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Gartman Letter Alternative Bond Stock Forex Market Weekly Recap Report Launched

A leading independent weekly macro-economic report for financial advisors and investors, entitled Advisor Cheat Sheet, entirely focused on providing the most comprehensive, actionable and essential financial analysis in a succinct and time saving manner, has been announced. More information is available at []( The comprehensive investment newsletter, Advisor Cheat Sheet, was created by highly renowned financial professionals with more than 25 years of combined experience to provide fellow investors, advisors and wealth or fund manage ...


UK Personal Lines Insurance: Distribution and Future Marketing 2016

Albany, New York, January 17, 2017: The latest report focusing on the Banking Market has been recently added to the online database of Market Research Hub’s repository. It is entitled as “UK Personal Lines Insurance: Distribution and Marketing 2016”.  The report provides in depth insights on the market and their development activities. Request for Sample Report: In the midst of an insurtech revolution, the personal lines distribution space faces a number of new challenges to the status quo and a raft of opportunities to ...


Market Analysis of Singapore Wealth Sector Represents Challenges & Opportunities for the Coming Years

Albany, New York, January 16, 2017: A recent report focusing on the Singapore wealth sector has been broadcasted to the wide repository of Market Research Hub. The report titled, “Challenges and Opportunities for the Wealth Sector in Singapore 2016” is a fresh study of Wealth Insights, which covers the high net worth individual population and Wealth Management Market in Singapore. Currently, the growing wealth and population of HNWIs in Singapore provide massive opportunity for wealth management companies to raise their revenues and customer base. HNWI volume and wealth trends from the years 2 ...


Opportunities and Key Trends of Personal Accident and Health Insurance in Peru 2020

Albany, New York, January 12, 2017: The latest report focusing on the Insurance Market has been recently added to the online database of Market Research Hub’s repository. The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the Insurance Market. It is entitled as “Personal Accident and Health Insurance in Peru, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2020”. Request for Sample Report: Timetrics 'Personal Accident and Health Insurance in Peru Key Trends and Opportunities to 2020' report provides in-depth m ...


Key Facts and Opportunities Non-Life Insurance in Peru up to 2020

Albany, New York, January 12, 2017: The latest report focusing on the Insurance Market has been recently added to the online database of Market Research Hub’s repository. The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the Insurance Market. It is entitled as “Non-Life Insurance in Peru, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2020”. Request for Sample Report: Timetrics 'Non-Life Insurance in Peru Key Trends and Opportunities to 2020' report provides in-depth market analysis, information and insights ...


Market Report: Stock Market Waits For Trump

Here is an excerpt "Market Report" from [Advisor Cheat Sheet](, a weekly macro-economic report for financial advisors. Stocks hit new highs to start 2017 as strong economic data and declines in the dollar and Treasury yields helped lift the S&P 500 despite an underwhelming jobs report and Chinese currency volatility. The S&P 500 rose 1.70% for the week. Stocks started on the right foot as strong data helped support the rally early last week, with the S&P adding more than 1% Tuesday and Wednesday thanks to a ...


Stock Market Update: Stocks Dip

Stock Market Update excerpt from the [Sevens Report (daily macro-economic report for Financial Advisors)]( Stocks gave back most of Fridays gains on Monday thanks mostly to digestion of last weeks rally ahead of some important catalysts later this week (Trumps speech Wednesday specifically). A sharp drop in oil also weighed on the averages. The S&P 500 fell 0.35%. Stocks started Monday mostly flat following a quiet weekend. There were actually macro positives yesterday, primary of which was the Chinese currency reserve data. ...


Stock Market Update: Market Flirts with 20,000

[Stock Market Update from The Sevens Report]( Stocks declined for the first time in 2017, but the losses were small, as disappointing retailer earnings offset more decent economic data ahead of the first big catalyst of the year the December jobs report. The S&P 500 declined 0.08%. Stocks were flat at the start of Thursday trade, as very poor results from KSS and M offset more decent global economic data. US data yesterday was mixed, but generally fine, as jobless claims dropped sharply (ADP missed estimates, but not terribly so ...


Investment Newsletter Releases Key Market Indicators

Financial advisors and investors are looking market indicators. [Advisor Cheat Sheet]( believes that 2017 will be one of the more challenging years to quickly and correctly analyze and interpret macro events, because we must navigate two major unknowns. - Trump/Republican Fiscal Policies (Will they really spur growth?). - End of the 30 Year Bond Bull Market (Where will the money go?). First, there€™s the unknown of politics from the new Trump/Republican government. They are planning for big, potentially seismic, changes in how t ...


S&P 500 Chart: Market Holds Initial Support

A excerpt from the Sevens Report. Stocks spent virtually all of Thursday near unchanged in quiet holiday-like trade, as markets ignored economic data and geopolitical news (Russian sanctions). The S&P 500 dipped a slight 0.03%. The S&P 500 pulled back for a second day yesterday but importantly held our initial support level at 2246 mentioned on pg. 5 of [The Sevens Report.]( As was to be expected, trading was very quiet yesterday as the S&P 500 moved in just a 10-point range peak to trough. There were multiple economic reports out yesterday m ...


