security Introduces New Civilian Armor System Product Line

16.12.2013   Gigastone to Introduce On-the-Go Drive With Both USB and MicroUSB Connectors at CES 2014

16.12.2013   Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption to Lead Freddie Mac Foundation Wednesday's Child Effort

16.12.2013   Veveo to Showcase Award-Winning Conversational Video Search Consumer App at CES 2014

16.12.2013   Wyndham Hotel Group Offers up to 30 Percent Off for the Holidays

16.12.2013   Omnigon Honored With an Interactive Media Award

16.12.2013   Prosafe SE: Mandatory notification of trade

16.12.2013   RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust Announces Distribution for Preferred Units, Series A and Series C

16.12.2013   Download GMAT Practice Test App for Free from

16.12.2013   Wood Partners' Luxury Multifamily Community in Miami Receives Strong Interest; Already 50% Leased

16.12.2013   Payment Card Fraud Losses Continue to Grow in the U.S. With a Staggering 14.5% Increase in 2012 for a Total Annual Fraud Loss of $US 5.33 Billion

16.12.2013   Brandywine Homes Closes on and Obtains Approval for 5.1 Acre Property in Yorba Linda Entitled for 51 Townhomes

16.12.2013   Canada's DART Completes Its Mission in the Philippines

16.12.2013   DH Capital Advises Hostway on Sale to Littlejohn & Co.

16.12.2013   Environmental Waste International Carbon Black Evaluated by Global Automotive Industry Leader

16.12.2013   Reminder: Capital Link to Host Its 15th Annual Greek Investor Forum in New York City on December 17, 2013

16.12.2013   Knovel Announces New Partnerships With Taylor & Francis and Five Other Publishers

16.12.2013   Prophecy Platinum Announces Additional PGM-Ni-Cu Results From Far East Zone at Wellgreen

16.12.2013   Tarsis Increases Financing

16.12.2013   Media Advisory: Health Canada

16.12.2013   Revolver Resources Commences Drilling on Summit B

16.12.2013   TMM, Inc. Develops TRUDEF(TM) Video Magnifier and Tracking Tool for HD Video

16.12.2013   Cytta CEO Announces Great Strides in Satellite and Platform Network Connectivity

16.12.2013   RentHop to Accept Bitcoin for Advertising New York Apartment Rentals

16.12.2013   LockPath Delivers Stronger Enterprise Security

16.12.2013   EventTracker Wins Government Security News Homeland Security Award

16.12.2013   GreenStar Agricultural Announces Closing Date of Beichen Tomato Pulp Acquisition and Enters Into Negotiations to Acquire Canadian Food Importer and Distributor

16.12.2013   Certive Solutions Inc. (CNSX: CBP) Announces C$2,100,000 Private Placement and C$400,000 Private Placement of Convertible Debentures

16.12.2013   NexGen Financial Corporation Grants Incentive Stock Options

16.12.2013   Gold Investment Letter New Blog Report: "Cardero Resource Corp: The Resurrection"

16.12.2013   Download GED Practice Test from

16.12.2013   KonaRed Corporation Adds Some Green to Its Product Line-Up With Introduction of Organic Green Tea

16.12.2013   Nuvilex to Answer Increasing Calls for Better Pancreatic Cancer Treatment Without Gemcitabine

16.12.2013   Freddie Mac Forgoes Issuing a Reference Notes(R) Security on Its December 16, 2013 Announcement Date

16.12.2013   The SMA Fuel Save Solution successfully commissioned for the first time in APAC

16.12.2013   Trilogy Energy Corp. Announces December Dividend

16.12.2013   Solutions4CO2 Inc. Announces Its Joint Venture Subsidiary's First Purchase and Distribution Agreement

16.12.2013   Media Advisory: Giant Tiger Brantford Gives Back!

16.12.2013   DNV GL Launches New Global Brand

16.12.2013   Chartwell Retirement Residences Announces December 2013 Distribution

16.12.2013   Ortery Technologies, Inc. to Offer New Office Photography Machine With 3D Modeling and Photography Automation

16.12.2013   Prep Your Kitchen for the Holiday Rush in 10 Easy Steps

16.12.2013   MW Cleaners, Largest Dry Cleaners in Houston, Gives Away 32,000 Free Shirts

16.12.2013   Xact Data Discovery Expands Offshore Operations

16.12.2013   Gartner Recognizes Axcient in New Critical Capabilities for Recovery as a Service (RaaS) Report

16.12.2013   Navios Maritime Partners L.P. Announces Delivery of Three Container Vessels

16.12.2013   Rainmaker Mining Corp. Announces Entry Into Frac Sand Business

16.12.2013   PowerDisc Announces New Chairman of the Board

16.12.2013   Great Panther Silver Announces Results of San Ignacio Surface Drilling

16.12.2013   SDL Accurately Predicts Winner in Black Friday Battle between Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One - But Microsoft Isn't Finished Yet

16.12.2013   Stantec to Expand Its Environmental Services with Two Acquisitions

16.12.2013   RockBridge Appoints New Director

16.12.2013   Narcissism as a Predictor of Company Performance -- MGSM

16.12.2013   TRC's Sean Layerle Elected to the California Energy Efficiency Industry Council Board of Directors

16.12.2013   Liberated Energy, Inc. Introduces the Guard Lite TM

16.12.2013   Call for Nominations: 2014 Digital Analytics Associations Awards for Excellence

16.12.2013   Invincea Raises $16 Million in C-Series Funding Led by Aeris Capital and Dell Ventures

16.12.2013   Infor Announces Most Significant Infor EAM Solution in a Decade

16.12.2013   Human Capital Institute 2014 Conferences to Address Most Pressing Issues in Human Capital Management

16.12.2013   Kaohsiung Exports Agricultural Produce to Southeast Asia

16.12.2013   Bradford Networks Names integraONE and Khipu Networks 2013 Partners of the Year

16.12.2013   Abu Dhabi Visitors Get a Taste of Royal Luxury at the Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal

16.12.2013   Act-On Predicts the Future of Marketing

16.12.2013   Green Energy Solutions Industries, Inc. Submits Final Paperwork for Permitting on Waste to Energy Project

16.12.2013   Digital Forensics Certification Board Names New DFCB Fellow

16.12.2013   Spark Networks, Inc. Announces $5 Million Stock Repurchase Program

16.12.2013   American Power Group Corporation Fourth Quarter and 2013 Fiscal Yearend Results Conference Call Alert

16.12.2013   W Technologies, Inc. Enters Into Joint Venture With Oil Clean-Up and Recovery Company

16.12.2013   George E. Danner, Founder of Business Laboratory, Receives the 2013 Wolfram Innovator Award

16.12.2013   Lithium Exploration Group Set to Acquire Three Additional Disposal Facilities

16.12.2013   ASCAP Members Continue to Hold Top Ten Most-Played Holiday Songs List

16.12.2013   ML Capital Group, Inc. Provides Progress Update on Renewable Energy and Power, Inc.

16.12.2013   QuickLogic to Showcase Latest Mobile Device Solutions at International CES 2014 in Las Vegas

16.12.2013   Platfora and DST Win Big at Big Data Kansas City Festival

16.12.2013   Avatar Ventures Provides Update in Respect to Proposed Merger Candidate,

16.12.2013   New Study Demonstrates IVF Success Rates for Women at Any Age When Used With Newer Chromosome Testing Methods

16.12.2013   Star Bulk Takes Delivery of Its First Ultramax Bulk Carrier, Star Challenger

16.12.2013   Gemoscan Canada, Inc. Acquires Operations of the Physiomed Yorkdale Clinic<br />

16.12.2013   Netlist Provides Update on Lawsuit Against Diablo Technologies, Smart Modular Technologies, Smart Storage Systems and Smart Worldwide Holdings

16.12.2013   MMRGlobal Shareholder Update on Patent Litigation, Court Orders All Five Defendants to Coordination Conference on January 13

16.12.2013   Teuton Resources Corp.: Brigade Drills 205m of 0.465% Copper Equiv. at Tennyson

16.12.2013   Jet Boring in Ore Under Way at Cigar Lake

16.12.2013   1st NRG Corp -- An Update on Current Drilling and Production

16.12.2013   CytoSorbents Reports on Successful DIVI 2013 Conference

16.12.2013   Marin Software and BlueKai Partner to Bring Audience Data to Search Advertising

16.12.2013   Spindle Signs Strategic Agreement With iPayMobil

16.12.2013   Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. CEO to Present in New York City at the ClubsCorp Meeting

16.12.2013   LaSalle Identifies Key Drivers for Growth in the Global Property Market for 2014

16.12.2013   Latteno's Valley Organics Identifies Westminster, Colorado as a Potential R&D Center

16.12.2013   Samsung Semiconductor Europe sponsoring Innovation World Cup of Wearable Technologies to foster groundbreaking wearable solutions

16.12.2013   Amegy Bank to Exchange Series A Preferred Stock for Shares of Infinity Energy Resources Common Stock

16.12.2013   Charlesbank Capital Partners and United Road Services Acquire Division of Waggoners Trucking

16.12.2013   Consumer Electronics Association CEO Gary Shapiro to Keynote Annual Covario Client Conference

16.12.2013   Rob Eleveld Joins WhitePages as Vice President, Enterprise Sales

16.12.2013   Phytel Named a Finalist for Fierce Innovation Awards: Healthcare Edition

16.12.2013   Media Advisory: Technical Briefing on Canada's Contribution to Humanitarian Efforts to the Philippines

16.12.2013   Constellation Software Inc. Announces Letter to Shareholders Regarding the Proposed Acquisition of Total Specific Solutions (TSS) B.V.

