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Case Study of Japan’s ‘Lotte Sweets Days Chocolate’ Shows Positive Growth riding on High Demand

Albany, New York, January 20, 2017: According to a study, Japan is currently the eighth-largest confectionery market in the world. It has been observed that, chocolate confectionery is the top category in Japan, with 44% of total sales in value terms in 2014, followed closely by sugar confectionery (39%). Thus, the chocolate market is growing rapidly. A new report titled “Success Case Study: Lotte Sweets Days Chocolate” focusing on the Japanese market has been added to the repository of Market Research Hub (MRH). It examines the details and reasons behind the success of ‘Lotte Sweets Days Choc ...


Global Sports Nutrition Market to Witness Steady Growth Due to Rising Fitness Awareness among People during 2017-2021

Albany, New York, January 19, 2017: Sports nutrition has recently emerged as a recognized specialty area within the field of nutrition. A new report highlighting the facts and figures that are driving the market growth is recently added to the huge portfolio of Market Research Hub (MRH) research offerings. It is entitled as “Global Sports Nutrition Market: Industry Analysis & Outlook (2017-2021)” and provides an in-depth analysis by covering the key regions such as North America, EMEA and APAC. According to the study, global sports nutrition market holds massive potential with rapid innova ...


Tumut Hotel Nightlife Open Mic Culinary & Restaurant Service Update Announced

Royal Hotel Tumut, a hotel located in Tumut, Australia, announced an update of its nightlife and culinary services to include an open mic night every Thursday and a Sunday Brunch service on Sunday mornings. More information is available at []( Hotels and motels have always been more than a place to rest at night. Most people look for more services in a hotel, from quality food to ways to spend their free time. In fact, with many who visit a new place for the first time, the hotel is expected to also act as a tourist information poi ...


Sacramento Donuts Shop Blazes Best Online Ordering Experience In Natomas Launch

Earlier today, Sacramento's Natomas Donuts finally announced the beginning of its new Online Ordering service, which has been in development well in advance of its December 15, 2016. The main aim is to enable customers to save precious time and hassle with the option to have their donuts and bakery goods ready for pickup when they come in by providing the ability to order online through the Internet from the luxury of their home or mobile device. The service sports multiple features to select from a variety of products and pay for for their order.... but it does so, with a difference. Mor ...


Celebrity Chefs Recipes & Luxury Kitchen Equipment Online Store Launched

Celeb Chef Cooking announces the launch of their website which is is a one-stop destination for recipes, cooking tips, appliances and everything to do with the world of celebrities and cooking. The recipes featured range from everyday basics like how to make perfect rice to more advanced forms of Western Italian and Oriental cooking. Visitors can shop online from the store for utensils, knives and other accessories. For more information visit []( Finding reliable websites that offer cooking tips can become an ongoing search. Even when a ...


Overview of Failure: V8 Protein Shakes and Bars Industry

Albany, New York, January 06, 2017: The latest report focusing on the Failure Market has been recently added to the online database of Market Research Hub’s repository. The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the Market. It is entitled as “Failure: V8 Protein Shakes and Bars”. Request for Sample Report: The desire among consumers to lead healthier lifestyles has led to the proliferation of protein products in the food and drink category. However, as protein is now well established in food and ...


Opportunities in Craft Spirits Industry Report

Albany, New York, January 06, 2017: The latest report focusing on the Craft Spirits Market has been recently added to the online database of Market Research Hub’s repository. The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the Market. It is entitled as “Opportunities in Craft Spirits”. Request for Sample Report: Following the success of craft beer over the past few decades, the spirits industry is starting to take hold of the craft movement. Indeed, there is a shift happening in consumer preferences, ...


Consumer and Market Insights: Value and volume analysis for the UAE Hot Drinks market

Albany, New York, January 06, 2017: The latest report focusing on the Consumer and Market Insights market has been recently added to the online database of Market Research Hub’s repository. The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the Market. It is entitled as “Consumer and Market Insights: Hot Drinks in the UAE”. Request for Sample Report: In the UAE Hot Drinks market, On-trade sale are forecast to register higher growth than Off-trade sales from the year 2015-2020. Among the categories, Hot C ...


Starting a Business to Cater to the Nation’s Sweet Tooth

The great British public is well known for its sweet tooth. For decades, we have been having a love affair with all things sweet and, as a result, are world famous for some of the best confectionery on the market. Wherever you go across the UK, you’re sure to find a sweet shop selling a huge range of chocolates and sweets to cater to every taste and every budget. For many people, the idea of opening their own sweet shop is a dream that they are aching to make come true. But, starting any business, and especially such a popular one, brings challenges and pitfalls that put many people off. ...


For the Lactose Intolerant - Delicious, Creamy, Milk Chocolate

The holiday season is fast approaching and with it, a huge increase in the sales of chocolates. After all, what better way to pamper yourself and your loved ones than with some decadent, creamy chocolate. Unfortunately, until now, one market segment was well and truly out of the reach of chocolate suppliers and retailers across the nation – the lactose intolerant and other sufferers of food allergies. Lactose Intolerance 101 In simple terms, people suffering from lactose intolerance are unable to digest the natural sugar (lactose) found in milk based products. As with many food intole ...


