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KDS Unifies its Solutions Under a Single, Consumerised User Interface, Bolstering the Customer Experience

London – June 30, 2016 – KDS (, a global provider of corporate Travel and Expense (T&E) management software solutions, today announced that for the first time, it is unifying all of its products, features and functionality under one user interface in its July 16.3 release. This unification enables all KDS customers to benefit from a single platform for all of their T&E needs, and makes the new KDS version a compelling solution for the market. In the last few years, KDS has been investing heavily in its products, services and core applications. It created a content hub that a ...


A captivating transportation modality — Airwheel S8 saddle-equipped scooter

In the modern society where cover and contain everything, it is becoming more and more difficult to stand out among the crowd. However Airwheel S8 double-wheels electric scooter adopting the Cassinian curve design concept, will give everyone a bit of instant glamour. Airwheel S8 electric scooter with seat, owning the graceful sitting posture and self-confident standing posture, best fits city commuting. Have interest and click the website to consult: Simple and faddish in externality, Airwheel S8 two wheel saddle-equipped sc ...


Airwheel: Are You a Low Carbon Traveller?

Nowadays, emergence of various means of transportation undeniably boosts social, technological, political and especially economic exchanges and development. Nevertheless, with continuous advancement of society, people are changing their demands on transports. Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooter advocates a green life style while solving travelling problems and aims at harmony with nature. Have interest and click the website to consult: For the past few decades, people used to focus on speed as they hoped to get to another ...


Part time jobs are facilitated by the presence of Airwheel intelligent electric scooter

Airwheel is a means of transportation facilitating people’s lives and leading a new sports fashion of street riding. Certainly, as a new leisure vogue, Airwheel intelligent power scooters are always seen in parks or on plazas, of which young people often make a practice in threes and fours. Being light, convenient, agile, fashionable, handsome, safe and eco-friendly, Airwheel intelligent power scooter will certainly be preferred by part-timers. Have interest and click the website to consult: For instance, due to its agile de ...


Set a new fashion trend via riding Airwheel S3 electric standing scooter

Fed up with the haze in the air and endless traffic jams or want to make a contribution to global environmental improvement and re-enjoy clear waters and blue sky, or you may expect to weave freely in a sea of people and travel at ease throughout the world? Airwheel S3 standing up electric scooter helps contribute to the environment unwittingly. S3 body is made of macromolecular nanometer materials, which, though light, ensure firm and solid functions and effects. It can accompany you no matter you are at home, travelling, going on a trip or going spring outing and carry you anywhere at any ti ...


Airwheel S5 standing up electric scooter, in a SUV Style

Airwheel S5 is specially designed in the robust SUV style, totally different from the S3, first model in S series released in 2014. S5 has successfully outperforms other S-series models and surpasses the public expectations. The new member S5 intelligent electric scooter strengthens the family of S-series and displays the diversity in scooter design. On the one hand, the two-wheeled design is considered as unique and humanized. On the other hand, the two-wheeled structure is considered as impeccable and unsurpassable. In spite of its stylish design, S-series is sturdy and durable. It is recogn ...


A Green Travelling Experience with Airwheel Electric Self-Balancing Scooter

Behind the fast growing economic growth, there are some remarkable problems, such as environmental issue. Environmental protection requires each of us to adopt a green driving style, which is highly advocated. After the invention of bicycle and electromobile, a new green way of commuting has staged its show in the world. That is Airwheel electric balancing scooter, an exceptional choice of commuting and environmental protection tool. Have interest and click the website to consult: Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter is ...


Airwheel A3, a different double-wheels electric scooter

Airwheel A3 was so appealing that all the scooter fans would love to have a ride right away. This time, Airwheel has made some breakthrough in the design of A3, which is the addition of a soft saddle to it. When riders ride the scooter, they can sit on the saddle, put their feet on the stainless steel pedals and put their hands on the silica gel handlebars. Long-time riding will never make riders fatigued because of relaxing sitting-posture mode. Users are usually exhausted after a long-distance trip, because of the large-scale adoption of standing-posture riding mode. Such design of Airwheel ...


Thales survey reveals record rise in use of encryption led by Financial Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, and Technology companies

Companies with a mature encryption strategy are more likely to use hardware security modules and consistently report lower levels of key management pain Plantation, FL – June 29, 2016 – Thales, leader in critical information systems and cybersecurity, announces the findings of its 2016 Encryption Application Trends Study. The report, based on independent research by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Thales, reveals that the biggest users of encryption are companies in Financial Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical and Technology and Software industries. This new study, which is ...


A melody journey with Airwheel S3 double-wheels electric scooter

You may be quite tired of the unappealing scenery along your daily travel, especially in the congested city where your eyes are filled with monotonous skyscrapers, which can hardly make you relaxed and happy. A journey that is accompanied by music is realized by Airwheel S3 two wheel self-balancing electric scooter. Your traveling experiences will be greatly enriched with the fashionable and environmentally-friendly scooter that also can play music throughout your journey. Have interest and click the website to consult: Airw ...