16.12.2013   Immunovaccine Elects Marc Mansour, Ph.D. to Board of Directors

16.12.2013   DGAP-News: Apricus Expands Exclusive License Agreement With Its Partner in Germany to Market Vitaros(R) in Additional European Countries

16.12.2013   Mindpix (MPIX) Announces Change in Board of Directors

16.12.2013   Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust Announces December 2013 Distribution

16.12.2013   Turquoise Hill Announces Distribution of Rights Materials, Comments on Recent US Legal Complaint and Completes Altynalmas Gold Divestment

16.12.2013   Scorpio Gold Updates Expansion Drilling at the Bluelite Satellite Deposit, Mineral Ridge Project, Nevada

16.12.2013   Cascabel Project Update: Alpala Prospect - Strongly Mineralized Potassic Zone from 682m in Drill Hole CSD-13-005, Alpala Prospect, Cascabel

16.12.2013   Extendicare Announces December 2013 Dividend of C$0.04 per Share

16.12.2013   Outlook for Manufacturing Firms in Niagara Region Bright as Three in Four (74%) Anticipate Increasing Business Over Next Three Years

16.12.2013   Constellation Software Inc. Reaches Agreement to Acquire Total Specific Solutions (TSS) B.V. and Increases Credit Facility

16.12.2013   Parallel Energy Trust Confirms December Distribution and Appoints Chief Operating Officer

16.12.2013   WPCS Reports 2nd Quarter FY2014 Results

16.12.2013   Fresh Start Private Management, Inc. Completes Connecticut Licensing Agreement

16.12.2013   La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company Announces Complete Enrollment of Phase 2 Clinical Trial of GCS-100 in Chronic Kidney Disease

16.12.2013   Worldwide Acquires Interest in Medical Device Company

16.12.2013   Green Hygienics Holdings Inc. Announces the Appointment of Dave Vaishnav to the Advisory Board

16.12.2013   Meru Networks Welcomes Abdul Chohan to Its Executive Advisory Board

16.12.2013   Independent Research Firm Cites Responsys in New Life-Cycle Marketing Systems Report

16.12.2013   Abby to Apply to Join New Mexico's Brewers Guild

16.12.2013   iPerceptions Enhanced Text Mining Identifies Patterns Between Customer Behaviors and Attitudes

16.12.2013   Premier Biomedical Secures $5 Million Equity Funding From Kodiak Capital Group, LLC

16.12.2013   Z-Wave Alliance Announces Frequency Approval for Z-Wave in South Korean Market

16.12.2013   Versartis Appoints Joshua T. Brumm as Chief Financial Officer

16.12.2013   Federal Wetlands Permit Application Published for PolyMet Project

16.12.2013   Creative Thanks to the Feel-Good Atmosphere in the Office -- New Trends at the Office Next Moscow 2014

16.12.2013   XsunX Announces Sales and Building Momentum Into 2014

16.12.2013   Effective Explosion Protection in the Bulk Goods Area: Great Potential for German Companies in Russia

16.12.2013   Download Free MCAT Practice Test from

16.12.2013   Turquoise Hill Provides Update on Oyu Tolgoi, Project Financing and Financial and Production Guidance for 2014

16.12.2013   First Point Responds to BCSC Clarification Request

16.12.2013   Military Advanced Education Names Grantham a Top Military-Friendly University

16.12.2013   Bovie Medical Corporation Closes Strategic $7.0M Equity Investment Through Great Point Partners

16.12.2013   A Joint German Exhibition Stand at the Modern Bakery Moscow 2014

16.12.2013   NXP Semiconductors N.V. Joins the NASDAQ-100 Index

16.12.2013   Biomay AG successfully completes interim analysis of phase IIb study with the innovative 3rd generation grass pollen allergy vaccine BM32


16.12.2013   Primero to Acquire Brigus Gold and Create a Diversified, Americas Based Mid-Tier Gold Producer

16.12.2013   Anaconda Generates $6.4M in Revenue in FY Q2 2014; Pine Cove Mine Sells Nearly 3,900 Ounces of Gold

16.12.2013   Eagle Energy Trust Confirms December 2013 Distribution

16.12.2013   Allana Potash Corp. Announces Betty-Ann Heggie as Nominee to the Board of Directors

16.12.2013   NCSBN Raises the Passing Standard for the NCLEX-PN(R) Examination

16.12.2013   Lattice Semiconductor Receives Huawei Partner and Supplier Awards

16.12.2013   Indian Motorcycle Unveils One-of-a-Kind 'Big Chief Custom' to Highlight Customization Possibilities for 2014 Indian Chiefs

16.12.2013   TVU Networks Expands Global Business Operations to Meet Growing Demand for IP-Video Solutions

16.12.2013   PassportParking Raises $6M in Series A Round Led by Grotech Ventures and Relevance Capital

16.12.2013   Cellceutix Submits Application for IRB Review to Commence Phase 2b Clinical Trial of Novel Antibiotic Brilacidin

16.12.2013   The Radicati Group Releases "Endpoint Security - Market Quadrant 2013"

16.12.2013   MEMS Is Revolutionizing the Internet of Things

16.12.2013   Highpower Subsidiary, Shenzhen Highpower Technology, Receives 6th Annual Longgang District Governor Quality Award

16.12.2013   When "If … Then" Reasoning Begins

16.12.2013   New oxygen transmission rate measurement system for ultra-high barrier applications

16.12.2013   Capture Still Images on a Screen with Screen Capture App

16.12.2013   WiLAN Enters into Patent Agreement with Panasonic

16.12.2013   Canacol Energy Ltd. Tests 1,863 BOPD Light Oil at Leono 1 Discovery in Colombia

16.12.2013   NXT Energy Announces New US $2.2 Million SFD(R) Survey Contract With Kerogen Exploration

16.12.2013   CERF Incorporated Announces Dividend of $0.06 per Share

16.12.2013   Overland Storage Is Compliant With NASDAQ Listing Requirements

16.12.2013   The Fraser Institute: Charitable Giving on the Wane in Canada; Manitobans Remain the Most Generous Canadians

16.12.2013   Duke's Rogers: New Regulatory Model Needed for Utilities to Succeed in Future, an Industrial Info News Alert

16.12.2013   BMO Report: Canadians Looking for 'Guaranteed' Investment Options in 2014

16.12.2013   Timmins Gold Announces Extension of Credit Facility With Sprott Resource Lending Partnership

16.12.2013   Reality Crowd TV Announces Nationwide Tour to Promote Crowdfunding the American Dream

16.12.2013   New iGR Study Forecasts the Number of VoLTE Subscribers in Latin America

16.12.2013   Gartner Predicts Business Intelligence and Analytics Will Remain Top Focus for CIOs Through 2017

16.12.2013   Epson's New Low-Current Real-Time Clock Module Enables Supercapacitors to Replace Batteries in Electronic Equipment

16.12.2013   Olympus Athletics: Dougie Hamilton out for a Month due to Injury

16.12.2013   B2C E-Commerce in Africa driven by improved infrastructure and an emerging middle class

16.12.2013   Nada Worry Sponsors Movember Fundraisers!

16.12.2013   Lime & BigTime Partner Up

16.12.2013   Interactive Data Extends FutureSource With New Energy and Commodities Data

16.12.2013   Good Posture, Ergonomics and The Carpal Tunnel Solution Reduce the Risk of Injury

16.12.2013   Noerr LLP: Distinguished addition - Noerr expands Energy Group with Cornelia Kermel and Maximilian Uibeleisen

16.12.2013   DGAP-News: init innovation in traffic systems AG: Bulletin acc. Art. 4 (4) of directive (EG) 2273/2003

16.12.2013   Prof. Matthias Jarke named ACM Fellow

16.12.2013   B2C E-Commerce in Africa driven by improved infrastructure and an emerging middle class

16.12.2013   DGAP-News: Isola Expands Commercial Production of I-Speed(R) PCB Materials Into Asia

16.12.2013   Game Ready(R) Publishes New Knee Surgery Recovery E-Book

16.12.2013   S3 Group Records Strong Revenue Growth From Video Service Provider Market

16.12.2013   Morningstar Awards Highest 5-Star Rating to Mirae Asset's India Sector Leader Equity Fund

16.12.2013   Free Photo Resizer Available at

16.12.2013   Deck By Design Launch New Website

16.12.2013   Crew Energy Announces 2014 Capital Budget Focused on Long Term Montney Growth

16.12.2013   DGAP-News: Future Business Leaders to Learn Career-Launching Secrets From Executives at 2-Day Course by Heidrick&Struggles

16.12.2013   Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) Names Gaming Industry Expert as New Business Development Manager for Italy

16.12.2013   Geophysical Industry Voices Concern About 2014 Barents Sea "Group Shoot"

16.12.2013   Integrating Wellness and Volunteer Programs: Longfellow Benefits' Howard Tells How in Benefits Magazine

16.12.2013   Emerging Markets Information Service (EMIS) Launches Two of the Most Advanced and Sophisticated Business Information Products

16.12.2013   Crew Energy Announces 2014 Capital Budget Focused on Long Term Montney Growth

16.12.2013   Media Advisory: Technical Briefing on Canada's Contribution to Humanitarian Efforts to the Philippines

16.12.2013   Orocobre Announces Analyst Coverage Initiated by Deutsche Bank

16.12.2013   Vacation Side Travel Receives 2013 Best of Goodlettsville Award

16.12.2013   Partners Real Estate Investment Trust Announces Proposal to Stabilize the REIT's Management and to Accelerate Internalization Plans

