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The Podology Center ltd.P. Chiang Mai opens second branch in Bangkok

The Podology Center ltd.P., Chiang Mai, which offers Medical Foot Therapy from Germany, the only medical foot therapy center in all over Thailand, announced in a press conference in Chiang Mai, that the second branch will be open the 14th of November 2009 in Bangkok.

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Dirk Weeber-Arayatumsopon (medical Podologist) at the Press conference about Foot health in Thailand
Dirk Weeber-Arayatumsopon (medical Podologist) at the Press conference about Foot health in Thailand

(firmenpresse) - The Podology Center Ltd.P. Chiang Mai, Thailand, Thailand's only medical foot therapy center, opens a second branch in Thailand's capital Bangkok, the 14th of November 2009.
This has been announced in a press conference by Mr. Wuttipong Arayatumsopon, 31, General manager and medical podologist recently in Chiang Mai.
The Podology Center Ltd.P. which opened its first branch in Chiang Mai in August 2008 is so succesfull in Thailand, that it is necessary to offer its services also in the capital, the printed press statement tells the reader.
Podology is the science and teaching of the foot, while podologist means a medical foot therapist. A surface foot health specialist near a physician.
Podologists take care of nails and skin at feet. They are able to cure humans from serious foot problems like wart, verrucae, fungus, corns, cracked heels, wounds caused from diabetes, grown inn nails, nail funghus, nail infections and many more things. They can tell if it is necessary to go to hospitals if they fear the patient has cancer.
Podologists can also offer nerve stimulation treatments in case of nerve problems.
In a health camp in Chonburi the Podology Center treated more than 50 patients in one day and explained them, that the foot is not the lowest and most disgusting part of the body as many people in Thailand believe.
The foot is a high tech tool which contains more than 25 bones. Both feet together contain more than 50 % of the human body bone system.
The foot let you walk, run, balance, play and even in higher ages be active, so that it should have more respect of Thai people and people everywhere in the world.
Dirk Weeber-Arayatumsopon, treatment team leader in the Podology Center Ltd.P. in Thailand who has an experience of more than 18 years in medical foot therapy, gave a 2 hours seminar before he started to take care a group of diabetes patients with serious foot problems at the health camp.
At the press conference he said, that he is sure, that medical foot therapy is a necessary medical occupation for all over Thailand.

He looks forward to occupy and train Thai people to work for the Podology Center in Franchise in the next 10 years. Foot health has not only to be available in two bigger cities in Thailand. It should be available in all over Thailand.
Of course this needs time, but the overwhelming success of the Chiang Mai branch within one year shows, that foot health is getting a new position in Thai peoples health care ideas.
An own Radio Programm in Chiang Mai and a cooperation with a nationwide TV station about foot health in Thailand is already in progress.
The Podology Center Ltd.P. looks forward to have a lot of patients from all the areas of Bangkok in their new branch soon, Teerapol Sanchue, 1st office agent or the Podology Center, told the press finally ,before the conference ended.

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The Podology Center Ltd. P. is Thailands only medical foot therapy center. it opened its gates in August 2008 in Chiang Mai, the second branch opened in November 2009 in Bangkok. The treatment strategy is coming from Germany. Both Podologists working for the clinics have been occupied in Germany.
The team took care of more than 1000 patients in Thailand within one year so far.

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The Podology Center Ltd. Partnership Chiang Mai Branch
399/208 M3 Sanameng San Sai
Siriporn Garden Home No.9
Chiang Mai 50210 Thailand
Telephon: 089-6338586
Telephon and Fax: 053-038084
Email: team(at)

The Podology Center Ltd. Partnerhsip Bangkok Branch
49/90 Soi Ngam Wongwan 54-1, Latyao
Jatujak, Bangkok 10900 THAILAND
Email: team(at)

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Datum: 06.11.2009 - 08:22
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Firma: The Podology Center Limited Partnership
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Stadt: Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Thailand
Telefon: 006653038084

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Freigabedatum: 06.11.2009

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