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2016 Record Breaking Year for Manufacturers with 212 Million Digital CAD Model Downloads from CADENAS

CADENAS has set a new record for digital CAD models downloaded from their enormous range of industrial manufacturing clients. 2016 saw more than 212,000,000 digital parts downloaded from CADENAS customers, representing a 42% increase over 2015. This continues the steep trajectory seen for more than two decades, and is a testament to the increasing value delivered to industrial manufacturers and their customers. ?The massive volume of product downloads we?re seeing year after year is a direct indicator of the increased demand from today?s industrial buyers,? says Jay Hopper, COO of CAD ...


Convert nested files into PDF/A-2 with no intermediate steps

Most conventional tools for creating PDF/A-2 can only create single PDF/A files. The newest version of PDF Longlife Suite from SEAL Systems can also convert nested or embedded files, such as e-mails with attachments or Excel sheets embedded in Word documents, into PDF/A-2. Here the use of the PDF/A-2?s property itself is essential for it to be a container for other PDF/A files. PDF/A-2 files are wonderfully suited for long-term archiving. In fact, many companies have made the conversion of important documents into this archiving format mandatory. There are many interactive tools and a ...


VOQUZ presents samQ release with new features and improved performance

The VOQUZ Group, a leading system integrator and provider of software asset management solutions for SAP, today presents the new release v1.7 of its SAP license optimization software samQ. With new functions, the tool automates central tasks for SAP license management and system measurement and convinces with increased performance. samQ is revolutionizing the market for SAP SAM tools (Software Asset Management) by enabling central engine measurement. At the press of a button, samQ determines engine consumption in all connected SAP systems, consolidates the data and provides a result r ...


VOQUZ präsentiert samQ Release mit neuen Funktionen und verbesserter Performance

Die VOQUZ Group, ein führender Systemintegrator und Anbieter von Software Asset Management Lösungen für SAP, stellt heute das neue Release v1.7 ihrer SAP-Lizenzoptimierungssoftware samQ vor. Mit neuen Funktionen automatisiert das Tool zentrale Aufgaben für das SAP-Lizenzmanagement und die Systemvermessung und überzeugt durch eine gesteigerte Performance. samQ setzt an den Markt für SAP-SAM-Tools (Software Asset Management) zu revolutionieren, indem es die zentrale Vermessung der Engines ermöglicht. Auf Knopfdruck ermittelt samQ den Engineverbrauch in allen angeschlossenen SAP-Systemen ...


Cognitec Hires Terry Hartmann as Vice President to Drive Growth in the Asia Pacific Biometrics Market

9.01.2017 - Renowned biometrics pioneer Terry Hartmann will lead business development and client relations as Vice President Asia Pacific at Cognitec Systems Pty Ltd. Hartmann will direct an international sales and support team to meet the demands of an expanding biometrics market in the region. Governments in Australia, New Zealand and many Asian countries are investing heavily into large-scale biometric projects, and many of them have trusted Cognitec?s market-leading face recognition technology for more than a decade. "Face biometrics is now a proven technology, yet has so much ...


GTF Neman Tobacco Company Comprehensive Analysis Reveals Key Highlights

Albany, New York, January 19, 2017: A new report focusing on a leading company profile from the tobacco industry has been published to the online portfolio of Market Research Hub (MRH). The report is titled as, “Tobacco Company Profile- GTF Neman Market Analysis” that provides detailed insights into the company’s business activity and products. This report also assesses market size and structure along with per capita and total consumption. Additionally, it focuses on brand data, retail pricing, prospects and forecasts for sales and consumption. Request For Sample Report: http://www.marketre ...


Industry 4.0: The Roadmap to a Digital Manufacturing Operation (part 3/3)

We have reached the final leg of our roadmap towards a Digital Manufacturing operation. Today we will take a closer look at Step 5 of that map: how to make the operation smart. We will talk about how virtually connected and integrated manufacturing can allow for process improvements through implementation of Industry 4.0. We will also address the most important aspect of Industry 4.0, which is data analytics and what it offers process owners and top management. See also: Industry 4.0: The Roadmap to a Digital Manufacturing Operation (part 1/3) Virtual & augmented reality: ...


New GMG OpenColor provides innovative GMG color separation technology for Adobe Photoshop and PACKZ

GMG, the leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions, announces a new release of GMG OpenColor, its award-winning multichannel profiling software. The highlight of GMG OpenColor 2.0.6 is the ability to dynamically create and deliver best-quality separation and preview profiles to Adobe Photoshop and PACKZ from HYBRID Software. For existing customers of OpenColor, the latest version offers a new function to calculate separations in a very flexible and convenient way via rules that can be applied to whole spot color libraries for calculating the best matches f ...


Packz keeps Swedish students at the forefront of Packaging Technology

Packaging design students at the Brobygrafiska Higher Vocational Education College in Sunne, near the centre of Sweden, will soon be able to ensure they are skilled in the groundbreaking software PACKZ, following an offer by HYBRID Software to donate 20 licences. Lecturer Tommy Bonte, who is head of pre-press and automation, has been instrumental in overseeing its implementation. ?It is vital for organisations such as ours to receive support from the industry and we are helped by several leading-edge hardware and software suppliers,? he says. ?When HYBRID Software stepped forward with ...