15.12.2013   IMX Commences Exploration for Direct Shipping Hematite at Mt Woods Project, South Australia

15.12.2013   Beautiful Pelican Marsh Upgraded Naples Home with Expansive Lanai Now Available

15.12.2013   Empellex Developer Training Videos Reach Over Fourteen Thousand Views on YouTube

15.12.2013   The Mammoth Task of Repairing a Washing-machine Now Made Easy.

15.12.2013   Trailer Rentals - Providing the Best Deals on Small Cage Trailer Rentals across Australia

15.12.2013   Energy Muse Features Free Shipping December 16, 2013

15.12.2013   Stress Management Decoded: The handy book for busy women to lessen the stress from their lives

15.12.2013   Caribbean NGOs Work to Develop New Programmes for Education, Export Trade, Agriculture, and Health Care for 2014

15.12.2013   Laura Key – The Ultimate Answer To All Real Estate needs

15.12.2013   How to carefully and totally maintain the particulars of golf club among daily using?

15.12.2013   Xmet Announces Appointment of President and Director, and Stock Option Grants

15.12.2013   Materials which needed to produce screw barrel should have high performance

15.12.2013   The analysis of the main reason for the aging process of the silicone hose

15.12.2013   Track Shack Awarded Business/Merchant of the Year by Orlando Main Street Program

15.12.2013   What are the differences between three kinds of silicone cooking mold in kitchen?

15.12.2013   Garcinia Cambogia Plus May Increase Life Expectancy, Health Experts Say

15.12.2013   Health Experts Urge Public to Take Organic Energy Boosters over Commercial Energy Drinks

15.12.2013   The vulgarized and widely application of LED products still needs long period of time

15.12.2013   Raspberry Ketone Ultra Strongly Recommended by Health Experts Worldwide

15.12.2013   Enhancing Working efficiency of Car AC compressor is crucial for new energy cars

15.12.2013   Media Freeware Offers Free YouTube Video Converter

15.12.2013   Practice Tests Free Offers LSAT Practice Test App via

15.12.2013 Offers ACT Practice Test for Free

15.12.2013   Download PowerPoint Viewer from

15.12.2013   Convert YouTube Videos to MP4 Format with the YouTube to MP4 Converter

14.12.2013   ANAV International Marketing Philippines Inc. of Alpha Network Alliance Ventures Inc. Announces a Soft Launch for the Retail Affiliate Program

14.12.2013   People Central- The finest psychometric testing and assessments company.

14.12.2013   How to get a Bubble Butt – Secret Booty Busting Method Revealed

14.12.2013   Dean Sports Consultants Publishes Stretch Guide For Surfers

14.12.2013   How to get rid of a pimple overnight– Unique, natural method revealed

14.12.2013   Media Advisory: Parliamentary Secretary Brown to attend African Mining and Development Conference

14.12.2013   Big Man’s USA Offers Learning Center for Sizing

14.12.2013   KSK Big Game Outfitters Offer Discount for Groups of Two or More

14.12.2013   Stray Cat Becomes the Inspiration for a Touching Children’s Story

14.12.2013   Advanced Integrated Marketing Launches New Website

14.12.2013   Wedding Snapper is the first Australian wedding photographer to accept BitCoin

14.12.2013   Kiran Udeshi Talks About Great Organizations For Holiday Giving

14.12.2013   Kiran Udeshi Marks Journey Through Changing Auto Industry

14.12.2013   Advanced Integrated Marketing Guarantees ROI

14.12.2013   Kiran and Arlene Udeshi Take On Some Big Rescue "Babies"

14.12.2013   Media Advisory: Holiday Action Calls for Peace, Prosperity and $14 Minimum Wage in 2014

14.12.2013   Media Advisory: Holiday Action Calls for Peace, Prosperity and $14 Minimum Wage in 2014

14.12.2013   Media Advisory: Holiday Spirit Inspires Action on $14 Minimum Wage

14.12.2013   Media Advisory: Holiday Spirit Inspires Action on $14 Minimum Wage

14.12.2013   Advanced Hearing Systems Introduces Benefits for Hearing Aid Purchasers

14.12.2013   Huntington Surf and Sport Announce $49 Hurley Deal

14.12.2013   Advanced Hearing Supports Mission of AOA

14.12.2013   H3O Water Systems Recommends "Bucket Test" for Leak Detection

14.12.2013   Brand Inventors- The fresh and dedicated Shopfitters Pretoria store

14.12.2013   Advanced Hearing Support The Dangerous Decibels Project

14.12.2013   H3 Assist Compares Assisted Living to In-Home Care

14.12.2013   We Care Office Releases Range of Ergonomic Office Furniture Aimed Specifically at Aiding Back Pain Recovery

14.12.2013   Energy Muse Announces Black Friday to Cyber Monday Savings

14.12.2013   Super Nova Minerals Corp.: Elk Hills Project Not Going Forward

14.12.2013   DGAP-News: Annual Changes to the NASDAQ-100 Index

14.12.2013   Kindred Bio Announces Exercise of Over-Allotment Option

14.12.2013   SHAREHOLDER ALERT: Pomerantz Law Firm Has Filed a Class Action Against General Cable Corporation and Certain Officers - BGC

14.12.2013   SHAREHOLDER ALERT: Pomerantz Law Firm Announces the Filing of a Class Action Against NQ Mobile, Inc. and Certain Officers - NQ

14.12.2013   SHAREHOLER ALERT: Pomerantz Law Firm Has Filed a Class Action Against Unilife Corporation and Certain Officers - UNIS

14.12.2013   SHAREHOLDER ALERT: Pomerantz Law Firm Has Filed a Class Action Against Vical Incorporated and Certain Officers -- VICL

14.12.2013   SHAREHOLDER ALERT: Pomerantz Law Firm Has Filed a Class Action Against Amarin Corporation, plc and Certain Officers -- AMRN

14.12.2013   Strategic News Service Partners With Park City Institute for New Speaker Series

14.12.2013   SilverCrest Announces Grant of Stock Options

14.12.2013   Liquor Stores N.A. Ltd. Announces December Cash Dividend

14.12.2013   Strategem Informs Shareholders of Due Bill Trading Requirements for Special Dividend

13.12.2013   True Gold: Change in Director

13.12.2013   Integra Gold Announces Warrant Re-Pricing & Extension

13.12.2013   Helix BioPharma Corp. Announces Fiscal Q1 2014 Results

13.12.2013   Fission Grants Stock Options

13.12.2013   AutoChina International Reports 2013 Third Quarter and Nine Months Financial Results, Commercial Vehicle Revenues Increase of 204%

13.12.2013   Tango Gold Corporate Update

13.12.2013   Soldi Receives Approval for Share Consolidation and Name Change

13.12.2013   Curlew Lake Announces Re-Filing of Financial Statements

13.12.2013   Centerra Provides Update on Kumtor Environmental Claims

13.12.2013   West Fraser Announces Due Bill Trading Information for Stock Dividend

13.12.2013   Bovie Medical Corporation Closes Strategic $7.0M Equity Investment Through Great Point Partners

13.12.2013   iFabric Corp. Completes Private Placement and Secondary Offering

13.12.2013   Caza Gold Completes Special General Meeting on December 11, 2013 and Closes Investment With Polygon Mining Opportunity Master Fund ("Polygon")

13.12.2013   Polygon Mining Opportunity Master Fund: Acquisition of Securities of Caza Gold Corp.

13.12.2013   Zion & Zion Awarded #1 "Best Place to Work" by Phoenix Business Journal

13.12.2013   Terra Energy Announces Extension to Lending Facility

13.12.2013   Missing Council Members and Other Frustrations as Long Beach Voters Grow Impatient for Action on Medical Marijuana

13.12.2013   Purpose Investments Inc. Announces December Distributions

13.12.2013   Digital Shelf Space Announces Closing of Second Stage of $500,000 Financing

13.12.2013   Vecima Announces Special Cash Distribution of $0.54 per Share

13.12.2013   Vecima Announces Voting Results for the Election of Directors

13.12.2013   Channel Receives Final Court Approval for Arrangement With West African Resources

13.12.2013   Stem Cell Therapeutics Completes $33 Million Private Placement

13.12.2013   PhosCan Chemical Announces Results for Quarter Ended October 31, 2013

13.12.2013   Statement by the Canada Revenue Agency on the Release of the Summary Findings of the Investigation Into the Refund Cheque Issued to Nicolo Rizzuto

13.12.2013   Peyto Exploration & Development Corp. Confirms Dividends for January 15, 2014

13.12.2013   Japan Smaller Capitalization Fund, Inc. Declares $0.199 Ordinary Income Distribution

13.12.2013   Media Advisory: Harper Government to Announce Support for Innovation in Vancouver

13.12.2013   Abby Presents the 12 Days of Christmas Pin-Ups

13.12.2013   Front Street Flow-Through 2012-I Limited Partnership and Front Street Flow-Through 2012-II Limited Partnership announce Rollover and Dissolution of the Partnerships

13.12.2013   Create a Magical Winter Wonderland Experience From Hotels in Niagara Falls, Ontario

13.12.2013   NexgenRx Extends Debenture Maturity Date

13.12.2013   Agility Health Engages Ray Matthews & Associates

13.12.2013   NQ Exploration Inc.: Debt Settlement

13.12.2013   Four-Star Hotel in Nice, France Shows Travelers the Best of the French Riviera

13.12.2013   Brookline Hotel Staff Helps Families in Need

13.12.2013   'Tis the Season to Eat, Drink and Be Merry at a Downtown Brussels Restaurant