What Better Way to Say I Love You Than with Chocolate

For most special occasions, chocolate is often the perfect gift. This is especially true on February the 14th, Valentine’s day when we give those special people in our lives delectable, sweet and sublime chocolate Valentine’s Day gifts. In fact, for retailers across the country, the period leading up to February 14th is a major milestone, making a significant contribution to their annual sales and income. The Secret of Chocolate’s Allure Our love affair with chocolate (pun intended), goes back thousands of years to the ancient civilizations of South America. Cocoa beans were highly prize ...


Unique and Whimsical Belgian Chocolates by Baru

Here at hf Chocolates, we’ve been providing wholesale confectionery to UK shops for years. We pride ourselves on only supplying the very best because that’s what our clients and their customers deserve. In our quest for the best, we search the world for chocolate companies with new innovations to bring to your shelves. One such company is Belgian Barú which offers a totally new slant on what we usually see as typical Belgian chocolate. When is Hippo Not a Hippo? When It’s a Chocolate Hippo Barú’s unique range of chocolate hippos justifies their reputation for a quirky sense of humour ...


February 14 is Coming – Are You Ready?

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast and with it a huge demand for special treats that your customers want to give to that special person in their life. Here at hf Chocolates we realise the significance of the occasion and its importance to your business That’s why we make an extra special effort to find the very best sweet and chocolate selections from around the globe. Our mission is to ensure that you can have a range of sweet delights that will attract as wide a variety of customers, tastes and budgets as possible. Who Was Saint Valentine and Why February? The origins of this romant ...


Attract Even More Customers by Selling Tempting Toppings

One of the secrets of any successful business, and especially one that specialises in selling sweets and chocolates to the public, is diversity. Tastes and trends change constantly and rapidly. Whether you are a high-street retailer, a supermarket manager or run a shop selling special gifts, you have to keep up to date and provide your customers with new and exciting possibilities that will keep them coming back. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of wholesale confectionery to the retail market, hf Chocolates is also committed to maintaining its reputation for quality and innovation. That ...


Product Overview and Scope of Global Baby Food Packaging Market Industry 2014-2020

Albany, New York, January 04, 2017: A recent forecast report focusing on the Baby Food Packaging Market has been added to the wide portfolio of Market Research Hub (MRH). It is entitled as, “Global Baby Food Packaging Market - By Primary Packaging Material, Baby Food Products, Packaging Products, Geography And Vendors - Market Size, Demand Forecasts, Industry Trends and Updates, Supplier Market Shares (2014 - 2020)” which has been equipped by in-depth market examination with inputs from the industry experts. It covers the current market scenario and also its future growth prospects primarily. ...


Nutritional Benefits of Mushroom Driving the Growth of the Global Market, Expected to Expand At a CAGR of 8.29%

Albany, New York, December 27, 2016: A new report focusing on the mushroom market has been recently added to the database of Market Research Hub’s report offering. It is entitled as “Global Mushroom Market 2016-2020”, and offers a detailed analysis of the sector providing insights into the market dynamics that are anticipated to impact the overall market negatively as well as positively in the next few years. As per research analysts, the global market for mushrooms is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 8.29 % until the end of 2020 due to the increasing medicinal values associated with this consum ...


Bakery Products Savory Biscuits Market in the United States Outlook to 2020 Growth and Forecast

Albany, New York, December 23, 2016: A latest report by Global Market Direct has been added to the broad database of Market Research Hub, titled “Savory Biscuits (Bakery & Cereals) Market in the United States - Outlook to 2020: Market Size, Growth and Forecast Analytics”. Savoury Biscuits - includes all forms crackers (Hard, dry savory / salted biscuits, generally hard or crisp), crispbreads (flat and dry type of bread madeup of mostly rye flour), bread sticks, toast etc (mostly bread substitutes). Request for Sample Report: ...


Newtown Pizza Home Delivery To Enmore Stanmore Sydenham & Camperdown Launched

A new pizza restaurant, Sergio's Pizzeria, has launched in Newtown, Sydney. The newly opened pizzeria offers authentic wood fired pizzas and a gluten free range that is also available for delivery to the surrounding suburbs of Newtown including St. Peters, Enmore, Sydenham, Stanmore, Camperdown, Erskineville, and Macdonaldtown. For more information please visit: Sergio's Pizzeria is a traditional wood fired pizza restaurant in Newtown. Newtown is a vibrant and quirky suburb of Sydney. It is also a busy dining and entertainment area which is also a hub ...


Liverpool wedding buffet catering helping diners to enjoy healthy Chinese food:

Outside catering specialists, Chan Catering, are on a mission to dispel the myths associated with a Chinese meal. The Liverpool-based catering company is using all of its 30 years€™ experience in buffet catering, to bring classic, healthy Chinese cuisine to its functions, events and weddings. While many see a Chinese meal as a delicious and indulgent treat, the reality can be quite different, with a number of healthy options available that won€™t spoil a healthy eating regime or diet. The Chinese believe that there is a direct connection between health and food, and while an occasional ...


Loughborough Indian Takeaway & Curry Restaurant Food Takeout Services Launched

The renowned Paradise Fish & Chips has announced the launch of its convenient and unique Indian food takeaway services with an acclaimed, genuine Indian cuisine menu available for takeout in a quick and stress-free manner for customers in Loughborough, UK. More information is available at []( The Paradise Fish & Chips is a highly popular restaurant drawing on seasoned chefs and Indian roots to deliver the most genuine and authentic Indian dishes prepared fresh on the spot with traditional methods for the Indian fo ...


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