The University of Leuven and Plunet Provide Students with the Tools and Expertise for Managing Real-Life Translation Projects

The University of Leuven (KU Leuven) has recently become a new academic partner of Plunet Software. This partnership will make it possible for students of the Postgraduate Programme in Specialized Translation to learn how to master translation and project management tools and skills. Utilizing the Plunet Business Management System, KU Leuven students will have the opportunity to expand their project management and translation management knowledge to support the growing demand for translation management experts who can professionally and confidently handle the most complex of translation proje ...


German-Spanish BPM Cooperative Agreement is Signed

Bochum BPM specialist GBTEC Software + Consulting AG, developer of BIC BPM software applications, has entered into a cooperative partnership with the Spanish IT service provider Imatia Innovation S.L. The centerpiece of this close cooperation is the expansion of the BPM products and services that are currently offered by each of the companies. With Imatia, GBTEC has gained a strong sales and product development partner for expanding their innovative IT services for web and mobile-based applications to the Spanish market. Both companies base their products and services on the same tech ...


Rafael Botor ist zum Leiter der Geschäftsführung der Sogeti Deutschland GmbH ernannt worden

Rafael Botor, new head of Sogeti in Germany and its 350 employees, replaces Maarten Galesloot, Head of Sogeti Germany since 2004. Maarten Galesloot is taking on the role as Head of Capgemini Sogeti in Denmark. Rafael Botor holds a Master of Business Administration from Henley Management Colleague, UK and a diploma in industrial engineering from Munich University of Applied Sciences. He started his career as a Sales Representative at IBM Germany in 1999, continuing in multiple roles at IBM in Europe e.g. as Managing Consultant, Head of IT Consulting Group, Head of Technology Services, ...


Data packages for logiKal (Orgadata): efficient planning

When planning, calculating and building facades, planners and metal processors as well as window, door and facade engineers can also access GEZE product data. The Orgadata software solution logiKal saves time and money: it offers a range of functions to optimise planning, calculations, construction, ordering and manufacturing of doors and windows. At the click of a mouse, the technical details of GEZE products can easily be included in the calculation and planning as package solutions and integrated in further manufacturing processes. The packages include everything, from commercial informati ...


New features in the GEZE SystemShop: fast and convenient quotations and orders

The GEZE SystemShop now offers you the option to configure and order products and much more in a user-friendly webshop. Products and system solutions can be configured and ordered easily and conveniently according to specific demands. With just a few product details, the webshop will display components and accessories. The complete calculation is carried out online and is a real time-saver for users. Three configuration tools are available for faster and uncomplicated project management with optimised software. The new MSW 2.0. system configuration: more installation situation ...


Building Information Modeling (BIM): GEZE BIM objects - five elements for complete door planning

GEZE BIM objects are unique solutions for the uniform and comprehensive layout of doors in all service phases. For the first time, architects, planners and specialists can design doors together. GEZE BIM objects provide planning and cost security and enable a highly efficient level of working: using just five multifunctional doors, ALL door types ? swing, sliding and revolving doors including fixtures (e.g. door drives and door closers) ? can be displayed and configured in the CAD system. Logics stored in the system ensure the door layout is based on available product features. Another key ad ...


The most recent Spectral Power Converter

Infratek Switzerland introduces its latest Power Analyzer, the Power Spectral Converter PC11. This Power Analyzer is available as three-, four or six-phase version and is equipped with 0.08 % or 0.02 % accuracy. The PC11 is provided without display and therefore turns your computer into a Power Analyzer, running on the PC11 software. Remarkable features are wide bandwidth (DC to 2MHz), wide current inputs 18 bit measurement resolution, calculates all quantities of power electronics, including motor- and transformer values, harmonic, energies, analog inputs and speed. Moreover, the concept of ...


Mono and uberall deliver data automation across platforms

The new integration allows SMB service providers to create fully-automated websites based on content from the uberall network. Any content that is updated on the website is automatically synchronized back into the uberall Listings Network. For SMBs, this means getting a professional online presence has become faster and easier than ever. For service providers, delivering professional and quality marketing services to the SMB market has become less costly and far more efficient to manage. The integration enables uberall customers to benefit from the powerful website builder on the Mono ...


A New Era in Application Deployment

Raynet, Europe`s leading provider of software packaging and products for Application Lifecycle Management, proudly presents the new Package Store with the widest range of high-quality software packages. Companies need resources, time, know-how and the right tools to create and maintain their software packages. In today's fast-paced world, especially in terms of up-to-dateness of software versions, this is quite a challenge. With the new concept, Raynet addresses enterprise customers as well as small and medium-sized companies. Being an online shop, the Package Store offers standa ...


Critical Manufacturing wins MESA's Smart Story Award

17 - A white paper by Critical Manufacturing, Manufacturing Software for Industry 4.0 - Embracing Change and Decentralization, wins MESA?s Smart Story Award and proves the technology may be considered a major challenge in achieving Industry 4.0 vision. MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association) International launched 'Smart Story Awards' in May 2016 to promote the people and Information Technologies that are making manufacturing smarter: agile, sustainable, efficient. MESA's Smart Story Awards created a single destination for professionals to get a ful ...


Label printing in times of Advanced Manufacturing - questions answered by Alexander Bardutzky, cab General Manager

What has been the focus of attention in the development of cab’s industrial printers? A. Bardutzky: We manufacture and sell our established A+ printers for more than eight years. The requirements set by the market steadily increase, Advanced Manufacturing resp. the Internet of Things are key topics. The intelligence of the devices is becoming more and more important. With the firmware architecture of the SQUIX printers we already supply future opportunities. How do SQUIX printers allow for Advanced Manufacturing? A. Bardutzky: Our understanding of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is t ...


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