13.12.2013   Hotel Package in Mumbai Includes Concierge-Level Accommodation and Daily Credit

13.12.2013   Change of Manager of Redwood Energy Growth Class Approved

13.12.2013   Reunion Gold Corporation-Corporate Update

13.12.2013   Edgewater Announces $500,000 Non-Brokered Private Placement

13.12.2013   Barona Resort and Casino's 12 Days of Christmas Delivers 5 Times the Points

13.12.2013   Miami Beach's Most Glamorous Hotel Suites Receive an Exciting Makeover

13.12.2013   Waikiki Hotel Celebrates With Community This Christmas

13.12.2013   First of Two Trillium CNG Stations in Richmond, Va., Area Goes Into Service

13.12.2013   Kent Exploration Inc. Announces Name Change to Bayhorse Silver Inc

13.12.2013   Gold Eagle Co. Supports Launch of Illinois Manufacturing Lab Announced Today by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn

13.12.2013   Millrock Reports Results of Seismic Geophsyical Survey and Drilling at Monsoon Project, Arizona

13.12.2013   Media Advisory: Harper Government to Announce Support for Community Infrastructure in Victoria

13.12.2013   AxoGen CEO Karen Zaderej Interview on Clear Channel Business Talk Radio DFW1190AM by Michael Yorba

13.12.2013   Audi to Advertise in Super Bowl XLVIII With Spot for the All-New A3

13.12.2013   Khalkos: Closing of a Private Placement and Sale of the Pontax-Lithium Property Completed

13.12.2013   UPDATE: Government of Canada to Achieve More Than $900M in Net Savings for Canadian Taxpayers by Consolidating DND Headquarters

13.12.2013   Martini Ranked the #2 Digital Native Organization on Newest MyersBizNet Survey of Advertising Executives

13.12.2013   younity Introduces Ephemeral File Sharing -- Private, Auto-Deleting File Sharing via the younity Personal Cloud

13.12.2013   ShopStyle Signs Supermodel Miranda Kerr to Star in New Advertising Campaign

13.12.2013   Marani Brands Publicizes Video on Company's Major Updates With Don Baillargeon of MoneyTV

13.12.2013   2014: NFV and SDN Deployments Gain Pace, Cloud Looms Large and Big Data Becomes Too Big to Handle

13.12.2013   Law Society Appoints Bernard Morrow as New Complaints Resolution Commissioner

13.12.2013   Media Advisory: Governor General to Host Citizenship Ceremony at Rideau Hall

13.12.2013   The Carney Effect? UK Small- and Mid-Cap Equities an Apparent Beneficiary of UK Economic Recovery, According to the Russell Global Indexes

13.12.2013   Media Advisory: Harper Government to Announce Support for Community Infrastructure on Southern Vancouver Island and Pender Island

13.12.2013   Pine Valley Mining Corporation Announces Dividend Declared on Common Shares

13.12.2013   DGAP-News: ADLER Real Estate AG: Already 90% of convertible bonds placed

13.12.2013   Government of Canada to Achieve More Than $900M in Net Savings for Canadian Taxpayers by Consolidating DND Headquarters

13.12.2013   Sennen Renegotiates Monument Option Terms

13.12.2013   Gold Royalties Corporation Closes Royalty Acquisition on Bradshaw Gold Deposit

13.12.2013   Research Published in WOUNDS Demonstrates Benefits of Continuous Bedside Pressure Mapping in a Pressure Ulcer Prevention Program in ICU

13.12.2013   GMN Aerospace Delivers 15 Millionth BAC Part

13.12.2013   RealMassive(TM) Launches the First Real-Time Commercial Real Estate Information Marketplace

13.12.2013   Creating Flavor Memories

13.12.2013   DGAP-News: Coastal Mails Meeting Materials

13.12.2013   DGAP-News: ORCO Germany obtains hearing date regarding sequestered shares

13.12.2013   Canadian Coast Guard's Seasonal Search and Rescue Stations Closing for the Winter

13.12.2013   DealNet Signs New Dealers Serving the Ontario Region

13.12.2013   PC Gold Announces Results of 2013 Annual Shareholders' Meeting

13.12.2013   NAR Praises Positive Federal Housing Administration Actuarial Review

13.12.2013   ZMDI Is Extending its DC/DC Regulator Solutions With the Launch of the ZSPM4023, a Wide Input Voltage, Energy-Efficient IC Providing Up to 12A of Output Current in a Small, Integrated Package

13.12.2013   Canadian Families Are Sacrificing More to Put Gifts Under the Tree This Year

13.12.2013   Houston Custom Home Builder Jonathon Casada Is Awarded Builder of the Month

13.12.2013   CyberFuels Inc. Signs Representation Agreement With Universal Fuels & Additives

13.12.2013   Engineer from MLS lighting said the worldwide market of LED lighting product will become more matured in 2014!

13.12.2013   Schaeffler Automotive Division with new leadership

13.12.2013   Cooperation with the buyers for United States DLC would help MLS largely expand their international market!

13.12.2013   Beaufield Director Attends China Conference

13.12.2013   Younity Introduces Ephemeral File Sharing: "Disappearing Ink" in the Personal Cloud

13.12.2013   Hotel's Festive Spirit Brings Gingerbread Village to Life Near Mall of America

13.12.2013   Goodfellow Inc. : 2013 Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders

13.12.2013   Media Advisory: Technical Briefing by PWGSC and DND on Carling Campus


13.12.2013   ZMDI Is Extending its DC/DC Regulator Solutions With the Launch of the ZSPM4023, a Wide Input Voltage, Energy-Efficient IC Providing Up to 12A of Output Current in a Small, Integrated Package

13.12.2013   Media Advisory: Holiday Spirit Inspires Action on $14 Minimum Wage

13.12.2013   DGAP-News: Softing acquired Psiber Data

13.12.2013   Orion Holdings Is a 2013 Crain's New York "Best Places to Work"

13.12.2013   MLS Lighting has won the double titles brand of China LED channels and China LED engineering!

13.12.2013   Vulcan's Subsidiary Reports Significant Salt Assays

13.12.2013   Canadian and Mexican Governments Committed to Addressing Family Violence

13.12.2013   Chaordix(R) Announces Major Release of Enterprise-Ready Crowdsourcing Platform: Crowd Intelligence(TM) 2.0

13.12.2013 Offers Free Webinar on How to Have a Paperless 2014

13.12.2013   Media Advisory: Holiday Action Calls for Peace, Prosperity and $14 Minimum Wage in 2014

13.12.2013   Naxos of America Welcomes New CEO

13.12.2013   Interest Rates for the First Calendar Quarter

13.12.2013   Red Moon Assays High Grade Salt in Drill Core

13.12.2013   SKTO's Medical Greens Announces Start of Distribution of Dharmanol(TM)

13.12.2013   Volkswagen Group Delivers 8.68 Million Vehicles in Period to November

13.12.2013   RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust Announces December 2013 Distribution

13.12.2013   GumGum to Introduce New Viewability Metric to Its Display Ad Platform

13.12.2013   Park Lawn Corporation Announces December 2013 Dividend

13.12.2013   The Christmas You Thought You Knew

13.12.2013   MLS lighting analyze the specification of replaceable LED light products in SSL forum which has been held in Beijing

13.12.2013   Education Startup Koru Raises $4.35 Million to Quickly Create and Place Workplace-Ready College Graduates

13.12.2013   BCS Championship, Rose Bowl Are Top-Selling Bowl Games at

13.12.2013   Cisco and the Province of Ontario Collaborate to Plan One of the Tech Sector's Largest Job Creation Initiatives

13.12.2013   Old National Bank Names Bradford and Ellspermann to Executive Leadership Group

13.12.2013   Sandlot Solutions Becomes Certified as a Health Data Intermediary in Minnesota

13.12.2013   Abroad101 Acquired by Ledra Capital and Education Entrepreneur Mark Shay

13.12.2013   Abcourt Mines Inc.: Annual Meeting of Shareholders Held on December 6, 2013 and Update on the Elder Gold Mine

13.12.2013   Golf 7 bodykit from JMS Fahrzeugteile GmbH

13.12.2013   BioNitrogen Receives Financing for the Initial Plant Site

13.12.2013   Leisureworld Announces December Dividend

13.12.2013   San Antonio Breast Cancer Conference 2013 - Second-Generation Gene Expression Tests Compared: Most prognostic information provided by EPclin

13.12.2013   AltaGas Ltd. Announces Closing of $200 Million Preferred Share Offering

13.12.2013   Canadian Armed Forces to Receive New Mobile Workspaces

13.12.2013   DGAP-News: Capital Stage AG: Capital Stage AG acquires solar park portfolio in Italy

13.12.2013   Featured LED products from MLS lighting will occupy more market share around the world

13.12.2013   Tyrrell L. Garth Announces Acquisition of Starrex Securities

13.12.2013   Philip Garrett Clayton Announces Acquisition of Starrex Securities

13.12.2013   S. Donald Moore Announces Acquisition of Starrex Securities

13.12.2013   Limitless Venture Group Inc. Announces the Hiring of New CEO Mr. Joseph Francella

13.12.2013   Bruno Mars Named Billboard's "Artist of the Year"

13.12.2013   ValCom Names Anthony Barrett CEO

13.12.2013   EMEA Server Revenues Down Again in 3Q13 But Signs of Revival in Southern Europe and on Blade Side, Says IDC

13.12.2013   Former Troon Executive, Tim Greenwell Joins Digital Caddies Executive Team

13.12.2013   Local Purchasing Just Got Easier

13.12.2013   Carpathian's RDM Gold Project Receives Authorization to Proceed with Gold Production to Become Brazil's next Gold Producer