Funeral Funding Resource Helps Families Pay For the Funeral of Their Choosing

It€™s surprising that there are limited funding options for families to pay for a funeral. Their choices are life insurance, taking cash from personal savings or maxing out their credit cards. Funeral Funding Resource at provides a fourth choice that can help many families. Funeral Funding Resource aims to assist families that need monetary help to fund a dignified, meaningful funeral. This service prevents families from being trapped in the position of having to take funds from savings that may be required for other needs. The staff at Funeral Funding Reso ...


Swave challenging spenders to start a savings resolution

December 29, 2016 London, England – Swave is launching a three-month challenge to help Britain start a savings resolution in 2017. Swave have developed a unique app to help even the biggest spenders save more towards their financial goals. Linking to current accounts and credit cards, the app monitors spending habits to help users identify the best opportunities to take immediate action and save. Co-Founder Kristina Bordas explains, “Unlike a budget, the app aims to work with existing habits, not against, to ensure the best chances of success. We hope to see challenge participants engaging ...


Stock Market Update: Investment Newsletter Urges Caution

Here is an excerpt Stock Market Update from [The Sevens Report]( Stocks rallied in quiet trade to start the final week of the year yesterday, as the Nasdaq reached a new all-time high. The S&P 500 gained 0.22% on the day. Futures were flat early yesterday, but once the bell rang stocks jumped higher out of the gate thanks to economic data that showed an increase in home prices and a spike in consumer confidence. But with attendance so low between Christmas and New Year€™s holidays, and as Hanukah continues, the rally failed to gain a ...


Weekly Market Update: Trump Moves Markets

Here is a small excerpt of the [weekly market update from Advisor Cheat Sheet]( The S&P 500 was virtually unchanged last week as holiday-light trading conditions combined with a relative dearth of any important news caused markets to drift sideways for most of the week. Terrorism reared its head on Monday and Friday in three separate instances (Russian Ambassador shooting, Berlin Christmas market, Tunisian airline hijacking), but smaller-scale terrorism simply hasn€™t been a market influence in 2016, and that continued last week. ...


Turbotax Discount Coupons Launched Ahead Of Tax Season

Technology coupons website recently released their comprehensive analysis of TurboTax with a main focus on encouraging personal tax payers to cut costs on their tax bill by way of coupons and vouchers on this well-known tax software. The goal at TechCouponCode is to supply the most significant and valuable data to anyone eager to reduce tax costs whilst getting accessibility to top rated professional services at the same time. Tech Coupon Code prefers to target helping people who are interested in cutting back on their taxes and IR filing expenses related to submitting a ta ...


Stock Market Update: Bullish Trend Continues

Today's Stock Market Update From []( Stocks rallied modestly Tuesday, as a mild resumption of the Trump trade carried the major averages close to all-time highs. The S&P 500 rose 0.36%. Stocks were higher from the outset Tuesday as the BOJ was, on balance, slightly dovish and data from Europe was good (German PPI was hot as was British Distributive Trades). From a micro-economic standpoint, Jefferies€™ earnings were better than expected (a boost to financials). Stocks popped at the open and then, amidst a total d ...


Why the Fed was Seriously Hawkish (Two Reasons)

[Advisor Cheat Sheet]( believes there are two key takeaways from this Fed meeting: First, the Fed is more concerned with inflation than Advisor Cheat Sheet thought in September. Second, it€™s clear this new political paradigm is on the Fed€™s mind, and it€™s a hawkish influence. Starting with the statement and projections (the dots) the key takeaway wasn€™t just that the Fed upped its dots to reflect three hikes. Instead, it was why they upped the dots, and the reason is clear€¦ inflation. In yesterda ...


Trump vs. Yellen: Investment Newsletter Guides Advisors On Fed Policy

Potential differences between the two have been apparent for months, as Trump criticized the Fed on the campaign trail in two specific ways. First, he said the Fed has kept rates too low for too long, and has created multiple bubbles to prop the economy up. Second, he said the Fed kept rates ultra low to support the economy and get Clinton elected. Since he won the election, Trump has stayed quiet on the Fed, although there were a lot of us watching Twitter following Wednesday€™s FOMC meeting to see whether Trump would respond to what some interpreted as criticism by Yellen towards Trump/Re ...


Gold Bullion Coins Investment Benefits USA Safety Net Report Launched

Goldira401k Review has announced the launch of a new report focusing on the benefits of buying gold in today's uncertain climate, where there is every chance the value of currency can drop at any moment. In uncertain times, gold can be a safe haven, and is a physical item that people can hold, store and use as they see fit. More information can be found at: The report explains that gold is seen as a hedge against deflationary pressures and financial market instability across many advanced and developing economies. It emphasises that even the biggest compani ...


Wellington Sell My House Fast For Cash Urgent Property Selling Guide Launched

Home Solutions FLA, a real estate agency from Wellington, Florida specializing in damaged and dilapidated property, launched Sell House Fast: A House Seller€™s Guide To Selling Houses in The South Florida Real Estate Market, a comprehensive guide on urgent property transactions. More information is available at Selling property is a process known to take a relatively long time, especially if the amount of official paper work is high. This can be due to a variety of reasons, from different insurance policies to mortgages, credits and other fin ...


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