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Mit einem Eintrag sind Unternehmen aus der Gastronomie und Eventbranche Online optimal aufgestellt

Night Vibes garantiert Usability und Sichtbarkeit im Netz Die Online-Plattform Night Vibes sticht im Netz in eine Marktlücke und platziert sich zwischen den Event-Guides und Party-Führern. Das Start-Up aus dem pfälzischen Ramstein-Miesenbach bündelt alle Infos zu gastronomischen Angeboten, angesagten Events und hippen Locations auf einer Plattform. User können so mit nur einer Suchmaschine Öffnungszeiten, Kontaktdaten, Fotos und Videos sowie die neuesten Termine von Bars, Clubs und Veranstaltern in ihrer Region finden. Gemeinsam mit seinen Partnern – der Werbeagentur Visual Partner und dere ...


Temperature monitoring for sales cabinets and refrigerators

T&D Corporation provides wireless data logger solutions with alert functions and cloud storage that simplify compliance with HCCP regulations. With the RTR-500 series, different temperature zones can be safeguarded simultaneously while measurements are automatically documented. Thanks to the small and wireless devices, cabinets, refrigerators or transportation boxes can be monitored via app or mobile device easily and discretely. The DIN EN 12830-approved RTR-500 data loggers are about the size of a matchbox and can be fixed flexibly wherever temperature control is necessary – even du ...

20.07.2016 Plans to Make Ebony Cams Popular through Extensive Social Media Marketing

USA -, a popular online chatting portal that offers online live chatting to ebony cams chatting enthusiasts, recently publicized that they will take resort to latest marketing and growth hacks for making ebony cam chat popular. The owners said that for the following three months, they would intensify investments in social media marketing and pay-per-click campaigns so as to supercharge the daily traffic and unique traffic to their web chat portal. They added that ebony webcam chatting is currently one of the least explored niches in adult entertainment industry and that ...


Stadthotel Jülich Introduces Perfect Archiving Software

Jülich / Aachen, January 2016. The Stadthotel Jülich has introduced the ecoDMS software to archive the hotel's business documents. The archiving system reduces the daily paper chaos and has led to time savings when searching for documents. The Stadthotel Jülich was built in 1949 in Jülich, North-Rhine Westphalia. It is situated at the heart of Jülich in a quiet pedestrian precinct. The hotel has 33 rooms and 22 modern and fully-equipped hotel apartments. The rooms are sized between 35m² and 115m² and offer ample space for hotel guests. Every day a vast number of paper documents and ...


Is Lego Ninjago A Great Gift For the kids?

The holidays are coming closer and the little boys all have their eyes on Lego Ninjago. Lads spend lots of their time using their imaginations to generate dream worlds of fun and potential future. Lego has remained on the frontier of providing the tools a lad needs to exercise his ingenuity. Some what to be authorities, some firemen but a less practical very common planned career course is that. The Ninjago show supplies a way to let out these feelings. There's a great deal of positive feedback on this merchandise and very few negative remarks about it. Reviews rave about the way tha ...


Brick Paving Issues - What To Search For

Nothing is natural, so earthy and beautiful as a well executed mortared in place brick terrace, walk or patio. However, lately the quality of setup is falling and significant difficulties are appearing that you must take note of if you plan to have brick paving installed. So debatable, why is brick paving? - That is a wonderful question and the answers will be provided by this informative article to that question. Much like most difficulties in masonry it usually comes down to two things; design and installation. Brick paving building is probably the most prone to errors created by ...


Drive Gates - Guarding Your House With A Drive Gate

A drive may be defined as a private road. It is a private road for local accessibility. It supplies access to one building construction or a little group of structures. A drive is usually owned, managed and maintained through people or group or an individual. Driveways could be decorated, like in techniques public roads which can not be. This is due to their lighter traffic. Additionally it is because of the readiness of an owner to invest in their own building. Driveways kept up by any governmental body or blown or are frequently not resurfaced. These gates are often made to conform to ...


Gluten Free Restaurants - The Safe Eating Guide and Things You Have To Learn!

This post describes the thing you must know when eating out at gluten free restaurants or cafes anywhere around the globe. We're able to spend time detailing some of the foods and celiac disease to not eat, but this expose is the guide to how to make life simple when handling your gluten free restaurant encounter and all about you.. It means they offer a large menu of GF food, and need to follow the rules that are tight for furnishing gfree food. In such cases you anticipate that most folks who dish food within the owners in addition to the eatery ' are not completely unawar ...


Sölden skiing holidays 2015

2015 looks set to be another great year for a skiing holiday in Sölden, with around 10 million euros being invested in new lifts, upgraded snow-making facilities and improvements to downhill runs. Always an eagerly-awaited highlight, the Adrenalin Cup 2014/15 will once again feature ten superb disciplines, everything from the giant slalom to the adrenalin jump. There is also a superb line-up of top events planned for the new season, including the Ski World Cup Opening, Electric Mountain Festival (EMF) and the ever-popular Hannibal spectacular. Old becomes new: 6-seater Wasserkar lift The ...


Hotel Crystal Announces Launch of New Website

Hotel Crystal, one of the most attractive hotels in city Sri Ganganagar, has just announced the launch of a new website. In addition to offering information about the different types of rooms and room rates, the site features a newly-launched online booking system that allows guests to make reservations directly through the website. For clients who want to quickly and easily book their vacation or business trip without having to pick up the phone, the handy new feature on the website allows them to do just that. The new site is built for speed and efficiency and has significantly reduced t ...


Eight scrumptious breakfast to drop fat

Am happy with these meizitang botanical slimming . Really loke meizitang botanical slimming!!! Would buy a further shade, Sorry about the English.Tks, Thalita. 100g cod + a crimson tomato Cod fish is wealthy in high quality protein and unsaturated fatty acids, fatty acids for malignant decomposition has a strong function, and consists of significant quantities of lycopene and tomato soluble nutritional fiber, in the similar time are alkaline food items, irrespective of pores and skin around the physique or each possess a constructive impact. An apple +250 g yogurt Apple and yogurt are weal ...


StyleVision goes for EcoPure™ Technology

Gruenwald / Munich, Germany 25. Februar 2014 What is EcoPure™? EcoPure™ is an additive that turns plastic biodegradable. What does biodegradable mean? When something biodegrades, it can be completely consumed by microorganisms, leaving only natural elements like water, biomass (nutrient-rich soil called humus) and biogas (either carbon dioxide or methane). How does EcoPure™ work? The reality is that most hotel amenity bottles find their way into landfills, sitting there for thousands of years and taking up a lot of space. Microbes, the organisms responsible for biodegradation, fest ...


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