13.12.2013   Canada Firmly Committed to Global Health Security

13.12.2013   Nicholas Montgomery Merges With TravisWolff

13.12.2013   Ring in the New Year With The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto

13.12.2013   Adamis Pharmaceuticals Announces Pricing of Public Offering of 3,720,000 Shares of Common Stock, Listing on NASDAQ, Reverse Stock Split

13.12.2013   QuickPay Corp. Raises $5.5 Million in Additional Funding

13.12.2013   Co-Signer, Inc. Welcomes Service Delivery & Retail Specialist to Board

13.12.2013   DTM Champ 'Rocky' Running in Schaeffler Colors again in 2014

13.12.2013   BMO Harris Bank Study: Nearly Half of Young Families in Arizona Will Exceed Their Holiday Budget

13.12.2013   BMO Harris Bank Study: Three Quarters of Florida Parents With Young Children Try to Maintain a Holiday Budget

13.12.2013   OopsyTube Mobile App - The soon to release entertainment, video sharing and social networking service

13.12.2013   Altima Enters Into Amending Agreement for the Drilling of the 05-35-41-11 W5M and the 09-35-41-11 W5M Wells to Be Drilled at Chambers-Ferrier, Alberta

13.12.2013   Theratechnologies Regains U.S. Marketing Rights to EGRIFTA(R)

13.12.2013   Larry Borgard Appointed President & COO for Integrys Energy Group; Charlie Schrock Remains Chairman & CEO

13.12.2013   Cirrity Attains Trusted Provider Status With MSPAlliance(R)

13.12.2013   The Fraser Institute: How Generous Are We? New Study Coming Monday, December 16

13.12.2013   Everything that moves the intralogistics sector

13.12.2013   Special Care for Special Children

13.12.2013   Baytex Announces 2014 Budget Targeting 6% Production Growth

13.12.2013   Canada Carbon Acquires Calumet Claims From Caribou King

13.12.2013   Pinetree Capital Ltd. Announces Unaudited November 30, 2013 Net Asset Value Per Share of $0.70

13.12.2013   BMO Harris Bank Study: Wisconsin Families Below National Average for Taking on Holiday Debt

13.12.2013   BMO Harris Bank Study: One in Five Missouri Families Taking on Holiday Spending Debt

13.12.2013   BMO Harris Bank Study: Kansas and Missouri Families Have Different Holiday Spending Habits

13.12.2013   BMO Harris Bank Study: Majority of Minnesota Families Set Holiday Budgets

13.12.2013   BMO Harris Bank Study: Most Young Families Have Holiday Spending Budget in Place

13.12.2013   BMO Harris Bank Study: Young Families in Illinois Optimistic About Paying Off Holiday Debt

13.12.2013   BMO Harris Bank Study: Half of Indiana Families Willing to Spend Beyond Holiday Budget

13.12.2013   Ecotech Institute Reveals Top Green Jobs for 2014

13.12.2013   ARCHOS and its management team to take a controlling stake in LOGIC INSTRUMENT

13.12.2013   Inline analysis of ingredients in beverages and liquid food

13.12.2013   Get (1) Bottle of Choice Nutrition Supplements Tribulus Terrestris Free

13.12.2013   Just Energy Group Inc. Announces Agreement to Sell Terra Grain Fuels Inc.

13.12.2013   Los Andes Announces Filing of Preliminary Economic Assessment and Updated Mineral Resources for Vizcachitas

13.12.2013   Patriot Gold Announces First Pour From Its Arizona Moss Gold Mine

13.12.2013   TASER Honored as One of the Best Medium-Sized Companies to Work for in 2014, a Glassdoor Employees' Choice Award

13.12.2013   The Negotiation Institute Announces Upcoming Event: The Art of Negotiating Real Estate

13.12.2013   ComSci White Paper Explores Relationship Between Chief Marketing and Chief Information Officers: Best Friends or Forever Foes?

13.12.2013   MiniMon USB Monitor Sets for easy integration

13.12.2013   Original-Research: VanCamel AG (von BankM - Repräsentanz der biw Bank für Investments und Wertpapiere AG): Kaufen

13.12.2013   Premier Luxury Olde Naples, Florida Beach Access Home Now Available

13.12.2013   New Zealand Energy Completes Acquisition of 80% Interest in Wairoa Permit in New Zealand's East Coast Basin, Relinquishes Ranui Permit

13.12.2013   DirectCash Payments Inc. Announces Regular Cash Dividend

13.12.2013   Pulse Seismic Inc. Announces Renewal of Normal Course Issuer Bid

13.12.2013   Prospect Capital Invests $144.5 Million in 19 Yield-Producing Multifamily Residential Properties Totaling 5,652 Rental Units and 5.66 Million Rentable Square Feet

13.12.2013   Cooperation on Future Innovations between Continental and Technische Universität Darmstadt

13.12.2013   DGAP-News: Uranium Energy Corp Provides Goliad Project Update

13.12.2013   If you ever need 24 hour emergency dental services in San Diego then visit

13.12.2013   North American Food & Beverage Industry for 2014 Shows More Than $11 Billion in Spending... and Is Growing, an Industrial Info News Alert

13.12.2013   Choice Nutrition Supplements Topples Competition with Garcinia Cambogia Plus

13.12.2013   Documentary on Pope Francis Available to Canadians on With Deliveries in Time for Christmas

13.12.2013   More and more schools in China and other countries have installed cell phone jammers in classroom

13.12.2013   Top Industrial Market News Stories for Second Week of December 2013, an Industrial Info News Alert

13.12.2013   Blacklane broadens its partner network in Poland! The global chauffeur service is available in Gdansk and Poznan from today! (news with additional features)

13.12.2013   Pretium Resources Inc.: Bulk Sample Processing Totals 5,865 Ounces of Gold

13.12.2013   Media Advisory: Holiday Action Calls for Peace, Prosperity and $14 Minimum Wage in 2014

13.12.2013   Media Advisory: Holiday Spirit Inspires Action on $14 Minimum Wage

13.12.2013   BMO Nesbitt Burns Tax Study: Only a Quarter of Canadians Consider End-of-Year Tax Deadlines

13.12.2013   New Millennium Iron Corp. Announces the Appointment of Mr. Dibyendu Bose on the NML Board of Directors as a Replacement of Mr. Partha Sengupta

13.12.2013   LVFH Enters Into Mobile Gaming Software Licensing Agreement With PokerTek

13.12.2013   Direct Mail, Not Junk Mail

13.12.2013   PHX Energy Services Corp. Announces December 2013 Dividend

13.12.2013   Las Vegas Sands No Longer Pursuing Spain Development, Will Continue Aggressive Pursuit of Opportunities in Asia

13.12.2013   New iGR Study Forecasts the Number VoLTE Subscribers in the U.S. to Grow at a CAGR of 187 Percent Between 2012 and 2017

13.12.2013   Broadway Musicals a Big Hit in 2013 With Overseas Travelers to NYC

13.12.2013   Verity Corp Announces Distribution Agreement With Calcium Products

13.12.2013   Raspberry Ketone Works Faster Coupled with Exercise, Health Experts Say

13.12.2013   DGAP-News: S.A.G. Solarstrom AG files for insolvency

13.12.2013   Inca One Resources Corp.: Chala One Produces 111 Ounces of Gold in November<br />

13.12.2013   Green mobile phone jammer from JammerSales will greatly reduce the harmful radiation to people's health

13.12.2013   FRAMOS introduces the NEW SONY 2.3 MP CMOS Sensor with Global Shutter for industrial ap-plications

13.12.2013   Eurocopter delivers the second EC155 B1 to the Dalian Municipality for security, rescue, fire-fighting and transportation missions

13.12.2013   Avalon's Nechalacho Project Metallurgical Process Optimization Yielding Improved REE Recoveries<br />

13.12.2013   New NFL-Team Ad Network Targets Video Ads by Exact Age and Gender

13.12.2013   DeeCeeSPOT? Keeping a Clear View on Your IT Assets

13.12.2013   emerango gives gadgets a second chance

13.12.2013   The reviewing for the Ronaldo's classical football boots - Nike Mercurial R9

13.12.2013   Choice Nutrition Supplements Becomes Major Player in Producing High Quality Weight Loss Supplements

13.12.2013   DGAP-News: SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES Extends Bond Buy-Back until June 30, 2014

13.12.2013   DGAP-News: ADC launches mandatory offer for all outstanding BancABC shares ++ Increased representation through pooling agreements will firm-up control ++ Financed by ADC's largest shareholder and partner, Trafigura

13.12.2013   Let football fans recall the five classical generations of ADIPURE football boots

13.12.2013   Blacklane comes to Qatar! The global chauffeur service is available in Doha from today! (news with additional features)

13.12.2013   DGAP-News: Wolford to introduce strategic refokussing

13.12.2013   Beauty of Classic Perpetual Calendar Watches

13.12.2013   Glass and aluminium Façade Solutions

13.12.2013   Choice Nutrition Supplements Raspberry Ketone Ultra Sweeps the Weight Loss Community

13.12.2013   Dress first helps you to find the perfect dress

13.12.2013   The Keg Royalties Income Fund Announces December 2013 Cash Distribution

13.12.2013   Donner Metals Announces Results From Annual General and Special Meeting and Closing of Sale of Interest Transaction