A Healthy and Safe Commuting tool: Airwheel Q series

After years of independent research and development, Airwheel has mastered the core patent and technology of producing electric balancing scooter. The Airwheel products are firm in shape and safe to ride. The company now owns many national patents and international certificates. It is highly reputed in the industry of electric balancing scooter. Compared to other traditional means of transport, Airwheel is smaller and lighter for commuting. However, a host of beginners flinch in front of the X series—one wheel scooter and the Q series—twin-wheeled electric scooter comes. Have interest and c ...


Airwheel S8 sitting-posture electric scooter caters to youngsters

Adopting the Cassinian curve design concept, Airwheel S8 two wheel saddle-equipped scooter is simple and faddish in externality, interpreting the beauty of art via unique design. With the 14.8kg item weight, even females can lift it effortlessly. Airwheel S8 will accompany with you whether in the office or during the self-driving travel. Airwheel S8 sitting-posture electric scooter caters to youngsters Have interest and click the website to consult: Airwheel S8 made of aluminum magnesium alloy, adopts the aviation standards ...


A Brand New Life starts from Airwheel Intelligent Electric Scooter.

Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter has become a brand new lifestyle for modern people. Wherever you would like to go, you will always experience an indescribable pleasure from the journey. Riding on it, you can reach any destination, as you like. As long as you set out at will, Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter will be just right beside you. Have interest and click the website to consult: Intelligent tools will enrich people and expand their senses and capability to narrow the gap between dream and reality, Airw ...


The novelty of Transportation Belongs to the Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter

Nowadays, with the increasing awareness of environment-protection, people start to plant the ‘green’ details to life such as saving printing paper, using handkerchief instead of tissue, closing the useless lights and etc. For transportation, lots of people decides to use public system such as subway, buses and cycles. However, the traffic jams never disappear, especially in rush hours, here comes a novel transportation—Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter. Have interest and click the website to consult: There is a proble ...


New Choice of Investment: Airwheel intelligent electric scooter

Nowadays, a host of people choose to start a business instead of being a worker. Particularly in 21st century, the cases of a large amount of entrepreneurs starting from scratch encourage people to establish business. How to select a satisfying investment project puzzles many people nowadays. The investing market is complex, so people must keep their eyes open to select carefully. Incorrect choice of investment project may lead to the loss of property. With the increasing popularity of self balancing electric scooter , more and more makers appear of various brands among which Airwheel is an in ...


Having a Fabulous Time with Airwheel C5 Intelligent Helmet

With the improvement of our living standards, we have a higher pursuit of life. We want to do many kinds of sports and explore new things, we want to make our short life colorful and meaningful, and we want to record our life journey as possible as we can. And here comes the question: How can we record our exciting and proud moments when we are doing sports and enjoying ourselves? It’s really hard for us to snap pictures then. In order to satisfy our requirements of both protecting ourselves and recording our life journey, Airwheel releases its first auxiliary equipment, that is, Airwheel C5 i ...


The Rising Popularity of Airwheel intelligent electric scooter

Nowadays, people are quite familiar with electric intelligent scooters, which has increasingly become the new favorite of sports fashion players. For the riders, Airwheel intelligent electric scooter can both realize the speed and passion in riding experiences and can bring more pleasures in daily transportation. People will enjoy the riding experience completely due to its safety, large speed and various riding styles. Have interest and click the website to consult: The special design, fashionable style, concept of low-carb ...


An All-terrain one wheel scooter- Airwheel X8

In the hustle and bustle, people suffer from the declining life quality, for which many research organizations strive to find solutions. Airwheel powered by electricity is considered as green energy for its zero emissions and harmlessness. Therefore, Airwheel electric unicycle is the prior choice for green transportation. The invention of Airwheel follows the social trend for improving life quality and today we can learn about the revolutionary transport in Airwheel, symbolized by Airwheel X8 single-wheeled skateboard electric with light-weighted body made from high-tech PC material, strong re ...


A magnificent type of transport—Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter

Nowadays, even though there are kinds of vehicles that have brought much convenience to our life, like bicycles and electro mobiles, people are also troubled in many ways. For example, they do not know where to park their bikes or when the battery goes out of power. As to cars, fast as they are, they consume too much energy and cause traffic jam easily. Plus, it results in serious environmental pollution. Apart from that, more cars lead to rising gas emission, which brings a great deal of pressure to the air. Thus, Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter came into existence, granting you a ch ...


The outstanding performance of Airwheel Electric Self-balancing Scooter

Nowadays, people will bump into an unpleasant issue while going out–traffic jam. Most of the transportation means can’t, except the one transporter that will keep people from suffering the nasty traffic–Airwheel, featured by its remarkable performance which truly benefits people in daily life. The riders can travel through whatever grounds with ease with its help. As the perfect option for transportation, the Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter is able to relieve people from the annoying traffic congestion. The 2-wheeled electric scooter , distinguishing itself with its prominent advantag ...


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