This Chef-inspired Mom Wants to Help You Choose the Best Cookware so that You Can Cook Like a Chef

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(firmenpresse) - Cathy is a mom who spends most of her time in the kitchen. For years, she has been making sure that everyone in her family gets to enjoy the most nutritious and delicious food. She was surprised when her daughter started showing a lack of interest in cooking after she moved out to stay on her own. It turned out that her daughter's lack of interest is caused by her frustration of having to clean the sticky pots and pans after each cooking session. "Many homeowners who are looking for their first cookware sets commonly make the wrong assumption that every cooking ware is made the same," says Cathy. Cathy added that with so many options to choose from, identifying the right cookware can be intimidating for those looking for their first cookware purchase. Through her recently launch blog CookwareMom.Net, she wants to make it easy for anyone to choose the perfect set of pans and pots.

CookwareMom.Net blog author, Cathy, is a mom who spends most of her time in the kitchen. For years, she has been making sure that everyone in her family gets to enjoy the most nutritious and delicious food. "I believe everyone can cook, but having a good cookware is really the first step before we can talk about good recipes and good food," says Cathy. But yet, most people make the mistake of not giving serious thought into their cookware selection. With her newly launched blog, Cathy hopes to make it easy for anyone to understand the importance of good cookware and how to select the right set.

"If you're looking at all the cookwares and think that there is one set that is perfect for everyone, then you are mistaken," says Cathy. There are several aspects about cookware that has to be taken into consideration. The best set of pots and pans is none other than one that fits your cooking style and preference but it is not necessarily the best for your mom. For example, your cooking style often involves searing while that of your mom involves deep frying. Then you may have a dishwasher while your mom may not.

It sounds like a common sense but yet many first time cookware buyers find such fact surprising. "Often times, first time buyers are not aware of the consequences until they experience it first hand," added Cathy. Use a non-stick pan for deep frying and that will be a double blow to you. First, it defeats the very purpose of cooking your own meal - to cook healthier food. This is because most non-stick wares are not supposed to be heated to high temperature. "When heated to 550 Farenheit, Teflon-based non-stick pans emit harmful PFOA chemical that is lethal enough to kill a bird," says Cathy. Second, the coating found on non-stick pans will not last if they're used for deep frying often.

Very few people are able to appreciate the importance of quality cookware in determining the quality of the dish produced. Even fewer know the physical properties of the different types of cookware material. Cast iron, for instance, is excellent in retaining heat. This makes cast iron wares such as Dutch Oven, to be perfect for braised recipes such as the Braised French Onion Chicken with Gruyère cheese.

"Everyone deserves to have the best cookware set, whether it is their first, second or tenth set," that is the goal that Cathy had in mind when she launched her CookwareMom.Net blog. Readers to her blog will be able to find reviews of comprehensive collection of the latest pot and pan sets that are available in the market.

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