13.12.2013   Anadarko Issues Statement Regarding Tronox Adversary Proceeding

13.12.2013   What are the most common injuries when people file motor accident compensation claims?

13.12.2013   global leading online retailer for wedding gowns

13.12.2013   Alexander Energy Ltd.: Early Warning

13.12.2013   Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation Remains Committed to Regulatory Hearings on Vista Coal Project

13.12.2013   Atikwa Resources Inc Provides Corporate Update and New Board Appointments

13.12.2013   New All Day Room Service Makes Living, Working & Playing Even More Convenient at TenTen Wilshire

13.12.2013   UPDATE: PanTerra Networks Announces New Enterprise-Grade Administration Tools for Unified Cloud Communications

13.12.2013   Painted Pony Announces Grant of Stock Options

13.12.2013   Hanfeng Evergreen Announces Annual General Meeting Date and Record Date

13.12.2013   WPCS Announces Postponement of Earnings Teleconference for FY2014 Second Quarter Financial Results

13.12.2013   Renegade Petroleum Ltd. Files Circular for Special Shareholder Meeting - Urges Shareholders to Just Say NO to FrontFour

13.12.2013   Intergraph(R) Webinar on December 18th to Demonstrate Using CADWorx(R) Plant Professional Part Numbers

12.12.2013   Northstar Healthcare Winning Bidder for Surgery Center in Upscale Phoenix Suburb

12.12.2013   Long Run Exploration Ltd. Announces an Increased Credit Facility, a Strategic Viking Light Oil Acquisition, November Production, Updated 2014 Guidance, Hedging Update, and an Executive Promotion

12.12.2013   Renegade Petroleum Ltd. Announces Non-Core Asset Disposition and Confirms December 2013 Dividend

12.12.2013   Insomniac Announces the Debut of EDC Mexico, March 15-16, 2014

12.12.2013   CORRECTION FROM SOURCE: Mahdia Gold Corp. (CNSX: MGD) Announces Convertible Debenture Placement

12.12.2013   Mountain America Welcomes Wealth Advisor David LaPray to Idaho

12.12.2013   Advisory-FP Newspapers Inc. Announces Monthly Dividend December 2013

12.12.2013   Levi & Korsinsky, LLP Notifies Investors of Innotrac Corporation of Claims of Breaches of Fiduciary Duty Against the Board of Directors in Connection With Sale of the Company to Sterling Partners

12.12.2013   Amerio Law Firm Launches New Web Site for Those Needing California Trial Lawyers

12.12.2013   Hotel in Waikiki Offers Great Deal For Oregon State and Boise State Football Fans

12.12.2013   Kobex Minerals Inc. Announces Normal Course Issuer Bid

12.12.2013   Trican's Board of Directors Approves 2014 Capital Budget

12.12.2013   Oak Valley Community Bank Announces Branch Manager Hiring

12.12.2013   Monster Digital(R) Advanced Series USB OTG Flash Drives Bring More Convenience and Security to Digital Ecosystems

12.12.2013   Sixteen-Year-Old Golf Star Lydia Ko Signs With IMG Golf

12.12.2013   BlackBerry Extends Purchase Option Deadline for Additional Convertible Debentures

12.12.2013   RMP Energy Announces 2014 Capital Budget and Business Plan and Provides Updated Reserves Information

12.12.2013   Barber & Banker Serving as Sponsor for Revolutions: Spinning for Healthcare Fundraiser

12.12.2013 Ranked #1 by Internet Retailer's HOT 100

12.12.2013   Staffing 360 Solutions Completes Approximately $1.7 Million in Bridge Financing

12.12.2013   Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Held to Celebrate First CNG Station in Jonesboro, Arkansas

12.12.2013   Cimetrix Announces Next Generation of Equipment Control Software

12.12.2013   PrimeSport Offers Official Ticket and VIP Hospitality Packages for Utah State & Northern Illinois Fans for the 2013 San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl

12.12.2013   Beamz Interactive, Inc. Partners With National Lekotek Center

12.12.2013   PrimeSport Offers Louisville and Miami Fans Official Ticket and VIP Hospitality Packages for 2013 Russell Athletic Bowl

12.12.2013   Palm Springs Travel Itinerary for 2013 Holiday Season by

12.12.2013   Artis Real Estate Investment Trust Announces Renewal of Normal Course Issuer Bid

12.12.2013   Insys Therapeutics Receives Subpoena From Office of Inspector General

12.12.2013   Hombre Capital Announces Proposed Qualifying Transaction Involving Novateqni Hong Kong Limited

12.12.2013   New Apps Keep Grosvenor Square London Hotel in Tune With the Way People Work and Play

12.12.2013   Golden State Law Group Offering Help to Those Struggling With Social Security Disability Claims

12.12.2013   Excellium Inc. Completes the Sale of Substantially All of its Assets

12.12.2013   CubeSmart Closes $326 Million Portfolio Acquisition; Issues $250 Million 4.375% Bonds Due 2023

12.12.2013   Inscape Announces Second Quarter Results

12.12.2013   Michael Wekerle Acquires Additional Shares in Difference Capital Financial Inc.

12.12.2013   RONA is Issuing a Voluntary Recall on UBERHAUS Wall-Mounted Convection Heaters Model HC09C15

12.12.2013 Presents Free Things to Do This December in Las Vegas During the Holiday Season

12.12.2013   Mobile Check-In Arrives at Five-Star Accommodations in Cairo

12.12.2013   Renovated Vienna Cafe Becomes the Toast of the Town

12.12.2013   Holiday Events Get a Tropical Twist at Mai Khao Beach Resort

12.12.2013   Secure Announces a $225 Million Capital Budget for 2014

12.12.2013   Peapack-Gladstone Financial Corporation Announces Completion of $42 Million Rights Offering

12.12.2013   Hornby Announces Completion of Share Consolidation and Split

12.12.2013   Volkswagen's All-New Turbocharged 1.8-Liter Engine Named to "2014 Ward's 10 Best Engines" List

12.12.2013   Word Entertainment Partners With the Epic Mini-Series "The Bible" and 20th Century Fox Feature Film "Son of God" Producers, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, and Their Production Company Lightworkers Media for "The Bible: Son of God Tour 2014"

12.12.2013   CCA Declares Quarterly Dividend

12.12.2013 Inc. Unveils Asset Acquisition Strategy in Growing REE Sector

12.12.2013   BRT Realty Trust Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2013 Results

12.12.2013   Greenock Resources: Annual and Special Meeting Results

12.12.2013   Methode Electronics, Inc.'s Board of Directors Approves Dividend

12.12.2013   Mahdia Gold Corp. (CNSX: MGD) Announces Convertible Debenture Placement

12.12.2013   Bernstein Litowitz Berger & Grossmann LLP Announces Securities Class Action Suit Filed Against International Business Machines Corporation and Certain of Its Senior Executives

12.12.2013   Cortex Reports Fiscal First Quarter 2014 Financial Results

12.12.2013   Groupe Bikini Village inc. Reports Its Results for the Third Quarter of 2013

12.12.2013   Pengrowth Energy Corporation Confirms Cdn$0.04 Cash Dividend Payable January 15, 2014

12.12.2013   Dynagas LNG Partners Reports Financial Results for the Third Quarter Ended September 30, 2013

12.12.2013   PURE Bioscience Reports Fiscal First Quarter 2014 Financial Results

12.12.2013   Crossroads Systems Reports Fiscal Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2013 Financial Results

12.12.2013   Almaden Infill Drilling on Main Zone, Hits 43.50 Meters of 3.16 G/T Au, 235.4 G/T Ag (7.9 G/T Aueq) at Ixtaca, Mexico

12.12.2013   Computershare Completes Acquisition of Olympia Corporate and Shareholder Services Assets

12.12.2013   Teneo Hospitality Group Announces New Hospitality Organization

12.12.2013   Notice of CONDITIONAL FULL Redemption of Corporate Backed Trust Certificates, Duke Capital Note-Backed Series 2003-3 Trust 1,489,200 $25 Par ($37,230,000 Certificate Principal Amount) Class A-1 Certificates due February 15, 2032 CUSIP No. 21988G312* (NYSE

12.12.2013   C-NLOPB Rejects Shoal Point Application to Extend Part of EL 1097R

12.12.2013   Intergraph(R) Webinar on December 17th to Demonstrate Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on CAESAR II(R) Models Submitted by November Participants

12.12.2013   CWB Announces Results of Voting at Special Meetings of Common and Preferred Shareholders

12.12.2013   DELSEY Launches New Collections of Small Leather Goods for Men

12.12.2013   A Mom's Guide to Avoiding the "Holidaze" This Season

12.12.2013   Builders Capital Mortgage Corp. Announces Completion of Initial Public Offering for Gross Proceeds of $13.8 Million

12.12.2013   Invesco PowerShares Provides Estimated Long-Term Capital Gains Information for 2013

12.12.2013   dynaCERT Announces 2nd Tranche Closing and Completion of Private Placement Financing

12.12.2013   Legion Launches Operation Santa Claus

12.12.2013   Live Indian Chats on the Web for Men to Have Fun & Entertainment

12.12.2013   Most Stylish Indian Cam Girls Available for Hot Actions on the Web

12.12.2013   Alexco Files Eastern Keno Hill Silver District Technical Report

12.12.2013   hmv Canada Introduces Its Latest Digital Music Store and Announces New App

12.12.2013   Universal Lubricants Names Bud Snodgrass Director of Logistics

12.12.2013   Itronics Announces New Silver-Gold Mine Technology Developments; Could Increase Cash Flow Year-Round and Increase Mine Production

12.12.2013   Black Widow Resources Inc. Announces Cdn$1,460,000 Private Placement Financing

12.12.2013   MXM Awarded Best Agency for Mobile by iMedia Connection

12.12.2013   For the Boss: Handwritten Holiday Card, or E-Card?

12.12.2013   BevMo! Cellar Master Wilfred Wong Receives Wine Person of Excellence Award

12.12.2013   Give the Ultimate Gaming Experience With E FUN's APEN MoFunTouch Digital Pen This Holiday

12.12.2013   X-ES Announces Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA-Based XMC and VPX Modules

12.12.2013   Northwest Ports Set Goals to Further Reduce Diesel Particulate Emissions by 2015

12.12.2013   Results from the Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders

12.12.2013   Fighting Childhood Obesity & Reading Food Labels Among Top Food News and Trends of 2013

12.12.2013   Mobile, OTAs Drive Growth as European Travel Market Reaches New Heights, According to New PhoCusWright Research

12.12.2013   Announcing Exciting Changes for the Annual CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey

12.12.2013   Putnam Announces Dividend Rates for Multi-Class Open-End Funds

12.12.2013   Freddie Mac Announces Holiday Eviction Moratorium Between December 18, 2013 to January 3, 2014

12.12.2013   Borneo Resource Investments Acquires Producing Gold Mine

12.12.2013   Ortery and i2o3d Join Forces to Introduce the World's First Push-Button Object Copying Systems to Achieve Precise Photographic Realism

12.12.2013   Cadillac Provides Update on Burnt Hill Project

12.12.2013   Celtra Unveils AdCreator 3 Creative Enhancement Including YouTube Player and Instagram Feed

12.12.2013   Tax Tips: What's New for Tax Professionals and Preparers?

12.12.2013   The Plan Collection Reveals Top Home Design and House Plans Trends for 2014

12.12.2013   Piriform Introduces Agomo: A Cloud-Based Multi-PC Optimization Tool

12.12.2013   Now Live Indian Webcam for Men to Enjoy Some Fun-filled Entertaining Moments

12.12.2013   Audi S5 Wins Fifth Consecutive Ward's 10 Best Engines Award

12.12.2013   Packaging Group Selects VersaPay for Electronic Invoice Presentment

12.12.2013   Integrated Freight Corp. Announces March FYE 2013 Results; 'Tiny' Loss and Net Equity Increase of $10MM

12.12.2013   Acronym Launches Keyword Provided Algorithm(TM) in Keyword Objects(TM) to Tackle Google Secure Search

12.12.2013   Directors' Share Dealing

12.12.2013   Agrium Declares Dividend

12.12.2013   Exposing Undernutrition

12.12.2013   Agrium Adopts Advance Notice By-Law

12.12.2013   Grand Theft Auto V CD Key Available at Reasonable Prices for Worldwide Gamers

12.12.2013   Mega Millions(R) Jackpot Climbs to $400 Million; Second Largest Jackpot in Mega Millions History

12.12.2013   Unlock Your Family History This Holiday Season

12.12.2013   Romet Limited Announces the Appointment of Glen Heard-Regional Sales Director

12.12.2013   RealtyTrac Network Delivers More Than 550 Million Consumer Media Impressions to Its Growing Broker Network

12.12.2013   BMO Economics: November Retail Sales Bring Holiday Cheer

12.12.2013   Adventure Gold and GFK Resources Sign a $12.7 Million Agreement on the Casa-Cameron Project

12.12.2013   GFK Options Strategic Land Package From Adventure Gold

12.12.2013   ZetrOZ, Inc. Awarded $397,000 NIH Grant

12.12.2013   Ring in the New Year at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

12.12.2013   Why more and more people choose to purchase favorite football boots from online shop World Soccer 2014

12.12.2013   Wialan Technologies Announces New Director to the Board and Buyback Program

12.12.2013   Eucalyptus Joins Dell Technology Partner Program to Provide Pre-Tested 'Cloud-in-a-Box' Solutions

12.12.2013   SHAREHOLDER ALERT: Levi & Korsinsky, LLP Reminds Investors of Class Action Against Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners, Inc. and Its Board of Directors and a Lead Plaintiff Deadline of December 24, 2013 -- CPRX

12.12.2013   Blackheath Reports Results for Vale das Gatas Tungsten Project<br />

12.12.2013   The new technology will reduce the resident time of water on the material to strength the waterproof ability of smart phone

12.12.2013   Petrichor Energy Reports the Hinson #1 Well Has Reached Total Depth

12.12.2013   Lagoa, Web-Based 3D Cloud Rendering Platform, Raises a $5.3M A Round to Accelerate Growth

12.12.2013   Cartus Named to Training Magazine's Top 125 Companies List for 13th Consecutive Year

12.12.2013   Northland Resources S.A.: Date Set for Main Court Hearing in Environmental Permitting Process

12.12.2013   Harper Government Delivers Record Results for Canadians

12.12.2013   Media Advisory: Holiday Action Calls for Peace, Prosperity and $14 Minimum Wage in 2014

12.12.2013   U.S. Corporate Cash Jumps to All-Time Record

12.12.2013   CPD File Launches CPD Now, Streaming Video for Lawyers

12.12.2013   eFax(R) Releases Findings From Healthcare IT Pulse Survey

12.12.2013   Stellar Biotechnologies Announces Collaboration With Amaran Biotechnology, Inc.

12.12.2013   Canadian Orebodies Announces Carlisle Drill Program at Farley Lake Mine Project Underway

12.12.2013   Dolce Vita Games Brings the Circus to the iPhone With New Game Circus Life

12.12.2013   AM 870 The Answer in Los Angeles Extends Commitment to The Morning Answer

12.12.2013   Zephyr Real Estate Features Local Mosaic Artists in Annual San Francisco Calendar

12.12.2013   Geometry Global Solidifies Leadership in North America Amid Steady Upward Trajectory

12.12.2013   VersaPay Announces 2013 Third Quarter and Year Results

12.12.2013   DMH International Provides Update on Merger With Virtual Physician's Network

12.12.2013   Gartner Says the Internet of Things Installed Base Will Grow to 26 Billion Units By 2020

12.12.2013   Nearly 60% of U.S. Broadband Households Report Interest in Smart Home Solutions

12.12.2013   RenuEn Corporation and Team Energy, Inc., Announces Settlement of Lawsuit With HSA Golden, Inc.

12.12.2013   Minister Blaney Congratulates Public Safety Canada and Canada Border Services Agency on their 10th Anniversary

12.12.2013   GreenButton(TM) Launches WarpDrive for Cloud Data Transfers

12.12.2013   Major Drug Store Chain Reorders Green Hygienics'(R) Clearly Herbal(R) Line of Natural Baby Wipes

12.12.2013   The famous online shop has recently released new series of Runbo smart phone- Runbo X5

12.12.2013   TECHART wins readers' choice awards in Germany and Switzerland

12.12.2013   oneSafe From Lunabee Delivers Ultra-Secure Password Management for Mac, iOS, and Android Devices

12.12.2013   Public Safety Canada Marks its Tenth Anniversary

12.12.2013   Tidebuy's Products Reviews: Let People have fully understanding about their high quality from other clients' review

12.12.2013   BMO Calls for Improvements to the RDSP

12.12.2013   The properly methods of using and maintaining for the water filling machine

12.12.2013   Eurocopter delivers two EC225 aircraft to Waypoint Leasing

12.12.2013   Petrolia to Open Office in Port-Menier, Anticosti Island

12.12.2013   Logistec Corporation Declares Quarterly Dividends on Shares

12.12.2013   ZL Technologies Recognized as a Top Government Technology Solution Provider

12.12.2013   The Canada Border Services Agency celebrates 10 years

12.12.2013   CDRD Ventures Inc. of Vancouver, Canada Launches New Spin-off, Kairos Therapeutics

12.12.2013   New App Makes Deposit Insurance Calculation Easy

12.12.2013   Tradeshift Announces Oracle Gold Partnership and New Cloud-Based Supply Chain Connectivity Solution for Oracle E-Business Suite

12.12.2013   Tyco Retail Solutions Successfully Addresses Store Performance and Security Needs of Retailers

12.12.2013   Vishay Intertechnology Offers AEC-Q101-Qualified Asymmetric PowerPAK(R) SO-8L Package for Dual TrenchFET(R) MOSFETs

12.12.2013   Survey Finds Top Bay Area Consultants Dramatically Increased Gross Revenue, but Revenue Margins Are Down

12.12.2013   Best wedding ties for men from Tie Leader

12.12.2013   How to properly identify the true or false of the famous Miu Miu leather bags?

12.12.2013   Government Pleased by Court Ruling in Class Action Lawsuit

12.12.2013   Winston Baker Kicks Off Series With Los Angeles Forum on Content, Innovation and IP Impact

12.12.2013   The Gallery Collection Donates to Operation Gratitude's One Millionth Care Package Event

12.12.2013   PDAC Welcomes Peru as the First Mining Country Sponsor as Registration Opens for the PDAC 2014 Convention

12.12.2013   MAG Silver Mobilizes Drill and Starts 3,000 Meter Drill Program At Canasil&#8217;s Salamandra Silver-Copper-Lead-Zinc Project in Durango, Mexico<br />

12.12.2013   abas-USA Celebrates Successful ERP Implementation With Cadman Power Equipment

12.12.2013   Private Equity Investments in Ex U.S. Developed and Emerging Markets Outperformed Their Public Market Counterparts in the Second Quarter of 2013, According to Cambridge Associates Benchmarks

12.12.2013   Ridley Inc. Announces Normal Course Issuer Bid

12.12.2013   Baader Bank AG: New executive structure for Swiss subsidiary Helvea

12.12.2013   North Dallas Bank & Trust Co. Declares 2013 Special Dividend

12.12.2013 Receives $3 Million Google Global Impact Award to Launch Kiva Labs

12.12.2013   Massachusetts Chapter of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys Awards Legislative and Community Leaders for Their Advocacy for Seniors

12.12.2013   Rapid Fire Marketing Updates Shareholders on Multiple Topics

12.12.2013   Purchasing goods from China purchase agent help people save a lot of money

12.12.2013   Original-Research: YOUBISHENG Green Paper AG (von BankM - Repräsentanz der biw Bank für Investments und Wertpapiere AG): Kaufen

12.12.2013   Canada Carbon Achieves 99.9978% Purity by Rapid Thermal Upgrading of Miller Vein Graphite

12.12.2013   The price difference is the most crucial reason why people choose the China purchase agent

12.12.2013   Epazz's K9 Bytes Subsidiary Doubles Sales in November Due to Growing Demand for Its Products and Services

12.12.2013   Huge discount on stationery at

12.12.2013   ToyHauler Parts Signs Up Arizona SEO Firm PrimeView to Optimize Its Website

12.12.2013   UMKR Name Change Approved and Symbol Change Is Processing

12.12.2013   Riskified Launches Never Decline(TM) for E-Tailers

12.12.2013   APlusCPE Now Delivers Continuing Professional Education to CPAs Nationwide With NASBA QAS Approval

12.12.2013   Latin American Minerals Continues to Actively Advance Paso Yobai Gold Project With Operating Cashflow

12.12.2013   Things to Do on a Lake Tahoe Christmas Vacation -- December Lake Tahoe Activities and Events Reviewed by

12.12.2013   Amsterdam Luxury Hotel Steals the Spotlight During Annual Light Festival

12.12.2013   Fixed Mortgage Rates Little Changed

12.12.2013   Two-Time Olympic Medalist Kelly Clark and Czech Snowboarder Sarka Pancochova Join Team iON

12.12.2013   Eye-Fi's Mobi Magic Now Available on the Desktop

12.12.2013   The First Global Spring Wave Awards 2014 Kicks off

12.12.2013   Apkudo Partners With China's Largest Test Lab

12.12.2013   Epidemic Sound Heard Around the World

12.12.2013   Opower Welcomes Mark McLaughlin, Chairman and CEO of Palo Alto Networks, to Its Board of Directors

12.12.2013   Wyndham Worldwide Receives Perfect Score on Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index for Second Consecutive Year

12.12.2013   Omni-ID Adds Active Tag to Product Portfolio

12.12.2013   Con Edison Smart Grid Innovations Let Customer Install NYC's Largest Solar Array

12.12.2013   Holiday Gift Giving Tops the Ranks in ChoiceStream's December Audience Cost Calendar

12.12.2013   Xmet Discovers Large New Conductive Target After Completing its Second EM Survey at Blackflake Project, Near Zenyatta

12.12.2013   The relevant reducing to the service life of LED products could obviously decrease the price of these products

12.12.2013   Revolutionary Concepts to Develop Ground Breaking Cloud-Based Mobile Alarm Security Services System

12.12.2013   Epicor Issues Call to Action for Metal Fabrication Manufacturers: Use Modern ERP to Close the Customer Experience Gap

12.12.2013   E-Waste Systems Provides CEO Q&A

12.12.2013   The development and improvement for Reprap 3D printer would gradually let 3D printing enter into every people's home

12.12.2013   El Tigre Silver Corp. Announces Proposed Warrant Extension

12.12.2013   CounterPath Releases New Softphone SDK for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Platforms

12.12.2013   Manitou Gold Inc. Announces Gaffney Channel Results of 74.3 g/t Au

12.12.2013   Meryllion Grants Incentive Stock Options

12.12.2013   MetaStat Announces Exclusive Worldwide License Agreements for the Alternative Splicing Program in the Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) in Epithelial Cancers

12.12.2013   SEI Poll: Pension Plan Sponsors Remain Dedicated to Liability Driven Investing (LDI) in 2013

12.12.2013   First Enterprise Mobile Data Provider DataXoom Launches, Announces Experienced CEO and Management Team

12.12.2013   Judicial Watch Defends North Carolina Voter ID Law, Additional Protections Against Voter Fraud

12.12.2013   Media Advisory: Governor General to Present Vanier Medal

12.12.2013   Pethealth Inc. Announces Extension of Its Strategic Alliance with Allflex USA, Inc. to the End of 2016

12.12.2013   Canada Backs Initiative to Improve Working Conditions in Bangladesh

12.12.2013   New Millennium Iron Corp. Announces the Retirement of Mr. Hemant Nerurkar and the Appointment by Tata Steel of Mr. Koushik Chatterjee as a New Member to Its Board

12.12.2013   Altius Minerals Corporation (TSX: ALS) Reports Second Quarter Net Loss of $731,000

12.12.2013   UPDATE: Arkadin's New Operation in Russia Meets Strong Demand for Conferencing and Collaboration Services

12.12.2013   1ST Constitution Bancorp Receives Regulatory Approval of the Proposed Merger With Rumson-Fair Haven Bank and Trust Company

12.12.2013   The survey for Shanghai house renting- the lack of house source becomes the main reason of renting price rising

12.12.2013   EBV Elektronik Announces the 'JAKARTA' Application Platform Ready for HMI Projects

12.12.2013   Horizon Petroleum joins bidding group in Nigeria<br />

12.12.2013   The professional apartment renting agency introduce with people four kinds of bad landlord in tenants' eyes

12.12.2013   People could get more clients' evaluation for the products Tbdress from blog Tbdress Review

12.12.2013   F1000Research Peer-Reviewed Articles Now Visible on PubMed and PubMed Central

12.12.2013   Big State Home Buyers Gives Away House at Biggest Real Estate Party of the Year

12.12.2013   Kuwait Sees Fastest Growth of GCC Countries in Obtaining U.S. Patents

12.12.2013   Canada Pension Plan Investment Board to Acquire Saskatchewan Farmland Portfolio

12.12.2013   Four points which people should carefully catch in the process of Shanghai house renting

12.12.2013   Appian Launches Internal Women's Leadership Program to Increase Opportunities for Women in Technology

12.12.2013   Teras Receives Remaining Drill Results From Its 2013 Drilling Program Including 3.1m of 12.76 g/t Gold

12.12.2013   SOLiD Hires Calysto to Support Its Public Relations, Content and Social Media Activities

12.12.2013   2014 Big Data Predictions Include Bigger Data, Bigger Funding, Bigger Failures

12.12.2013   Midokura Predicts Four IT, Network Virtualization and Software-Defined Networking Trends for 2014

12.12.2013   MediaMath Ranked Among Top Ten Best Medium-Sized Companies to Work For in 2014, a Glassdoor Employees' Choice Award

12.12.2013   Aurcana Provides Guidance on Shafter Resource Estimate

12.12.2013   Intrinsyc Signs Material Agreement for Open-Q(TM) System on Module Custom Design, Development and Production

12.12.2013   CanaDream Reports Net and Comprehensive Income of $4.9 Million

12.12.2013   Cambridge Mercantile Group Partners with Beanworks Solutions to Provide Complete Automated Solution from Purchase to Payments

12.12.2013   2014 Wavefront Wireless Summits Set to Expose Significant Opportunity to Drive Business Transformation Through the Internet of Things

12.12.2013   Moimstone Announces Distribution Agreement with TeleDynamics

12.12.2013   TELUS Announces Approval of Normal Course Issuer Bid for Purchase of up to $500 Million in TELUS Shares During 2014

12.12.2013   Blackheath Reports Results for Vale das Gatas Tungsten Project

12.12.2013   DS-Concept Relocates Middle Eastern Office to Dubai

12.12.2013   Doximity Takes on Physician Shortage With Launch of Talent Finder

12.12.2013   Letter to the Shareholders of Vista International Technologies, Inc

12.12.2013   Tyco Seeks International Trade Commission Exclusion Order Against Ningbo Signatronic Technologies, LLC

12.12.2013   The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine Announces Fourth Annual State of the Industry Briefing

12.12.2013   DataPoint Media Partners With Semcasting for Enhanced Targeting Capabilities for Premium Publishers

12.12.2013   RAID Inc. Announces FusionIvyBridge(R) Hyper-Speed 2U Dual-Socket Server Solution With 20% Higher Performance

12.12.2013   BrightRoll and Nielsen to Advance Digital Video Audience Measurement

12.12.2013   Oracle SQL Developer 4.0 Enhances Support for Oracle Database 12c

12.12.2013   Sentinel Security Life Insurance Selects UNIT4 Coda Financials to Support Growth Strategy

12.12.2013   Michael "Shane" Milledge Named CEO of Wescon Plastics LLC

12.12.2013   TeleSign Recognized as a Visionary in Magic Quadrant by Gartner, Inc.

12.12.2013   New England Law | Boston Implements Xirrus High-Performance Wi-Fi to Help Streamline Education

12.12.2013   Infor Implementation Accelerator for Distribution Now Available

12.12.2013   SilkRoad Honored as One of the Best Medium-Sized Companies to Work for in 2014, a Glassdoor Employees' Choice Award

12.12.2013   Shipwire Closes Strong 2013 With Marquee-Name Customers; Completed Acquisition by Ingram Micro to Build E-Commerce Powerhouse

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